UFDC 74th Annual Convention

Alicia and Charles Carver
UFDC 2023 Souvenir Doll Artists

Each year, UFDC asks an accomplished doll artist to create a memorable limited edition souvenir doll commemorating the convention theme. This year is no exception. Wooden doll artists Alicia and Charles Carver are carving, painting, and dressing an original souvenir doll named "Dolly" for our "Journey of Discovery" Convention in 2023.

Based on the historical account told by Dolly, in the book Patty Reed's Doll, by Rachel K. Laurgaard, Dolly was a wooden doll that traveled on an 1800s wagon train in the pocket of her best friend, Patty.

Discover more about the Carvers and Dolly in the video and the featured DOLL NEWS article below.

United Federation of Doll Clubs

The United Federation of Doll Clubs (UFDC) is a non-profit organization with the goal of being the foremost in research, education, conservation, collecting, and appreciation of dolls.

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