Fall 2011 Letters

Letters to the Editors

We were thrilled to read the outstanding article, BEYOND THE PALE by Paula Olsson in the current issue of DOLL NEWS. Hopefully, this informative article will allow the story of Black Dolls to be continued in our journal. We also thank Louis and Susan Nunez for sharing their collection with UFDC readers and Barbra Porter for excellent photography.

Lillian M. Bartok


I would be remiss if I did not say thank you for the wonderful job you did as publishers for Doll News. I had just finished telling my husband how much I looked forward to receiving the magazine and then was finishing the article on your absolutely gorgeous dollhouse, and I found that it was to be your last article. What a shame! You did a great job and made Doll News my favorite doll magazine.

Sincerely, Patricia Riedel Rome, New York

Dear Michael and David,

Loved you last issue of DOLL NEWS. Your article on your doll cabinet was the BEST! It was wonderful of you to share that with everybody. I am sure everyone appreciated it. You could make a video on it as it is so unique. What an inspiration.

It makes you feel good that there are wonderful things like that out there. I am so happy that it ended up being yours.

Bitsy Thomson

Dear Michael and David, I have been meaning to write you since you first took over Doll News. Now this is your last issue and I must tell you what a spectacular job you guys have done with the magazine! For the first time you have given equal coverage to modern dolls as well as the wonderful antiques. Many of us sincerely appreciate that. Besides that, the magazine has become the most beautiful doll periodical ever and equally informative. I didn't think it could get any better and then this last issue appeared with my beloved Cissy on the cover! It is a treasure. I am so grateful that you brought back the amazing talent of my friend Glenn Mandeville. His articles are always a treat and the photography is unequalled.

You will be such a hard act to follow, but you have now set the bar so high that I'm sure Denise and Laurie will strive to continue your standard of excellence. I sincerely thank you for all your hard work and dedication to our hobby. Your efforts to make Doll News a world class publication have been more than successful. Most sincerely, Mary Lee Stallings Region 3

Greetings from Arizona, WOW!!! Another fantastic edition....thanks ever so much for the last two years of fabulous Doll News editions. You guys will be a hard act to follow, greatly missed but never forgotten -- forever remembered as the "greatest editors of all."

TTFN, Darlene Lane

Bravo! The Cissy issue is really wonderful and I'm so proud to be part of it. I happen to know people who have joined UFDC just to get the magazine you have so carefully put together every month and hope the quality continues.

I received my batch and some of my club members have snatched them up. The whole issue is commendable.....very diverse and of high quality. Again, thanks for inviting me to be part of it.

My best regards, Jim Howard

Fall 2011 Doll News is GREAT! The new issue of Doll News is one of the best issues I have received in my 40 years as a member of UFDC. Congratulations to all of your team.

Barbara Schletzbaum

Michael and David,

The Okanogan Valley Doll Club wishes to express our sincerest thank you for your expert editorial services to Doll News. Our members are so inspired by, and educated with every issue. Your first edition gave the reader great expectations which you have met with every issue. It is obvious you love, and live, dolls. Your legacy leaves all fellow editors a great path to follow in the finest UFDC tradition.

Thank you both,

Okanogan Valley Doll Club Region 1

Dear Michael and David,

The latest Doll News is simply SPECTACULAR! Thanks so much for all your hard work over the past years. We all appreciate it so much - more than we can say!

Sally Griffin

Yesterday I visited the UFDC headquarters and museum. I am neither a collector nor a historian but I loved looking at the dolls from the point of view of a former little girl who spent hours playing with them.

The receptionist gave me a copy of the Summer 2011 Doll News, which I have read cover to cover. I respond to this both as a former playing-with-dolls lover and a former journalist. I had no idea the quality and scope of the articles could be so interesting and informative. Reminded me a bit of the people who used to say that Nancy Drew books were all hack writing, while I felt I learned something from every single one, either about the popular culture of the time in which it was written or about the world around me.

Thank you for the interesting magazine and for setting me off on internet searches for some fond childhood memories and some new interests. If there is a way for you to send this to the staff at the museum, I would appreciate it.

Sincerely, Lowell Hummer Kansas City, MO and Meridian, MS

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