Fall 2012 From the Editor

It's hard to believe that I'm already half way through my two-year tenure as editor of  Doll News. I was a registered nurse and then full-time mom before embarking on this endeavor, and accepting the position was definitely a step out of my comfort zone. It has certainly been a privilege, though, to be able to keep learning and trying new things and this has been a wonderful growth experience. I've been encouraged by those who exude a positive attitude, and that includes all the talented people on the staff of  Doll News, who are so generous with their time and wealth of experience. It strengthens us all when we support each other in our efforts and new ventures. Our stories are not yet written, and our possibilities are endless; wonderful things happen when we stay positive and inspire each other. One of our favorite authors, Ian Price, will inspire you with his gorgeous pictorial of modern fashion dolls of color in our cover article, Black in Fashion. The glamour and poseability of these beautiful dolls will amaze you. And did you know that Barbie is also found in a porcelain version? In Barbie, her more fragile side…our own Bradley Justice shows us some lovely examples of the Barbie doll that was marketed specifically for the adult collector. For those who weren't able to attend the convention last summer in New Orleans, and for those who would enjoy a fond look back on the festivities, we're offering 36 jam-packed pages of Jambalaya Jubilee coverage, including three of the seven spectacular special exhibits. Samy Odin, Regional Director of Region 16 and passionate collector, helps us to sort out some confusing doll terminology in "Mein Liebling," The successful life of a German dollyface turned into a character. Beautiful photographs of the iconic dolls from the Kammer and Reinhardt Company grace this article. We have a very special treat for you, called The Queen wishes to thank you… Correspondence from Queen Elizabeth II. I don't want to ruin the surprise, but it is a note to UFDC President, Ada Diedrich, from the queen via her lady-in-waiting, and we think you'll enjoy it as much as we did. Rose Percy continued to raise funds for U.S. veterans when she appeared in Milwaukee in May, 2012 at the historic Pfister Hotel. Jill Karr Hanson has very creatively interpreted Rose's "personal" experience of the event for us in a charming and entertaining letter to her "cousin" Tiffany Rose in recalled memories of the day. Once again we celebrate the talents of modern day doll artists through the artful and sensitive reporting of regular contributing author, Ann Leis in Friedericy Dolls: A Mother-Daughter Story. The sweet and soulful art of Judith and Lucia Friedericy will melt your heart. We're happy to have two articles from Ian Price in this issue as he has also reported on an exhibit held at the African American Arts & Culture Complex in San Francisco. The article, Dolls: Collections. Stories. Tradition., covers dolls as varied as the Ndebele beaded dolls of South Africa to the many dolls that represent modern American culture. The exhibit explores the positive images that refl ect the African American experience in the mainstream toy and doll industry. Jennifer Helper-Takens is a lovely lady with a talent for creating quirky, loveable dolls out of pumpkins and gourds. In The Magic and Merriment of Prim Pumpkin, Jennie tells us the story of her unique doll-making journey. Author and researcher of American dolls and doll makers, Don Jensen once again adds to our knowledge of our own American artists. In his article, Up in Bernard's Attic: A Trove of Lipfert "Originals," Don has uncovered evidence of surviving original work "“ long thought destroyed - from the sculptor of such dolls as Ideal's Shirley Temple. Last April I attended the fabulous National Doll and Toy Club of New York City's 75th Anniversary Gala and helped them to celebrate three quarters of a century as a club. We hope you enjoy the coverage of UFDC's first charter club's milestone celebration. An author new to us, Nicki Burley, has written our first article aimed specifically for our junior members in her article, Magic, Mystery, and Mary Frances: 100 Years of Enchanted Sewing Lessons. Drawing inspiration from the early 20th century Mary Frances Sewing Books, Nicki provides a peek into the world of childhood lived in a simpler time. An accomplished seamstress herself, Nicki has offered a pattern for our juniors from the original Sewing Book, which can be enlarged very simply to fit American Girl dolls. Thank you, Nicki! And for all of our sewers who have asked for a pattern for your modern fashion dolls, Bradley Justice has provided a pattern for a Sweet Dress, which can be modified in so many ways to provide a wardrobe that will be varied and complete. To all of you "“ readers, authors, colleagues, and advertisers "“ thank you for a wonderful first year, you're the best! Denise
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