Fall 2013 From the Editor

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I love this time of year, when the hot summer weather gives way to cooler air, and even here, in southern California we experience the glorious changing of leaves. This issue of DOLL NEWS also heralds change, as I hand the reins of editorship to Laurie McGill, who will continue to create a magazine that we will all enjoy and make us proud to be members of UFDC. I want to thank all those authors who have enthusiastically and generously shared their expertise with our readers. They have increased our knowledge and enhanced our enjoyment of our fascinating hobby. As well, I want to thank the multi-talented DOLL NEWS staff for their contributions and support; it couldn't have been done without them. I am also grateful to Ada Diedrich who believed in my capability and allowed me to achieve my vision for DOLL NEWS. I am blessed for having been associated with people who are so outstanding in the field of doll collecting. We're starting this issue with coverage of our 64th annual convention in Washington, DC called, A Capital Affair. If you attended convention this year, you'll enjoy a fond look back on the week, and if you didn't attend this time, hopefully you'll be inspired to attend next year's convention in San Antonio. We always have a great time. During the convention Opening Ceremonies we were introduced to the generosity of Anne Mears and her large donation to the UFDC museum collection. Ann Coleman gives us a glimpse into this remarkable donation in The Magnificent Gift of Anne Mears. We were also treated to seven outstanding special exhibits at this year's convention, and we know you'll love our retrospective tour through three of the exhibits featured in this issue. V is for Victoria - the Enduring Legacy of Lady Alexander is our cover article about a stunning Clément fashion doll that pulled her weight in the essential world of fundraising during WWII. We're sure you'll enjoy her engrossing story and extraordinary trousseau. Who doesn't enjoy a cuddly teddy bear? Teddy bear experts John Paul Port and Dottie Ayers introduce us to the delightful area of early American teddy bear collecting in their article, Teddy Bears Are All the Rage! Carved With Care "“ The Story of Mary Lee Sundstrom is Ann Leis' engaging story of an inspired artist who carves exquisite wooden dolls that have been treasured by collectors for years. Lori Santamaura takes us with her to a Dollmastery Seminar given by one of the doll world's most respected doll experts and historians in her informative article, Florence Theriault "“ Educator Par Excellence. Michael Canadas has a nose for those exceptional items we all hope to unearth, which you will discover in his captivating article, Good Things Come to Those Who Wait, the story of the most famous couple of the 19th century, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Thumb. Tonya Bervaldi-Camaratta is an expert on Shirley Temple dolls and she shares her considerable knowledge of the story of the darling early composition examples in Baby, Take a Bow! You'll appreciate all the research that has gone into Deborah Jenkines' article on the dolls of an important German company in Kling Dolls, the Sign of the Bell. Along with a list of Kling mold numbers and characteristics, Deborah also presents beautiful, close-up photos of many of the more popular dolls found. Do you remember the sentimental artwork from the 1960s and 70s featuring large-eyed waifs? Vintage doll collectors will enjoy this look back at the unique dolls created in that waif image in Diana Lemieux's article, What Big Eyes You Have! We love when the ever talented AnneLise Wilhelmsen and Gael Shults team up to bring us a knockout pattern and corresponding paper doll. In AnneLise's article, Thoroughly Modern Kitty, our convention souvenir doll shares her new pattern for a gorgeous, beaded evening gown, and Gael brings Kitty to life through a lovely paper doll complete with her extra new gown and a delightful back story. Our junior collectors will be treated to a timely new project in Nicki Burley's clever design for A Back-to-School Messenger Bag, which will be perfect for American Girl dolls. Nicki's talented daughter, junior collector Lacey Burley gives us that ever-important tutorial in How to Create a Digital Design, which will help to enhance the stylishness of the messenger bag. It has been my pleasure to bring to you eight issues of DOLL NEWS, which I hope have met the high standards set by my predecessors, Michael Canadas and David Robinson. I'm very grateful for your support in this endeavor; it has been a truly fulfilling and rewarding experience. With best wishes, Denise
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