Fall 2013 Letters to the Editor

Send Laurie a Letter to the Editor Denise Hope I'm the first to congratulate you, as Editor, on this wonderful last issue of DOLL NEWS. . . . And for all the other great issues. I love the "V for Victoria" article. Have just perused it and will read it this evening. Looks like great research on Lady Alexander and the family. Hope you are taking a wonderful vacation in reward for all this work. Janet Hollingsworth
Hi Denise, I received my Journal today it is magnificent as expected, thank you for your hard work it is much appreciated and enjoyed!!! Sincerely, Susie Csi
Hi Denise, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your article in DOLL NEWS, "V is for Victoria." Not only was it a magnificent doll, but I so enjoyed the history which puts another dimension to everything. Thank you so much. Maurine Steurer
Hi Denise, Just finished the DOLL NEWS. Another outstanding issue. But there are a couple of things I wanted to point out. I am not familiar with how Cindy Bailey looks, but on page 14 the picture, middle right, sure looks like Julia Furman, Region 10 Director. And for future reference, on page 22, the picture of the crew, it is SCOTT Popham (two Ts) and my husband is "Stu" and the last name is STEURER. Thanks, Maurine Steurer My sincerest apologies to Cindy Bailey and Julia Furman, whose picture I evidently misidentified. Also, my apologies to Scott and Stu for misspelling your names.
So often I cannot find you at the convention, so much going on, but I try to say "Thank you" whenever I do, to whomever I find. This issue of DOLL NEWS is no different. Lovely, just lovely. Thank you, Kathi Mendenhall
To the Editor: I'd like to correct some errors in the article "Baby, Take a Bow!: The Early Evolution of the Composition Shirley Temple Doll" by Tonya Bervaldi-Camaratta that appeared in the Fall 2013 issue of DOLL NEWS. First, Benjamin Michtom, Morris Michtom's son was the head of the Ideal Novelty and Toy Corporation when they obtained the license to produce the Shirley Temple doll. He was the one who negotiated with Shirley Temple's mother. His father, Morris Michtom, had stepped down from active leadership in 1928. The correct spelling of the last name is Michtom (not Mitchum). Also, the article states that Mollye Goldman created all of Shirley Temple's outfits. Mollye Goldman created the early outfits for Shirley but Mary Meidenbauer, Ideal's in-house designer since 1928 designed the majority of Shirley's outfits. See my article "Mary Meidenbauer: The Woman behind the Ideal Dolls we Love" in the Fall 2007 issue of DOLL NEWS. Regards, Judith Izen Author, "Collectors Guide to Ideal Dolls."
Denise, I just want to send you a note to say thank you for such a wonderful issue of DOLL NEWS. It was so nice to read about the all the terrific dolls and to see the pattern for Tiny Kitty as well as the articles about Mary Lee Sunderstrom, Florence Theriault and Teddy Bears. I think this was the best issue of DOLL NEWS ever! Susan Hebert, MAL, Region 2S
Hello Denise. I have just received the Fall 2013 edition of the UFDC DOLL NEWS...your final one as Editor. I would like to thank you and your dedicated team for all of your hard work, research and creativity in producing eight superb editions of this publication. I continue to learn and be inspired by this journal, and very much look forward to its arrival four times per year. Best wishes and sincere thanks, also, to incoming Editor Laurie McGill. May the UFDC DOLL NEWS continue to flourish in the years to come! Senta Ross
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