Fall 2014 The Authors

  blk-bisque Black, Bisque & Beautiful by Julie Blewis Julie Blewis has been a doll collector for over twenty years and is a member of the well-known doll club, Dollology, of Washington D.C.   Julie has contributed a number of articles to Doll News, Antique Doll Collector magazine, the 2008 UFDC souvenir journal and the 2013 UFDC souvenir journal. Julie co-presented a seminar which focused on rare German character dolls, one of her areas of collecting interest. Julie's generosity has supported the continued growth of the UFDC Doll Museum. She is married with two children and an array of pets. Julie regrets none share her doll interests!   boy-scout Bob the Boy Scout Doll by Rebekah RA Kaufman Rebekah's German grandmother introduced her to the Steiff brand forty years ago. Her personal collection now includes over 500 primarily vintage items. Rebekah's passion became her vocation for several years when she worked for Margarete Steiff GmbH. Rebekah writes for Teddy Bear and Friends and the Worldwide Steiff Club Magazine. She is also the admin on the Steiff Facebook fan page. She truly leads the "Steiff Life." Contact her at Steifflife@gmail.com with your Steiff questions!   dollhouses Home Sweet Home "“ Lithographed Paper-Over-Wood Dollhouses by Dian Zillner Dian Zillner has been a doll collector for over fifty years. Her dollhouse collection began nearly twenty years ago. She and daughter Suzanne Silverthorn have collaborated on numerous books on dolls and dollhouses published by Schiffer Books. Dian is a retired high school librarian. fairy-tale Once Upon a Time "“ A Fairy Tale by the Sea by Marion Buschbom As a child, one hot boring summer's day at her grandmother's house Marion was handed an old candy box and told "Go play with these if you have nothing to do." It contained some German all-bisque dolls of her mother's "“ and evidentially the "doll virus" as well -- because she was completely smitten! She spent the rest of the summer with fabric scraps sewing little clothes. Antique dolls have always been her first love, especially Bleuette, with cloth dolls and all-bisques her special favorites. Antiques, quilting and anything to do with fabric and/or sewing are also among her passions. Marion joined UFDC in the late 1970s and she has been to almost all the national conventions since then. She is a member of the Ft. Myers Doll Club. At convention Marion has presented seminars, chaired and co-chaired luncheons, planned and worked on Dynamic Doll Dialogs and workshops and has helped in the Sales Room.   janet-johl Janet Johl "“ The Fascinating Story by Lynn Nalven Lynn has been collecting and making dolls for the last 25 years. Once she retired from public service in the early 1990's, Lynn was able to devote her time to creating porcelain reproduction and original sculpted dolls as well as designing costumes for dolls from 10 to 30 inches. In addition Lynn conducted workshops for friends and other doll makers in her upstate New York studio. Following a stint as a stringer for her local newspaper and adjunct professor of English at the Sullivan County Community College, Lynn began writing freelance for doll magazines, including Doll World, Doll Collector and Catskill Life. This biography of Janet Johl is Lynn's first contribution to Doll News. Lynn is currently engaged in a personal campaign to encourage young doll lovers to collect and make dolls of their own. There is value, she believes, in appreciating the artistry and history of dolls of all ages, from very early cloth dolls right up to today's BJD's. Lynn has a Word Press site: www.catskilldolls.wordpress.com and she can be contacted via email: lnalven@peoplepc.com .   stroll-woods A Stroll through the Woods by  Jill Kaar Hanson and  David Kublank Jill Kaar Hanson has been a collector of dolls all of her life. After law school, when many doll friends told her it was time to collect serious dolls "“ antiques "“ Jill became intrigued with the creativity and workmanship of the American doll artist. She has been a NIADA patron and served as chair person for ODACA's annual luncheon, receiving their Joan Hart Award. She also wrote and produced two first place UFDC audio-visual programs on the Dolls of NIADA and Dolls from Children's Literature. Jill served as president of The Lake County Doll Collectors of Illinois three times and Region 10 Director from 2005-2008.Jill & Jerry (her husband and resident doll photographer) are currently serving as the chair-persons of Helpers for the 2015 UFDC convention in Kansas City. Jill and her co-author, David Kublank, have been friends for a very long time. Actually, since she still called him Mr. Kublank. Dave was Jill's junior high band director and she used to babysit for the three Kublank Children. David Kublank has been a member of UFDC for over 20 years, starting as a member of the Lake County Doll Collectors of Illinois and now is also a member of two other clubs -- The Doll Scholars of South East Wisconsin and the Badger State Doll Club. David has served as an officer in each club -- Historian, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President, and President. He was Regional Director of Region 10 from 2008 to 2011. David became interested in dolls because of his wife Lynn's enthusiasm for collecting dolls. His main focus is wooden artist dolls. He is a woodcarver and also teaches wood carving "“ thus, the mixing of the two hobbies. . Dave has helped in creating four UFDC audio-visual educational programs on dolls. He co-chaired a special exhibit of 20th Century Wooden dolls at the 2014 convention in San Antonio, where he also presented a program on the subject. David worked as a competition clerk and is the co-chair of Highlight Tours - Modern Competition with his wife, Lynn for the 2015 Convention in Kansas City. References Bullard, Helen "“ 1965 - The American Doll Artist "“ Volume I "“ Charles T. Branford Company Bullard, Helen "“ 1975 - The American Doll Artist "“ Volume II "“ Athena Publishing Company Bullard, Helen "“ 1984 - My People in Wood "“ Hobby House Press, INC. Field, Rachel "“ 1929 "“ Hitty "“ Her First Hundred Years "“ MacMillan Company NIADA Foundation "“ 2009 "“ NIADA Art Dolls, Rich Traditions, New Ideas - The NIADA Foundation and the Susan Quinlan Doll & Teddy Bear Museum & Library amer-girl American Girl Place "“ A Dolly's Day Out by Nicki Burley Once upon a time, there was a small brown-haired girl who certainly looked ordinary…but inside, she KNEW she was a princess. She believed with all her heart that you could tell a princess by her clothing, so she decided to wear a long dress to kindergarten every day. Her mother was relieved that the princess was willing to go to school at all, so when she marched out the door each day wearing a long cotton print nightgown, her mother just smiled and waved. When the little girl learned to read and write, a new world of magic appeared. There were more stories in the world than her father could read in a hundred nights! Though she eventually stopped wearing nightgowns to school, she never outgrew her love of books or dolls. She spent many blissful weekends at the library, reading all kinds of books, because one book on a subject always opened the door to many more. Now that she is all grown up, Nicki Burley and her husband find themselves happily surrounded by five children, three spoiled cats, many books, and a growing collection of dolls. She still homeschools her youngest children and teaches literature part-time. In odd moments, you can find her making detailed doll clothing for her business, Rose & Wren, at rosewrendolls@gmail.com. Joining UFDC a few years ago led to the discovery of another magic world: the world of friendship through dolls. Nicki has met many of her "doll heroes" and has attended both local and national events, often with her daughters in tow, ready to help. She is having a great time sharing what she knows and loves with juniors through research and writing. All children have stories in their hearts, and need dolls with whom to share them!
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