Fall 2015 - Letters to the Editor

You did an absolutely fabulous job as editor, and I loved every single minute of working with you! Nicki Burley Doll News, Junior Collector Contributing Editor 2014-2015
What a thrill last night when I got home and found the box of Doll News magazines on the doorstep... A second thrill was when I opened it to darling Raggedy Ann on the cover. The third thrill, of course, was seeing the story of Kimport in print.   Your photography was amazing!    Your magazine is a treat to read from cover to cover… ...my family will be delighted to have this for their collection of McKim family history.   I wish you and your family a long-overdue rest from the duties you so faithfully carried out these past couple of years with the Doll News. Chris Fullerton Jones (Ruby Short McKim's granddaughter "“ Kimport Dolls, Inc.)
I think this is the best one so far! Marta Sivakoff, MKS Grafix
I just looked at every page of the Fall issue and it's GORGEOUS!!! I loved the murals best—WOW! You really outdid yourself. Ann Leis Doll News, Associate Editor, 2014-2015
What a treat to see this issue,  Laurie.   Talk about ending on a high note.   I love your [editor] message!   I am also really happy to see all the museum coverage. I'm still oohing and aahing. Janet Gula UFDC President
Really nice issue! Going out with flare! Penny Hadfield
Job well done. Kudos to you. Andrew Tabbat
Doll News arrived this morning. Fantastic job!! I'm very impressed. William Carter Gruelle Family House
The magazine looks great!! Charles Platt Raggedy Land
Wow - bumper issue, Laurie!!! Well done! Val Copley
This is a great tribute to Raggedy Ann. Pat Bowers
Congrats on putting out your last issue of Doll News, and it is a lovely one! Julie Blewis
You've done a great job with the magazine the past few years. Terrific articles. Congratulations on a job well done. Thank you, Becky Moncrief Past President, UFDC
Your magazine is unbelievably beautiful. I had two friends in town who are the biggest Raggedy lovers you will ever meet. I showed them the magazine and let them pour over it while they were here. They are just wild with excitement. Other people have contacted someone about how to get the magazine. I just can't tell you how wonderful a job you did. Tom and I are so proud to know you. Lots of love, Joni [Gruelle Wannamaker]
I'm looking at the cover of the Fall Doll News; it is adorable.   I love the Raggedy articles and continue to read them… Thanks from the bottom of my heart. Rose Ann Fields
I just received my Doll News and am so delighted with Val Copley's article!   So much information I didn't have; it's amazing.   I actually have a Hagar [Tyler] !   So wonderful to have this framework for Fred [Laughon] as I started collecting him so late.   He would have been so proud of Val's efforts here.     ...this is SUCH a great issue.   So many articles on interesting dolls that I collect but haven't often been in Doll News.   Kudos…for such diverse and well-researched articles! Jane Geroulis
I am a UFDC member (Snowbabies of West Michigan) and very much enjoy our Doll News publication… Barb Soet
Great issue. Savoring it. Joyce Christensen
Your Raggedy Ann edition is great!! Wonderful final curtain! The "˜wind changing' [Letter from the Editor] was touching. You do have a special sense of topic and word choice. Congratulations. Sharon Zerkel
I absolutely loved the new issue of Doll News. So I immediately thought, "Well, I'll need to cut this out" and then "Uh, oh! I'll need to cut THIS out!" and it went on and on. I gave up and ordered another one, a cutting copy, so to speak. So many of the featured dolls are dolls I also love and I'll have the articles to put with them.   One of my favorite articles was about Fred Laughon…   Thank you and everyone, again, for this wonderful magazine. However, all the work I planned to do did not get done. I sat and read every single page! Billie Aye
Received my hard copy of Doll News. Reading slowly and savoring it. Jackie Childers
Thanks for all your work on the wonderful Doll News. We have a program in November on the Raggedy Ann stories… LaVera [Johnson] Burkett Past Director, Region 7
Loved convention coverage. Loretta Nardone 1st Vice President, UFDC Director ReAL Services

Congratulations on a wonderful final issue of Doll News! I enjoyed reading the whole thing as soon as it arrived… The two-page colored pictures from Raggedy Ann [the murals in "If Walls Talked"] were a wonderful first in Doll News! I especially enjoyed the article on the Williamsburg woodens and Fred Laughon. I loved reading the memories of Raggedy Ann…!   What a lovely idea to include in the issue.   Just a fantastic job!  

Betty Nett Past Director, Region 15

Congratulations on another fabulous Doll News! You did it again! We are all going to miss your wonderful Doll News magazines…

Nancy Gustafson

Received the wonderful edition of Doll News. It is so special, especially with Raggedy Ann. Congratulations on your "Award of Excellence for Contributions to Doll News". I am so in awe of your talent, knowledge and abilities to put together such marvelous issues. Thank you and I await what you will do next.

Lorraine Carroll

I'm a little sad that your term as editor is ending, because I've always thought that each issue tops the previous one. I loved the Betsy McCall issue (partly  because she's always been one of my favorites) & now the latest has some great articles, including Raggedy Ann.

Kathy Treece

Your last magazine came a week or so ago and what an amazing   publication it is. Well done and you are certainly going out with a bang! Good job!!! What an interesting collection of stories about dolls. I had no idea that dolls had all that history!!

Itske Stern

Just got fabulous Doll News!   So many wonderful articles to choose from…. And one on the handsome Frozen Charlies!

Linda White

… your swansong edition of Doll News…arrived yesterday and boy, is it ever a giant of info and doll pictures.  You have created such wonderful magazines during your tenure as editor… We will miss all the little "Laurie touches" of sweetness and kindness throughout the pages.  

Lorna Lieberman

I apologize for not writing you sooner to tell you how much I enjoyed your last issue—it was wonderful.

Pat Burns

Congratulations on a beautiful job of Editor. You can be "proud." During your term this magazine has grown into a spectacular publication. With each edition I want to frame the beautiful pictures to enjoy always. The research for each article is so complete. This last issue about Raggedy Ann was the "frosting on the cake." Thank you for your creativity, talent and dedication.

Linda Sue Brandt Region 2S

…what a wonderful publication! I'm very pleased with the article [Kimport Dolls from the Whole Wide World]. I appreciate all your hard work and effort…beautiful job!

Merrily McKim  Tuohey McKim Studios www.mckimstudios.com

Wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed all your issues of Doll News! Every issue was beautiful and informative. Thank you so much for the enormous work this took to produce such a special magazine…

Mary Lou Buchmann

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