Fall 2017 Supplements

Raphael Tuck Costume, PDF

Raphael Tuck Costume "“ Pattern for the 2017 Convention Souvenir Doll"¨
by Susan Sirkis

Susan is a Past President of UFDC and a UFDC Award of Merit award recipient. Susan and Mike publish THE WISH BOOKLETS, specializing in videos and booklets for creative doll and miniature collectors.

Susan and Mike, a retired Army officer, have been married 62 years. Their three children are grown and away from home pursuing lives of their own. Susan and Mike have five grandsons, a granddaughter, and a great grandson.

THE WISH BOOKLETS have 33 titles in print and have produced 20 do-it-yourself doll videos on related subjects. Susan may be reached through her website, www.susansirkis.com

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