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About the Artist Christos Papadopoulous

About the Artist Christos Papadopoulous

by Loretta Nardone

Loretta Nardone was born in Brooklyn, New York. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Education degree at Pace University and a master's degree at Long Island University. She also holds a certificate in Appraisal Studies from New York University. She is a retired New York City teacher.

A life-long doll collector, she has been a member of UFDC since 1979. She is the Past President of UFDC (2017-2019) and Past Region 14 Director (1994-1997). She has served as Classroom Educator (2001-2005). She has attended 38 conventions and served as Convention Chair in San Antonio and Kansas City. Loretta has written articles for magazines, organized exhibits, presented seminars and lectures on international dolls, cloth dolls and artists' doll. She is the author of a book on Zuni Beaded dolls. She was invited to participate in an educational conference at the United Nations focusing on using dolls to teach tolerance and multiculturalism.

Loretta is a recipient of the New York City Newsday Teacher of the Year award. She was awarded grants for her educational doll program and was the first teacher to be granted a year-long sabbatical to create a teaching learning kit on using dolls in the classroom. She was honored by UFDC with the Award of Excellence for Educational and Philanthropic Endeavors through Dolls in 1994.

Today Loretta resides in Florida and is a member of the Gold Coast Doll Study Club and the South Florida Doll Study Club. She is also a member of National Doll and Toy Collector's Club. She continues to enjoy her interest in ethnic and cloth dolls and sharing her knowledge with doll enthusiasts. Loretta has recently established a production company, Treasured Memories Productions, to produce digital doll presentations. She hopes to continue to write articles for DOLL NEWS that reflect the diversity of our hobby.


Dolls that Broke the Mold Part II Munich Art

Dolls that Broke the Mold Part II Munich Art

by Carol Cameron

Carol was born in Scotland and lived in various parts of the UK before moving to the US with her work in 1997. It was there that she discovered UFDC and joined the Doll Collectors of Houston. On moving back to the UK in 2001, she initially became a MAL and is now a member of the Carmel Doll and Toy Study Group.

She is currently serving as UFDC's Secretary-Treasurer and Director of New Membership. Prior to that, she was Regional Director for UFDC's Region 16.

Carol's diverse doll collection, dating from c300 BC to the 1950s, includes wooden, wax, cloth, bisque, china, art dolls and Bild Lillis. She loves history and enjoys researching the stories behind the dolls. She has presented numerous programs at various events in the US and the UK and contributed articles to DOLL NEWS and other doll publications.

Having been awarded a bachelor's degree in Mathematics, Carol worked for the Royal Dutch Shell energy company in the UK, the US and the Netherlands and visited over 50 countries. She spent the first part of her career in business roles before moving into Human Resources. Her roles prior to retirement were at the Executive Vice President level.

Carol and her husband David now live just outside London in the UK, along with their very spoiled cat, Charlie. They have three grownup children, two daughters and one son, none of whom are interested in dolls. So, Carol is very much looking forward to having grandchildren, hoping that the doll collector gene has just skipped a generation!


A Few Fabulous Famous Faces from the Fifties

A Few Fabulous Famous Faces from the Fifties

by Woolsey Ackerman

Woolsey Ackerman has been influenced by the world of dolls and movies since he was a kid. When his mother inherited her grandmother's collection of dolls that had been acquired while living in Europe in the 1920s the collector bug bit. The family had run an opera house and movie theatre between 1890 and the late 1950s and Woolsey grew up with stories of the old movies and days of touring vaudeville. Discovering at an early age that dolls and toys had been an integral part of the merchandising and publicity of movies since films beginning, he saw a unique way to combine his passions. He has pursued this since, making the history of the movies his lifelong career. Susan, his mother, along with father, Richard, continue the main collection to this day.

As a kid Woolsey saved his money from paper routes and playing church organ to start the movie division of the collection. Billie Nelson Tyrell helped out with her then mail-order business of the best old movie dolls out there! Over the past 30 years some of the finest and most rare of the genre have become a part of the collection. Though sometimes difficult to retain, the collection with its many personalities and characters (including variations and artist creations of those celebrated persons) has been kept intact, telling the history of movie merchandising between 1913 and 1970.

Ackerman came to Los Angeles right out of college and was able to get in on the ground floor when interest in the preservation of film history started. First working for the Director's Guild of America, he got his feet wet in Hollywood and met some of the movies most influential directors. That led to a job at Ted Turner's new company when Ted acquired the great MGM, Warner Brothers, RKO film library. There he became researcher and archivist for the publishing division which produced coffee table books on the movies, including the award winning WHEN THE LION ROARS. That lead to a documentary and then a whole new career working on all aspects of research and production for Turner Classic Movies, producing documentaries, DVD presentations, books , music CDs and the interstitial presentations which the network continues to broadcast to this day. It meant meeting and working with all the legends of old Hollywood too, including some of those personalities represented in the collection of dolls including Shirley Temple, Margaret O'Brien, Jane Withers, Lauren Bacall, Shari Lewis, Sybil Jason, Jackie Cooper, Baby Peggy, and Susan Dey. A stint with fellow collector Barbra Streisand archiving and cataloging her collection of career memorabilia for auction followed along with work in various aspects of film memorabilia, film archiving and film making.

In his various travels in the close-knit Hollywood group of historians he met celebrity photographer Stephen Paley who is working on a photo book of interesting and unique Hollywood characters. He felt that Woolsey and the collection could be an image he might feature in such a project, and thus a panoramic display photo came to be. This photo lead to "America Now" producer and writer Jeff Copeland deciding to do a series of segments for the news show about movie related dolls, the first airing in Oct. 2013. That segment showed the scope of the collection and focused on Shirley Temple and Judy Garland dolls. A future segment will feature a rare Rudolph Valentino doll. These can be viewed today on YouTube.

During the past several years, he has worked closely with Theriault's and the Shirley Temple Black family. First in assisting in the cataloging of her career memorabilia collection that was presented in the LOVE, SHIRLEY TEMPLE touring exhibit, catalog and auction; then in the presentation of several museum exhibitions honoring Temple and utilizing his collection and those of others. This work continues.

He has also served as a go to person in research for the movie-related dolls designed by R. John Wright and Robert Tonner.

Woolsey feels that the art of doll collecting should be presented to the general public to promote an understanding and interest in it. Most everyone can relate to the movie genre. Many of us owned a representation of one of our favorite movie characters as a kid. Woolsey plans to continue sharing information about the collection through articles, books, TV shows, exhibits and hopes that one day this genre of doll will be a part of a movie-related museum.


Elizabeth II's 1952 Coronation through the Eyes of Liberty of London

Elizabeth II's 1952 Coronation through the Eyes of Liberty of London

by Rosemary Deal and Linda Holderbaum

Rosemary has been a doll collector since the 1960s and a member of the Battle Creek Area Doll Club since 1979. Her extensive collection includes all types of dolls, teddy bears and doll houses but antiques are her favorite. She has an extensive collection of Liberty of London dolls. She was in charge of the competitive area for the 1989 Region 12 Regional Conference held in Battle Creek. A retired elementary school teacher, she has attended many conventions over the years.

Linda is the editor of DOLL NEWS. She has been collecting dolls since the 1960s. While ethnic dolls have always been her first love, her collection of over 7,000 dolls includes antique to modern and everything in between. Her book, The Other Russian Doll: Antique Bisque to 1980s Plastic, was published in 2019. She is currently the Executive Director of the Art Center of Battle Creek with extensive museum collection background. She was the chairperson of the 1989 UFDC Region 12 Regional Conference in Battle Creek. She was a judge for the Timbertown Dollology Club's annual competition for ten years and for the Fort Wayne Doll Club's annual competition for fifteen years. Linda has written for Doll Reader, Doll Castle News and DOLL NEWS as well as Antique Doll Collector Magazine.


The Simple Life for Your Small Vintage Dolls: Pennsylvania Dutch Doll Furniture

The Simple Life for Your Small Vintage Dolls: Pennsylvania Dutch Doll Furniture

by Kari Gluski

Kari Gluski is a member of Ann Arbor Doll Collectors, where she is currently Secretary and has served in the past as President. She has a Ph.D. in history and an M.S. in computer science from the University of Michigan, where she worked as an application developer (computer programmer) until retiring a few years ago.

She began her adult collecting by finding a bag of 8-inch vintage Betsy McCall clothing in a consignment shop and recognizing a few pieces from her own childhood dolls. Since Betsy clothing is untagged, she embarked on a mission to build a website with photos of as many verified outfits as she could find and get permission to use, so other people could identify the garments as well. That research led to discovery of the Tonner Doll Company reproduction Betsy McCall. Tonner dolls of all types became her favorite. She remains an avid thrift shopper and adopts dolls of all eras. Every sad doll found tends to mean she pays a pittance for the doll and then ten times that for a book to research and restore it. She sews for her dolls and her adult daughter and enjoys finding and making accurate historical costumes for them. That interest led to the creation of the DVD, Modern Dolls in Historical Costume to 1899, which won UFDC's 2019 audio-visual prize.


Among the Trees  UFDC Region 15 Conference

Among the Trees UFDC Region 15 Conference

by Mary Swasey

Mary is a member of the Green Mountain Doll Club since 1986 and has held the office of president, secretary, and leading positions in three of the club's regional conferences as well as chairing the 2020 conference. Between conferences she chaired three one day events for GMDC. She has authored several doll articles and two children's books. Her husband, Frank, finally joined her passion for doll collecting after following along behind her at doll shows for years and was instrumental in club events most recently as Registrar, Treasurer, and conference box packer for the 2020 Regional Conference.


UFDC's 2021 Convention!

UFDC's 2021 Convention!

by Connie Reynolds

Connie Reynolds is the current UFDC 2nd Vice President and Director of Convention Services. She has served UFDC in many capacities including Secretary-Treasurer, Director of Membership, In Our Memories Coordinator and Convention Event Coordinator. She served as Regional Director of Region 4 from 2014-2017 and prior to that as Wichita Antique Doll Study Club's president for two consecutive terms. 

Connie has presented many programs to clubs and groups, sharing her passion for the eclectic mix of dolls she collects including early wax and cloth, French and German bisque, dolls of color, Blythe and any dolls that have a folk-art flair, are odd, homemade or just plain strange. She is known for her "go big or go home" fondness of large antique dolls. 

For over 20 years Connie has put her expertise in marketing and communication to work for a Fortune 500 company where she has served in senior management as a subject matter expert in the print industry. 

Connie has always called Kansas home, but her family roots reach deep in the heart of Texas and that's where she retreats for fun and relaxation. Having one grown son, her family is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the first grandchild, a girl, who is due the end of November.

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