Spring 2012 Letters to the Editor

____________________________________________________ Happy Easter Denise! Just received my spring Doll News and wanted to congratulate on tihs "tour de force".   It really feels like a UFDC magazine and I thank-you for so prominently placing the "business" items so visibly.   The convention ad really stands out.   The articles are wonderful.   Your article is beautiful!   What a treasure.   I can't wait to sit down and really read through it all in depth.   You must be very proud (and well you should!).   Bravo! Janet Gula ____________________________________________________   Dear Denise, What a gorgeous issue!   Of course, I'm not the least bit prejudiced.   I absolutely love what you did with the article.   I know it will gladden the hearts of Bleuette's many friends in UFDC.   Thank you so much for letting me "play" with Bleuette in Doll News.   I think the paper doll and patterns are inspired--what a complete look at Bleuette.   I think Annelise selected perfect fabrics for the patterns.   I love that Gael used images of the patterns in the paper doll.   On a personal note, I am so glad you included some of the "real" illustrations from Gautier-Langeureau.   What a pleasure it has been to work with you. I think you have found "something for everyone" in the varied articles in this issue.   Love all the wonderful  color photos too.   I hope everyone in UFDC will realizes that our beloved Doll News is in very good hands! Warmest congratulations on another spectacular issue, Barbara Hilliker ____________________________________________________   What a beautiful, fantastic issue. Thank you for the attention you paid to our little club and its members, the coverage is so appreciated. The pictures were beautiful, the lay out impressive! Best of wishes and thank you again. Stephanie Moore ____________________________________________________   Denise, This article is fabulous! What they did with those photographs is awesome. I have been getting lots of calls and emails from people all over the country. I really like the lines that you wrote about each person who contributed to all the great articles in the magazine. I really like what Doll News is doing with the magazine. We have to support dollmakers, doll collectors and everyone who contributes to our industry and shares our passion. Floyd Bell ____________________________________________________   I would so love another issue of the new Doll News to cut up ....for Bleuette, for paper dolls, and on and on, but guess I'll pass. It'd take several of them. It's wonderful, the very best doll magazine on the market today! The patterns are so great to have. (And I've taken three carving seminars from Janet Cordell and can testify she's one fabulous teacher! I had never held a carving knife in my hand. She assured me I could and I WOULD carve a Hitty, and I did!) Billie Aye, Tonganoxie, Kansas ____________________________________________________   First of all, I must say that I was a bit concerned that the new Doll News would live up to the last two years; no more since I've experienced the two issues that you have been Editor.   The quality is still there. My subject comment is on the Paper Doll creation(s) by Gael Shultz.   I am not a super fan or collector of Paper Dolls, but Gael's subject Marsette Bleuette really was above and beyond showing Bleuette (of which I am a fan!) and her costumes.     I know I would enjoy more of her work. Thank you for maintaining the quality, the diversity and the editing of the Doll News.   Really, really a good job. Carol Hanson ____________________________________________________   My heart went pitty-pat when I saw the beautiful Bleuette on the cover of Doll News, and I was thrilled to discover the article, fabulous paper doll, and exquisite patterns inside.   I have collected dolls for over 25 years, and I have never been so enamored of any aspect of doll collecting as when I discovered Bleuette, her history, and her wardrobe in 2005.   It's been pretty much All Bleuette, All the Time, since then.   So thank you for this splendid issue, which will be treasured along with the rest of my Bleuette library. Julie Traft, Star of the North doll club ____________________________________________________   Dear Ms. Buese: In the Spring 2012 Doll News, there is an article on Marie Taglioni.   On page 158, there is a photo purporting to be that of Marie Taglioni.   It is of a dancer who appears to be in her 20's and can't possibly be Marie Taglioni.     The Marie Taglioni who is the subject of the article was born in 1804.   Obviously, when the real Marie Taglioni was the age of the person in the photograph, there was no photography.   Although I don't know, I would suggest that the photograph, if of a Marie Taglioni, is of Marie Paul Taglioni (1833-1891), a ballerina who was the niece of the Marie Taglioni about whom the article was written. Al Combatalade   From the Editor: Hi Al, Thank you for taking the time to write - I'm sure you must be right!   It only makes sense that the photograph is not of Marie Taglioni if only because she would have been too young for photography.   When I gather together the letters to the editor from the spring issue, I'll include your letter. Thank you again. Yours, Denise Buese ____________________________________________________   Hi Denise, The new Doll News is wonderful!   The best ever!   Barbara, Gael, and AnneLise really outdid themselves!   It's always good to see more of Bleuette.   And more of Daisyette would be good, too! Regards, Betty Rush ____________________________________________________   Oh, Denise, if you only could hear-see-read all the wonderful things people are saying about this issue of Doll News!   I know Gael is trying to save some of the comments on BSC to send to you, but there are also all the private e-mails we're getting.   People are loving this!   Thanks so much for giving us the space we needed to do this the right way.   You've definitely done yourself proud with the Bleuette crowd! I hope you're enjoying the success of this issue as much as we all are.   I can't wait to see what you're working on for the Summer issue!                  AnneLise Wilhelmsen
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