Spring 2014 Paper Dolls

Paper Doll 1

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Annatasha "“ A Paper Doll

by Kathy Mears Monier Kathy Mears Monier has been an avid artist, seamstress and doll collector for most of her life.   Intrigued with antique dolls, she devotes her spare time to   drawing, dressing and displaying them.   In the 1980's, while living in Hawaii, she created several graphite portraits of antique subjects, dolls that she aspired to one day add to her own collection.   Today, these portraits are marketed as signed and numbered limited edition prints, finding their place in the homes of doll and art collectors across the world.   Included in her artwork are numerous original paper dolls, some of which were created especially for doll conventions and events. Retired from a career in Corporate Human Resources, Kathy now uses the skills she acquired to present programs, lectures and workshops.   Her husband Mike provides the inspiration and support for her to realize her personal doll dreams, from a well-stocked doll room at home to International doll expeditions.   In their Colleyville, Texas home, she manages a small business for her handcrafted doll shoes, which are available at doll shows, conventions and on-line through eBay. Kathy is a member of both the  Dallas Doll Club  and the  Fort Worth Antique Doll Club. Currently serving a three-year term as UFDC Director for Region 3, she enjoys working toward strengthening UFDC for an enduring and vibrant future and connecting with UFDC's many old and new friends she meets along the way.  

Paper Doll 2

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In a More Romantic Time "“ A Paper Doll

by Gael Shults Growing up in Gainesville Florida, Gael Shults began her university art education at the U of F, and had previously to that, begun to sell original works locally. Her mother was an artisan and her father an architect, both of whom encouraged her in this field of interest. Gael has continued to sell her original works, which have been exhibited in arts festivals, galleries and museums over the years. Additionally a prominent catalog company sold a set of her limited edition prints, distributing them throughout the US, Canada and Japan. Her early attraction to dolls and her mother's love of sewing stimulated a life-long interest in both creating and costuming dolls. Designing paper dolls has always been a part of this creative process. Gael, who originally had a difficult time deciding whether to major in art or music has in the end, divided her time between both fields, as well as dabbling in the art of writing, including several works for youth and songwriting. She has won a variety of awards including multiple honors on the local level for her oil paintings, doll making and music. On the international level she has taken grand prizes and first place awards in choir direction and paper doll illustration. Gael has always been greatly energized by teaching the arts to children and has greatly enjoyed directing this award winning children's choir for nearly ten years. On the hobby level, she loves studying history, especially when it pertains to antique fabrics and dolls, and has become an avid, if not obsessive collector of both. Gael currently resides in American Fork Utah where she and her husband Tom are winding up their parenting career by raising their two wonderful teenage boys, A few dolls who think they are people, two spotted house cats who think they are gods, and the cutest mini schnauzer puppy ever born. She says that she is beginning to understand why old people treat their pets like babies and currently takes joy in costuming dolls, the puppy and their delightful smattering of grandchildren, usually in that order! The little ones are learning to love dolls just like Nana Gael, and she very much enjoys the fact that their older married children live close by, so that she can pass on this appreciation of dolls to the next generation
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