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flora Miss Flora McFlimsey's Journey by Laurie W. McGill There were two small books that held particular fascination for Laurie during her elementary school years "“ Tasha Tudor's The Dolls' Christmas and Mariana's Miss Flora McFlimsey's Christmas Eve. Regardless of the season, she persistently borrowed these two books from the library year round. Eventually, she received both books as gifts. They remain in her library today. Laurie has spent many years researching the life of Miss Flora McFlimsey's author, Marian Foster Curtiss (Mariana). Slowly gathering the scattered pieces of Ms. Curtiss' long life has been a delight. Currently holding the position of Editor of Doll News, Laurie has also served UFDC as Associate Editor of Doll News, as Region 3 Director and as editor of the 2013 Souvenir Journal "“ A Capital Affair. She received first place recognition in the 2004 ReAL Services Audio-Visual Contest for The Dixie Doll (a biographical documentary of mid-twentieth century novelist/doll collector, Frances Parkinson Keyes) and was recipient of the 2008 Award of Excellence for Educational Endeavors. She has chaired several Special Exhibits and presented Dynamic Doll Dialogues, seminars, Opening Programs and Ballroom Programs for conventions (at both Regional and National levels). Laurie is President of the Dallas Doll Club. References: Life, September 22, 1952, Flora McFlimsey's Friend, p. 83-86 Something About the Author, vol. 23, pp. 73-74 https://images.nga.gov/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=Marion+Curtiss (Note that this link contains a misspelling of Marian Foster Curtiss' name. The NGA has been alerted to this fact. When the error is corrected, the link will change and it will be adjusted on the UFDC website.) http://www.lib.usm.edu/legacy/degrum/public_html/html/research/findaids/marian.htm Archives, United Federation of Doll Clubs, Inc., Kansas City, Missouri "“ The Mariana / Flora McFlimsey Collection, Accessioned 2012 sanitary-fairs Fashionable Fair Females: Charitable Dress in Miniature by Elizabeth Ann Coleman The author is a retired costume and textile curator having worked with major American museum collections in Newark, New Jersey; Brooklyn, New York; Houston, Texas and Boston, Massachusetts. Parallel to her museum work has been a decades-long interest in dolls. She has published widely in both fields and continues to work as a consultant, lecturer and researcher in the above mentioned fields. Bibliography Dolls from the Collections of the Members, New York City, The Doll Collectors Guild, 1964 Peterson's Magazine, Philadelphia, PA., vol xlv, no 1, January 1864 A Record of the Metropolitan Fair, Hurd and Houghton, New York, 1867 Attie, Jeanie, Patriotic Toil: Northern Women and the American Civil War, Ithaca, NY, Cornell University Press 1998 Bahar, Ann, Miss Flora McFlimsey of Madison Square, in Doll Reader, Hobby House Press, Cumberland, MD, May 1990 pp 158-164 "Aunt Fanny" (Barrow, Fanny), Good Little Hearts: The Metropolitan Fair Junior, Hurd & Houghton, Cambridge, MA. 1865 Butler, William Allen, Nothing to Wear: An Episode of City Life, Rudd & Carleton, New York, 1857 Christopher, Catherine, The Complete Book of Doll Making and Collecting, New York, Greystone Press, 1949 Coleman, Dorothy and Evelyn Jane, Rose, Little Mac and other Money-Raisers for the U.S. Sanitary Commission, in Benefit Dolls, The Doll Collectors of America, 2003 pp. 11-13 Coleman, Dorothy, Elizabeth A. and Evelyn J., The Collector's Book of Dolls' Clothes, New York, Crown Publishers, 1975 Coleman, Elizabeth A., Remarkable Rose, in Antique Doll Collector, Northport, Long Island, NY, vol. 8 no. 4, May 2005 pp. Cushner, Zelda, Beidermeier China with Trousseau, in Doll Collectors Manual, privately printed, 1973 pp. 35-6 Fawcett, Clara Hallard, On Making, Mending and Dressing Dolls, Goodrich, Frank Boott, The Tribute Book, a record of the munificence of the American People, New York, Berby and Miller, 1865 Greenberg, Nancy, Women Captured by a $200,000 Doll, Philadelphia Bulletin, no date (spring 1976) or page Lavitt, Wendy, The Doll as Fund-Raiser, in Dolls, vol. 6, no. 1, January/February 1987, pp. 40-42 Mescher, Virginia, Small but Mighty Host: Benefit and Fund Raising Dolls in the Civil War, published on the net 2007 Schoelwer, Jennylou Hamilton, A Doll with Impeccable Provenance, in Antique Doll World, vol. 4 no. 7 July/August 1996, pp 35-38 Ethel Newcome and the Great Central Fair for the U.S. Sanitary Commission in Benefit Dolls, The Doll Collector's of America, Inc, ed. by Diane Buck, privately printed 2003 pp. 28-31 The Incomparable Ethel Newcomb, in Antique Doll Collector, vol. 9, no 1, February 2006, pp. 37-42 St. George, Eleanor, Dolls of Three Centuries, New York, Charles Scribner's Sons, 1951 Walker, Ruth N., Sanitary Fair Dolls, in The Spinning Wheel, May 1962, p. 26 Illustrations
  • Illustration from Nothing to Wear featuring "Flora McFlimsey", published 1857, at the altar of luxury goods boxes from Tiffany, A. T. Stewart and Ball, Black and Cross
  • *"Rose Percy" and a selection of her wardrobe and accessories sold at New York's Metropolitan Fair, 1864. Photograph taken prior to restoration of the doll. Courtesy of the American Red Cross
  • *Eliza Lefferts' dressed doll for the Brooklyn and Long Island , New York fair 1864. Courtesy of the Brooklyn Museum of Art
  • *"Baby George"/"Little Mac" acquired at the Baltimore fair, April 1864. Coleman collection
  • *General Ulysses S. Grant's daughter, Nellie, as the "Old Woman in a Shoe" Saint Louis, Missouri fair, May 1864
  • *Engraving of "The Old Woman in a Shoe" Metropolitan Fair 1864, The Tribute Book p. 194
  • *The Children's Fair, engraved for The Tribute Book, p.97
  • *Methodist stall at New York City's Metropolitan Fair, April 1864
  • *Flora M'Flimsey doll at New York City's Metropolitan fair, April 1864 as published in Harper's Weekly, Coleman collection
  • *Fashion illustration for Peterson's January 1864 Coleman collection
  • Ball gown based on fashion illustration, Peterson's January 1864 Coleman collection
  • Daughter of the Regiment or Vivandière sewing companion; a popular commodity at Sanitary Fairs. Coleman collection.
  • *Frontis plate for sewing companion as published in the Ladies Friend, early 1860s, description p. 84 Coleman collection
  wonderland Artists in Wonderland "“ Featuring the Collection of Lynn Kublank by Jill Kaar Hanson Jill Kaar Hanson has been a collector of dolls all of her life. After law school, when many doll friends told her it was time to collect serious dolls "“ antiques "“ Jill became intrigued with the creativity and workmanship of the American doll artist. She has been a NIADA patron and served as chair person for ODACA's annual luncheon, receiving their Joan Hart Award. She also wrote and produced two first place UFDC audio-visual programs on the Dolls of NIADA and Dolls from Children's Literature. Jill served as president of The Lake County Doll Collectors of Illinois three times and Region 10 Director from 2005-2008. Jill & Jerry (her husband and resident doll photographer) are currently serving as the chair-persons of Helpers for the 2015 UFDC convention in Kansas City.   out-of-adversity Out of Adversity by Jane Ashley Jane believes that all dolls are an art form. Whether a doll is made from a simple cornhusk or of the finest bisque, it holds significance in the story of dolls and of doll collecting. Jane's interest in dolls started at a very young age, as did her interest in art. The Index of American Design is just one area of research that demonstrates the strong parallel between dolls and art history. http://www.nga.gov/collection/gallery/iad.htm https://images.nga.gov/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=index+of+american+design+doll corinne Corinne's Creation "“ A Doll's Legacy by Nancy J. Gustafson Dolls have always been part of Nancy's life, and dolls have enriched her life. Nancy has enjoyed attending many National Conventions and Regional Conferences since her doll club, Minnesota Valley Dolls, joined UFDC in 1982. Nancy feels that the best part of doll collecting is her doll friends. http://www.rbhayes.org/hayes/ http://www.rbhayes.org/hayes/genefiles/george/b270.htm#P314 silent-witness NY Tribune full size image The Silent Witness Doll by Denise Buese Denise Buese is the immediate past editor of Doll News, the Official Journal of the United Federation of Doll Clubs. Her introduction to antique dolls occurred in 1975, when her grandmother presented her with a well-loved A.M. 390, and that was all it took to be hooked. When Denise stopped playing with dolls at the age of twelve, she began sewing clothes for her sister's Barbies, which is really still playing. Denise has been a member of Verdugo Hills Doll Club since 1992, holding the position of treasurer for two terms, and more recently, has joined the Carmel Doll and Toy Study Group. After earning a BSN degree in nursing in 1985, Denise worked in the areas of NICU and OR before stopping to raise a family of two boys, one of whom has just graduated from Boston University and the other from high school and off to U.C. Santa Barbara. Happily, she is now freer to indulge her love of sewing for dolls, and is honing her skills at pattern making. Denise's collection is comprised of mostly French bébés and fashion dolls, but she is interested in learning about other types as well. In her spare time, Denise enjoys studying the Tudor age and its fascinating characters, and when she isn't sewing, you can usually find her entrenched in a good book. http://www.nps.gov/apco/silent-witness.htm http://www.nps.gov/apco/kids-rag-doll.htm rose-percy The Unbridled Spirit of Miss Rose Percy by Lori Santamaura Lori Santamaura is a retired educator of 36 years, named to Who's Who in America's Teachers. Her credo, "Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence" (Abigail Adams), fueled not only her profession but her doll avocation. After joining the United Federation of Doll Clubs (UFDC) in 1997, she held the office of Secretary in California Doll Collectors of Orange County. Reviving the Traveling Doll & Book Exhibit for Region 2-S and taking it on the road was a major early achievement. Lori is an active member of the Carmel Doll & Toy Study Group. Lori has attended numerous UFDC conventions and conferences, volunteered as a Monitor in the Antique Competitive Exhibits, served as a Judge and feels privileged to have completed the Apprentice Judge Program under the direction of the late Maurine Popp. Contributing two essays to the 57th National UFDC Convention 2006 Souvenir Journal, "Tell Me a Story," Lori subsequently served from 2009 "“ 2011 as the Associate Editor of DOLL NEWS and as Contributing Editor, Antique, 2011 "“ 2013. In 2012, she led a coterie of champion "chefs" as editor for "A Jambalaya Jubilee," the 63rd Annual Convention Souvenir Journal, also spearheading the Joies de Livres "At Your Service Open House" in New Orleans, a UFDC community outreach project. Joies de Livres resulted in significant contributions of books about doll-related subjects, along with classic and contemporary literature, to a new literacy and documentation center at the Louisiana Children's Museum. Associate memberships include UFDC California Doll Collectors of Orange County and the Doll Costumer Guilds' Heirloom Doll Costumers. Lori is a new member of the Adelaide Hills Doll Guild, South Australia. A study of dolls and authentic costuming led her to collect early Wooden and Papier-mâché examples; she found a niche in early French Fashions as well as specialty Bébés. The fruits of Lori's labors of love for dolls, researching and delving into their past have been shared in DOLL NEWS and Antique Doll Collector magazines. Ever-vigilant to preserve the dolls' long legacies, Lori pursued a graduate level certificate in Museum Collections Management and Care through The George Washington University, earning this credential in January 2014. Lori has professional affiliations with the American Institute for Conservation of Historic & Artistic Works (AIC), specializing in Textiles, and the Society of American Archivists. http://www.rosepercy.org/ germany-love From Germany with Love "“ The Story of Annette Hermann by Ann M. Leis Ann M. Leis grew up in Fulton, New York and has loved dolls most of her life. As a child, her best Christmas ever was receiving the Barbie Dream house. She is a member of the 1st Houston Doll Club and is an avid collector of both antique and modern dolls. Over the years, Ann has volunteered for a variety of school and civic organizations. She was President for both high school Band and Choir Booster clubs and held numerous roles within each group.   Presently, Ann enjoys volunteering at her consignment shop for the Charity Guild of Catholic Women. Ann holds a B.S.N in Nursing from Arizona State University and has worked as a surgical, school and recovery room nurse. She does a lot of traveling to help her family and likes to cook, quilt and read. Ann enjoys Jazzercise, Yoga, Swimming and Tennis and has even learned to like football.   Ann had three awesome kids pursuing goals in Marketing, Musical Theater and Engineering and has a wonderful husband who goes along with all of her crazy ideas. She is thrilled to be a free-lance writer "“ and now Associate Editor "“ for  Doll News. http://www.annetteherrmann.com/ civilwartea A Civil War Tea and Doll Exhibit by Marcia Woolston Marcia Woolston began collecting dolls at a very young age, when her father returned from his international travels with a doll from every country he had visited. Marcia's mother subsequently introduced her to Vogue Ginny dolls, Madame Alexander dolls, and (with great hesitation), to Barbie dolls. These early gifts nurtured a lifelong love and appreciation of dolls, their clothing, and their accessories. Marcia's collecting interests are wide-ranging. They include the dolls of her childhood as well as dolls from her years living in the Middle East, antique and vintage dolls, and modern dolls such as the Tonner "Patsy" and early American Girl dolls and their accessories. Marcia is Vice President of the Sugarland Searchers Doll Club of Gaithersburg, Maryland and a member of the Gladys MacDowell Doll Club of Falls Church, Virginia. She and her husband reside in Oakton, Virginia. workhands The Work of Your Hands by Lynn Nalven and Nicki Burley Lynn Nalven - Lynn has been collecting and making dolls for the last 25 years. Once she retired from public service in the early 1990's, Lynn was able to devote her time to creating porcelain reproduction and original sculpted dolls as well as designing costumes for dolls from 10 to 30 inches. In addition Lynn conducted workshops for friends and other doll makers in her upstate New York studio. Following a stint as a stringer for her local newspaper and adjunct professor of English at the Sullivan County Community College, Lynn began writing freelance for doll magazines, including Doll World, Doll Collector and Catskill Life. This biography of Janet Johl is Lynn's first contribution to Doll News. Lynn is currently engaged in a personal campaign to encourage young doll lovers to collect and make dolls of their own. There is value, she believes, in appreciating the artistry and history of dolls of all ages, from very early cloth dolls right up to today's BJD's. Lynn has a Word Press site: www.catskilldolls.wordpress.com and she can be contacted via email: lnalven@peoplepc.com . Nicky Burley - Once upon a time, there was a small brown-eyed girl with curly brown hair, who certainly looked ordinary…but inside, she KNEW she was a princess.   She believed with all her heart that you could always tell a princess by her clothing, so she decided to wear a long dress to kindergarten every day.   Her mother was relieved that the princess was willing to go to school at all, so when she marched out the door carrying a lunch bag and backpack and wearing yet another long cotton print nightgown, her mother just smiled and waved. When the little girl learned to read and write, a new world of magic appeared.   There were more stories in the world than her father could read in a hundred nights!     She told stories to her patient dog, and she told them to her dolls. Though she eventually stopped wearing nightgowns to school, she never outgrew her love of books or dolls.   She spent many blissful weekends at the library, reading all kinds of books: novels and poems, and books on dolls, costume, old houses, miniatures, history, art, or needlework.   One book on a subject always opened the door to many more. Now that she is all grown up, Nicki Burley and her husband find themselves in a cozy home about 5 miles from where they grew up, happily surrounded by five children, some cats and birds, lots and lots of books, and a growing collection of dolls.   Her youngest two children are homeschooled, and she teaches English literature part-time.   An early pen name she invented, "Jessica Rose Wren," has recently led to the name of her business, Rose & Wren, which offers finely detailed handmade doll clothing.   You can find her on the web at www.zhibit.biz/roseandwren. Joining UFDC just a few years ago led to the discovery of yet another magic world: the world of friendship through dolls.   Nicki has met many of her early "doll heroes," and has attended both local and national events.   After taking her daughters along to help at several events, she realized how much children would enjoy learning more about dolls and having events geared just for them.   In her own region, she plans to help coordinate several young collector events this year.   She is thrilled to be writing again, but she is especially excited to share what she knows and what she loves with children.   All children have stories in their hearts, and need dolls with whom to share them.  
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