Spring 2016 The Authors

samy-odin Wheeling the Magic by Samy Odin Our feature article author, Samy Odin has been a doll collector since 1981. Samy Odin is the founder, owner and present director of the MusÌ©ée de la Poupée-Paris. He holds masters degrees in French language and literature from the University of Turin and the University of Lyon, and has been teaching  French and Italian from 1987 to 1994 in Italy and in France. He is the  author of more than 20 books about antique dolls, among which Les Poupées de la SFBJ, Les Poupées, Mignonnette, Bleuette, Fascinating Dolls from Musée de la Poupée-Paris, Images Exquises, Bécassine unveils Loulotte's Treasure as well as articles in doll magazines such as  Doll News,  Antique Doll Collector,  Doll Reader,  Geppetto,  Puppenmagazin,  Gildebrief,  La Bacchetta Magica,  Collections  and  Ours et Poupées. As a researcher, Samy is focused on antique European dolls and doll-related ephemera and documentary material. Sharing his passion for dolls with his father, Guido, Samy has also developed expertise in areas such as paper dolls, Victorian scraps and children's books illustrated with images pertaining to dolls and toys. Through the Musée de la Poupée-Paris,  founded in 1994,  Samy shares his expertise by giving lectures, seminars, public and private appraisals, guided tours, and setting up special doll exhibitions in various institutions in Europe and other countries.  He is also the co-founder of the Ecole des Poupées together with Margaret G. Kincaid. Samy belongs to international doll collector's organizations such as UFDC  and DCA. Recipient of UFDC's Award of Excellence in 2010, Samy Odin  presently  serves on  UFDC's Collections Oversight Committee.
pennegues Sardeau Artist Dolls: Sculptures in Cloth by Dominique Pennegues Dominique's background his  been as an international journalist. While in Paris, she started a doll collection in 1976, after meeting with French expert François Theimer who was living near her place in Montmartre. Even though her interest as a doll collector had been for 19th French bisque dolls and English wax dolls, she soon discovered that French celluloid dolls had been neglected in France and started a long study on the subject which was published in Doll Reader in 1991-92, after having met Carolyn Cook, Doll Reader Editor, at her office near Washington, D.C. Later on, she found that the topic of French cloth dolls was a much forgotten subject  too, and she started a study which is still going on today. Her interest goes from the 18th century to WW II. She is managing an internet site "French Cloth Dolls Encyclopedia" and write articles for DOLL NEWS and Antique Doll Magazine since 2003.
fertel Paper Dolls Spring into Cleaning by Patti Fertel Patti Fertel, a retired mental health counselor and therapist, has been an avid paper doll collector since 1974 when she first re-discovered paper dolls after seeing an antique replica at a museum. She has been a member of the Olentangy Valley Doll Club in central Ohio and a member of UFDC for 20 years. A frequent contributor to Doll News, she is also a paper doll and altered book artist. Patti has given many programs on collecting antique paper dolls and has given paper doll workshops at regional and national conventions. Currently, she is also a docent at the Wexner Art Center and the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library in Columbus, Ohio.
pat-burns Madame Alexander's Tiny Betty Dolls by Pat Burns Pat Burns has been a member of UFDC for many years. She has served on the  Doll News  staff as Advertising Manager in the past and she is currently serving as editor of the Madame Alexander Doll Club's quarterly publication, "The Review." Pat was the 1994 MADC Service Award winner. Part of Pat's extensive collection of Alexander dolls and memorabilia was displayed in the Madame Alexander Doll Museum in New York before the Alexander Doll Company closed its doors to its Harlem location in 2012. Pat is currently serving as Associate Editor of  Doll News.
mcgonagle Her Name is Madeleine de Baine… and she has many stories to tell by Dorothy McGonagle For many years Dorothy McGonagle has been an active figure in the doll world and frequent contributor to UFDC events. Her 1984 presentation to the national convention in San Antonio became the impetus for her book, The Dolls of Jules Nicolas Steiner. Innumerable programs about a myriad of topics followed, but in following her heart, a main focus has been French dolls. Her presentations, given worldwide, embody a singular enthusiasm, a mixture of education with a lightness and sense of humor, as well as her deeply felt respect for the children who first played with these beautiful creations. Dorothy and her late husband, Jerome, served as Associate Editors-Antique Dolls during Janet Hollingsworth's tenure as Editor of Doll News. They also presented UFDC's traveling seminar "French Bebes" which was divined and organized by President Patricia Gosh and Janet; this was given in several locations across the country. She has chaired the Apprentice Judging program and seen several of her students develop into strong researchers. She is also the author of A Celebration of American Dolls from the Collections of the Strong Museum and has written countless articles for doll and antiques publications. Together Dorothy and Jerome received the UFDC Award for Educational Endeavors, and Dorothy also has been honored with the Ralph Griffith award for dealers. Dorothy is a member of the Doll Study Club of Boston; she can be contacted at dorothymcgonagle@gmail.com
lazenby Lenci's Miniatures, Mascottes and Series XX Dolls by Nancy Lazenby Nancy Lazenby, Author of  Lenci, The History and the Dolls, lives in the Sacramento, California, area.     She has actively collected dolls for the past 50 years, and before that, preserved all of her childhood dolls. Nancy purchased her first Lenci around 1968, and her collection started  growing from there. In 2005 Reverie Publishing came to Nancy to ask about writing the definitive book on Lenci dolls.   She considers herself very fortunate to have  had the help of both Carla, "Poma" Caso, grandaughter  of Elena and Enrico Scavini, and Bibija Garella, granddaughter of Pilade Garella, both of which were the principal owners of  Lenci. Nancy is a national judge, and has also been very active  in  UFDC,  holding positions as  Convention Coordinator and Event Coordinator, along with many chairmanships over the past 30 years since joining UFDC. She is always available for questions and identification of Lenci Dolls, andc an be contacted at: <doll-lady@juno.com>.
stewart Congratulations R. John Wright! by Betty Stewart Betty Stewart, always a lover and collector of dolls, she has only recently been involved in her local UFDC doll club "“ the Fort Collins China Doll Club (celebrating their 50th year in UFDC). She became a member in 2011 after retiring from 25 years as a high school English teacher. In the five years she has been a member of UFDC, Betty has served four years in officer positions in her club and attended two national conventions. Her collection includes a variety of vintage and modern dolls, but she is interested in dolls of all kinds. She has learned so much from her fellow doll club members and plans to continue researching, studying and writing about the exquisite world of dolls as long as possible.
kaufman F.A.O. Schwarz Exclusives by Rebekah Kaufman Rebekah Kaufman is a third generation, lifelong Steiff enthusiast. Her collection of Steiff items numbers beyond 1,000 and focuses on examples from 1905 onward, including uncataloged rarities and Studio (life-sized) items. Professionally, she is the archivist for Steiff North America, where she leads collector's events, assists with product development initiatives, participates in special projects, and identifies and values vintage Steiff treasures on behalf of the company. She also works for Morphy Auctions of Denver, Pennsylvania, as the Steiff specialist in the Doll and Toy Division and as the company's public relations specialist. Rebekah is a regular contributor to many publications, including Doll News, Antique Doll Collector, Teddy Bear and Friends, and the Steiff Club Magazine, which has a circulation of over 30,000 and is translated into five languages. Her blog, My SteiffLife, (http://mysteifflife.blogspot.com/) receives thousands of visits per month and focuses on interesting vintage Steiff items, Steiff antiquing adventures, and the history behind older Steiff treasures. Her Steiff book for children, Sassafrass Jones and Her Forever Friends ABCs is available through <Amazon.com>. Rebekah is the admin on the vintage Steiff Facebook fan page, where she has grown the fan base from 400 to almost 10,000. She is frequently tapped by auction houses and the media for her Steiff expertise; recent engagements include Christie's of London, Teddy Dorado, Theriault's, James D. Julia, FAO Schwarz, The Boston Globe, Bloomberg, The Huffington Post, Town and Country, Harry Rinker's "Whatcha Got," Antique Auction Forum, Gemr, The Collectors Show, MfG-Film (Germany) and the television programs: Inside Edition, Pawn Stars, and Clean House.
hogan Studying Dolls at The Strong National Museum of Play by Patricia Hogan Patricia Hogan has served as curator of the toy and doll collections at The Strong's National Museum of Play for the past 18 years and also edits its American Journal of Play. Before joining The Strong, she spent 10 years as an independent editor, writer, and history contractor producing publications, exhibits, and videos, for museums, cultural institutions, and publishers. Hogan has also worked for the American Alliance of Museums and for the American Association for State and Local History, national organizations for museum workers. She holds an undergraduate degree from Skidmore College and a master's degree in museum studies from Texas Tech University.
goldstein Collecting: Understanding Ourselves by Nancy Goldstein Nancy Goldstein is a Terri Lee collector who has written about Terri and other dolls for DOLL NEWS and for The Daisy Chain, the Terri Lee newsletter. She authored Jackie Ormes: The First African American Woman Cartoonist (University of Michigan Press, 2008) a biography that includes a chapter on the Patty-Jo doll and black dolls. Nancy is a member of Ann Arbor Doll Collectors.
foster Shirley Temple Dresses and Cinderella Frocks by Jane Foster Jane  Foster  was an elementary teacher for thirty-eight years.   She then enjoyed teaching reading on a part-time basis at the elementary level for five years. She is a member of Randolph Street Baptist Church and the Kanawha Valley Doll Club. Jane has written some articles for Antique Doll Collector Magazine. Also she has had a previous article published in Dolls News and in Doll Collector Magazine, formerly Contemporary Doll Magazine.   Currently Jane is awaiting publication of a children's book she has written. Effanbee Patsy dolls and Shirley Temple dolls and memorabilia comprise most of her collection. Jane has lived in Hurricane, West Virginia, all of her life. She and her husband still currently reside there.
holderbaum Sampling the Beaded Doll by Linda Holderbaum Linda has served the Executive Director of the Art Center of Battle Creek in Battle Creek, Michigan, for the past ten years and was the curator there for 12 years before that. She has been a doll collector since the 1960s along with her sister Rosemary Deal. Her greatest passion has always been ethnic dolls "“ especially Russian dolls and matryoshkas, though she collects all kinds "“ with over 7,000 antique to modern in her collection. She was the chairperson of the 1988 "Sojourn to Battle Creek" Region 12 conference and is a long-time member of the Battle Creek Area Doll Club of Michigan. She is a founding member of the Battle Creek Regional History Museum and consults with other museums in the area. She has published more than 75 articles in Antique Doll Collector, Doll Reader, Doll Castle News and Doll News and regional convention journals. She has been a judge for the Fort Wayne Doll Club annual competition for over eight years and a former judge for the Timbertown Dollology Club annual competition. During the past year Linda has returned to research and writing articles as a diversion while helping her husband battle cancer. It has been great to be able to share and enjoy her collection anew.
hanson-moreland The Museum Tour by Jill Kaar Hanson and Karla Moreland Jill Kaar Hanson Jill has served as president of The Lake County Doll Collectors of Illinois three times and as Region 10 Director from 2005-2008. Jill and Jerry (her husband and resident doll photographer) are currently  serving as the Chairs of Helpers for the 2016 National Convention in Washington, D.C. Jill has been a collector of dolls all of her life.   She has been a NIADA Patron and served as Chair for ODACA's annual luncheon, receiving their Joan Hart Award. She also wrote and produced two first place UFDC audio-visual programs about the "Dolls of NIADA" and "Return to the Library Shelves - Dolls from Children's Literature". Jill Kaar Hanson loves to travel and always searches out small museums. Karla Moreland Karla Moreland began collecting vintage Barbie dolls in the early 1990s. By 1996 she had jumped from Barbie to French Fashions. After all they were both fashion dolls and the clothing and accessories of both dolls were fascinating to her. Her collection continued to diversify and now also includes German dolls, French bébés, English poured wax, Japanese dolls, and fashion dolls from the 1940s and 1950s. She specializes in dolls with original costumes and original wardrobes. She also studies antique doll clothing and collects antique children's clothing. She uses her studies to sew and restore clothing for her antique dolls. The Enfantine period is her favorite, and she enjoys sewing for her Rohmer French fashions. She is currently the president of her UFDC Club "“ Doll Scholars of SE Wisconsin and just spent the last four years as vice president and program coordinator for her club as well. The "Museum Tour" was her final program before becoming club president. She is also the owner of the Naperville Doll & Teddy Bear Show in the Chicago area and sells antique & vintage dolls and accessories throughout the Midwest.
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