Spring 2019 The Authors

Frisette, A Study of the Doll and Her Clothing by Sheryl Williams 

Sheryl has collected antique porcelain dolls for over 37 years and is a well-known doll artist, specializing in antique reproduction dolls and doll costuming. She has published extensively in The Doll Artisan Magazine, Dolls Beautiful Magazine, DOLL NEWS and The Doll Costume Quarterly Magazine. An avid researcher, she finds authentic costuming of antique and reproduction of porcelain dolls is her passion. A firm believer in education, she travels extensively teaching seminars in porcelain doll making and costuming. A frequent lecturer at doll events worldwide, she has also presented seminars at UFDC National Conventions for Doll Costuming, Ribbon Art, Pattern Design and most recently, the Study and Sewing Techniques used in Antique Doll Clothing.  An active member of UFDC, Sheryl belongs to the Beecher Doll Club of Region 14.  She serves as Director of Competition for the Doll Artisan Guild and as a judge at the UFDC National Convention. Sheryl lives in Elmira, NY with her husband and two very busy Savannah cats. She loves to travel and is frequently on the go.


Among Our Souvenirs by Susan Sirkis 

Susan is a Past President of UFDC and a UFDC Award of Merit award recipient. Susan and her husband, Mike, publish THE WISH BOOKLETS, which specializes in videos and booklets for creative doll and miniature collectors. There are 33 titles in print and 20 do-it-yourself doll videos on related subjects. Susan and Mike, a retired Army officer, have been married 62 years. Their three children are grown and away from home pursuing lives of their own. They have five grandsons, a granddaughter, and a great grandson. Susan may be reached through her website, www.susansirkis.com.


A Doll Collector of 1949 by Linda Holderbaum

Linda has been collecting dolls since the 1960s.  While ethnic dolls have always been her first love, her collection includes antique to modern and everything in between.  She is currently the Executive Director of the Art Center of Battle Creek with extensive museum collection background.  She was the chairperson of the 1989 UFDC Region 12 Conference in Battle Creek. She was a judge for the Timbertown Dollology Club's annual competition for ten years and for the Fort Wayne Doll Club's annual competition for fifteen years.  She also writes for Antique Doll Collector's Magazine.


Maggie Bessie A North Carolina Moravian Doll by Billye Harris

Billye is very active in the doll community serving as a member of NADDA and the UFDC Museum Collection Oversight Committee.  She has won multiple awards for her work in the UFDC Salesroom and for her Museum Oversight Committee work and has helped with two Special Exhibits for UFDC. She also serves as an appraiser at the Wilmington Ohio Doll Show, with proceeds going to the UFDC Museum. Billye has held offices at the local level, President, Vice-President, Secretary (multiple times), and chaired committees in her local clubs as well. She is currently a member of Queen Anne's Revenge Doll Club of North Carolina and Les Rubans Aubergine International Doll Club. Billye is active and knowledgeable in Social Media, in which she is continuously promoting and raising funds for UFDC. She is currently seeking the office of UFDC Region 8 Director.


Famous Country Singers Paper Dolls by Tom Tierney (1928-2014)

Tom Tierney, author, fashion illustrator and a paper doll artist, was known for immortalizing celebrities on paper. Tom's paper doll books, many published by Dover Publications, include such stars as Marilyn Monroe, Joan Crawford, Judy Garland and countless others. In each of his published paper doll books, Tom skillfully rendered the true likeness of his famous subjects and added his carefully researched commentary.  Movie buffs, collectors, students of costuming and fashion design, adults and children alike, enjoy his visual mini-histories of Hollywood's greatest stars.


A Star is Sewn by Kathy Monier

Kathy has been an avid artist, seamstress and doll collector for most of her life. Included in her original artwork are black and white graphite drawings and color pencil portraits of her favorite antique and vintage dolls, as well as original paper dolls. She is very passionate about sewing and doll costuming. Her doll collection includes antique, vintage and modern dolls. Retired from a Human Resources background, she uses her acquired skills to arrange and present programs, lectures and workshops. Kathy lives in Colleyville, Texas with husband Mike and Buddy, the family cat. She is an active member of the Fort Worth Antique Doll Club and President of the Dallas Doll Club. She has served as Region 3 Director 2011-2014, Convention Event Coordinator 2013-2015 and as Editor of UFDC's 2017 Convention Souvenir Journal.  She currently serves as Editor of UFDC's DOLL NEWS magazine.


Vincent DeFilippo "“ Master Sculptor by Jane Foster

For thirty-eight years, Jane Foster was an elementary school teacher. Following which, she taught reading on a part-time basis at the elementary school level for five years. She is a member of Randolph Street Baptist Church and the Kanawha Valley Doll Club. Jane has written articles for DOLL NEWS and Antique Doll Collector, as well as Doll Collector (formerly Contemporary Doll) magazines. Jane's most recently-published literary effort is a children's book entitled Dime Store Days. Dolls from the 1950s are of special interest to Jane. Effanbee's Patsy, Ideal's Shirley Temple and related memorabilia, and Nancy Ann Show Style dolls comprise most of her collection. Jane and her husband continue to live in her native town of Hurricane, West Virginia.


French Fashion Ladies in Cyberspace by Deb Hoffman

Deb is a UFDC member-at-large of 10 years whose doll collections includes both antique and reproduction examples. As a freelance author, she enjoys reading, researching and writing historical- based articles. She has written for Antique Doll Collector magazine and DOLL NEWS and has been involved in the co-publication of small self-published circulars such as The French Fashion Doll Revue, where she managed research, writing, layout, graphics and production for several years. Deb enjoys the outdoors and lives on the "Continental Divide" in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado on a small family ranch with her husband and daughter.


Dame Catherine by Joyce Murch Restoration Artist

Joyce's passion in the doll world is restoring a lovely antique doll to as near its original beauty as possible. She has been doing restoration for about 35 years, specializing in broken porcelain, but executing all phases of doll repair. She also served as Editor for Doll Crafter Magazine, as well as written articles for other doll magazines. Joyce loves to collect antique dolls as well and many of her dolls were self-restored. She began her career in the late 1970s as a doll maker. She opened a studio and retail doll store in 1981 with a goal to "learn it all." She set out to learn from the best artists in their field of specialty, traveling all over the country to take restoration seminars, sculpting seminars. Joyce learned many great techniques from the leading people teaching it at that time, taking the best from them and adding her own techniques and products over the years. She has traveled all over the U.S. and Europe teaching doll making and doll restoration seminars, sharing her knowledge. Joyce can be contacted at joyce.murch@yahoo.com

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