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Dressing a Diva -- The World of Lillian Dal Monte

by Michael Canadas Michael Canadas is the co-founder, along with partner David Robinson, of Carmel Doll Shop, an antique doll business which is located in Carmel, California. Michael and David are founding members of the UFDC club, the Carmel Doll and Toy Study Group, and are currently the Editors of the UFDC publication DOLL NEWS. Michael has served UFDC by presenting countless seminars at the national and regional level, and together with David, has presented many memorable programs that have made their debut at UFDC functions. In 2005, the two received the UFDC Award of Excellence for a French fashion doll exhibit they staged at the Toy and Miniature Museum of Kansas City the previous year. Below is an excerpt from DOLL NEWS - Fall, 2005: "...the Award for Exhibit of Dolls was bestowed on two members from Region 2-North this year, Michael Canadas and David Robinson, whose standard of excellence is legendary. An exhibit of dolls for the purpose of study and appreciation can require years of planning. In conjunction with the 2004 UFDC convention, this year's honorees mounted a magnificent exhibit of French fashion dolls, accessories, clothing and furniture..." In 2006, the two edited "Tell Me a Story" the souvenir journal for the UFDC's 57th national convention that was held in Dallas, Texas.

Dolly's Furry Friends

by Julie Blewis Julie Blewis has been a doll collector for nearly twenty years and is a member of the well-known doll club, Dollology, of Washington D.C.   Julie has contributed a number of articles to both Antique Doll Collector magazine and the 2008 UFDC souvenir journal, and is currently in her last year of the Apprentice Judge program.   Julie co-presented her first seminar this past convention, which focused on rare German character dolls, one of her areas of collecting interest. Julie is married with two children, a French bulldog and two cats -- she regrets none share her doll interests!

From Princess to Queen,  Her Majesty Elizabeth II and Her Dolls

by Elizabeth K. Schmahl I am a dentist in Tucson and have two little girls. I have been collecting since I was a little girl and grew up in a family of doll collectors... I love to collect specifically antique candy container dolls (yes, a dentist with a sweet tooth!), cloth dolls like Lenci and Raynal, and princess Elizabeth, etc... I love to travel, and my hobbies include singing when I get the chance! I love to research the history of dolls almost nearly as much as I love to collect!

Betsey and Ray Baker, A Couple's Odyssey

by Ann Leis

From Heart and Hands, Dolls to Feed the Soul

by Dorothy McGonagle Dorothy McGonagle began collecting dolls in 1973. With the support of her late husband, Jerome, she became a dealer soon thereafter in order to "support her habit" as her interest centered on French bebes, notably Bru, Jumeau and Steiner. Dorothy is a past president of the Yankee Doodle Dollers of Massachusetts and Doll Collectors of America and is currently a member of the Doll Study Club of Boston.   She is perhaps, most well known as the author of "The Dolls of Jules Nicolas Steiner" and "A Celebration of American Dolls from the Strong Museum".   Together, she and Jerome presented the UFDC traveling seminar on French bebes and they also served jointly as Associate Editors, Antique, for DOLL NEWS under the editorship of Janet Hollingsworth. In 1994, Dorothy was the recipient of UFDC's Ralph Griffith Award which is bestowed upon a dealer, and in 1997, she and Jerome received the award for Educational Endeavors. Dorothy holds a BA in English Literature from Boston University and is currently on the Osher Lifelong Learning Staff at Tufts University, where she recently presented a seminar incorporating dolls reflecting American history with a focus on immigration.   She finds that non-doll collectors bring a unique perspective to seminars that is both invigorating and illuminating. Dorothy has also presented innumerable programs at UFDC national conventions through the past twenty-five years, always with a combination of fun and fact.

The Woodettes, Wartime Wonders

by Marcie and Bob Tubbs Marcie Tubbs started collecting commercially made Baby Boomer dollhouses and miniatures over 20 years ago. Not long after her husband, Bob, finished building a scale dollhouse for their daughter, she came across a classic T.Cohn tin house filled with Renwal and Ideal plastic furniture. It was the type that filled her first tin dollhouse, received from Santa in 1951. Cajoling her husband to buy it for her as a birthday present, her collection began. Her real estate holdings quickly grew and now include more than 75 furnished 20th Century dollhouses, buildings and room boxes. She expanded her focus to include miniature inhabitants, when she realized that dollhouses needed to be "lived in" to come alive. At the time little was published about miniature dolls of the 20th century. Concerned that much of the available information was quickly being lost and forgotten, she began to gather background, both from written sources and from interviews with the families of mid-century doll makers. Her research led her and Bob, with the collaboration of Dian Zillner, to write Dollhouse and Miniature Dolls 1840-1990 (Schiffer Publications, 2009). Marcie has contributed articles on the hobby to a number of collector's magazines and newsletters and continues her search for new information to share with fellow hobbyists.

To Play Amongst Lovely Things, Children and Dolls Captured on Canvas

by Janet Gula Janet Gula is the current Secretary-Treasurer of UFDC and also serves the organization as Director of Membership.   She has been a Regional Director for UFDC's international Region 16 and has also acted as Public Relations Coordinator.   An avid collector of French bebes and poupees, Janet was awarded the Dorothy and Evelyn Jane Coleman Scholarship for the study of Antique Dolls.   As well, she is an accredited judge of antique dolls, and has judged at both the national and regional level. Janet has contributed numerous articles to DOLL NEWS, as well as other doll publications, and has presented many programs at conventions, both national and regional.   She spends her time between her homes in Toronto and Naples, Florida where she is the current club president for the Naples Doll Club.   Janet served for many years as a docent at the Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art in Toronto and is on the executive board of the Toronto branch of the Canadian Friends of the Hermitage.

Cherished Childhood Dolls, Region 15 Conference

by Denise Buese Denise Buese's introduction to antique dolls occurred in 1975, when her grandmother presented her with a well-loved A.M. 390, and that was all it took to be hooked. When Denise stopped playing with dolls at the age of 12, she began sewing clothes for her sister's Barbies, which is really still playing. Denise has been a member of Verdugo Hills Doll Club since 1992, and has held the position of treasurer for two terms. After earning a BSN in nursing, she worked in NICU and OR before stopping to raise a family of two boys, one of whom is now in college and the other in high school. Happily, she is now freer to indulge her love of sewing for dolls, and is honing her skills at pattern making. Denise's collection is comprised of mostly French bebes and poupees, but she is interested in learning about other types. In her spare time, Denise enjoys studying the Tudor age and it's fascinating characters, and when she isn't sewing, you can usually find her entrenched in a good book.
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