Summer 2014 From the Editor

laurie-editor As I write this, spring is slowly fading into summer. The Texas Bluebonnets have stepped aside to allow the Queen Anne's Lace to take over the roadsides. I have always been inordinately fond of flowers, but I am especially fond of wild flowers. Their seemingly disorganized, haphazard way of appearing wherever they please, appeals to me. It was serendipity that I would come from a state where its official flower sprung from a doll story. "The Legend of the Bluebonnet" is familiar to many doll collectors: Texas was suffering an extreme drought and the daughter of a Comanche chief took her most prized possession, her doll with a headdress made of blue jay feathers, to offer as a sacrifice. Placing her doll on a sacrificial fire, the little girl fell asleep only to awaken to a sea of beautiful blue flowers "“ as blue as the feathers in her doll's headdress. The drought ended and each spring the little girl's selfless sacrifice is remembered when the Bluebonnets appear across the state. The cover of this issue of Doll News honors Shirley Temple. Shirley played a part in Texas history when she was given the title of Honorary Rangerette during Texas' Centennial Celebration in 1936. She is skipping happily down a road bordered by Texas Bluebonnets. Sincere appreciation goes to guest author, Tonya Bervaldi-Camaratta for her article on the life and dolls of this beloved child star. Diana Vining's accompanying paper doll captures the very essence of the dimpled, curly topped actress. Summer is a time for travel and Janet Gula takes us on a journey through a gallery of beautiful images of royal children and their cherished playthings. Sharon Zerkel invites us to visit Florida to meet the colorful Seminole dolls. Ann Hays lures us on a sea-faring odyssey, and Kate Reed shares her scrapbook from her exciting excursion to Neustadt, Germany's doll festival. We will camp out at UFDC headquarters as several volunteers toil to make our doll museum a destination spot for all doll lovers. Ann Leis pays a call on talented doll artist, Christine Shively. Summer is a time for celebrations, too, and Virginia Walker marks Skipper's fiftieth birthday with a touch of style. AnneLise Wilhelmsen has designed just the right wardrobe for a well-dressed doll of the 1930s, and Gael Shults has spun a special story illustrated with her delightfully drawn paper dolls. Nicki Burley enchants us with the crepe paper fashions of the Dennison Manufacturing Company. I hope to see you soon in San Antonio for our 65th Annual Convention! We'll be sure to roll out the wild flowers for you. Laurie
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