Summer 2014 Letters to the Editor

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I do love our Doll News and this is another amazing example of our quality publication… Donnell Wisniewski Sangamon Valley Doll Study Club Region 10
My feet are so cold….BECAUSE the latest edition of DOLL NEWS knocked my socks off!   Big congratulations… Dr. Barbara Stone UFDC Secretary-Treasurer
I just briefly paged through the new issue of Doll News and I can't wait to have time to sit down and read everything.   Love the cover!   And every article looks so interesting and well put together.   The Gael Shults paper doll story is one of the highlights for me this quarter  -  charm to spare,  plus so many fun accessories to cut out and play with!   And I think Nicki Burley wins the award for BEST opening line of a doll article ever.   Jane Austen would be proud! AnneLise Wilhelmsen
The only problem I see with this issue is that you keep raising the bar for yourself to top next time! Linda Edward UFDC President
Love the cover!   How  perfect for San Antonio! Janet Gula UFDC 1st Vice-President Director of ReAL Services
Wow! I am literally in awe at the quality of the summer issue of Doll News…. I'm speechless…. I know you truly possess an exceptional talent and knowledge base in order to create such an outstanding body of work.   I feel inspired and privileged to be a part of it. P.S. UFDC does not know what a gift they have. Ann Leis Associate Editor, Doll News
LOVE IT!!! Tonya Bervaldi-Camaratta Shirley Temple Dolls, Toys and Collectibles
Saw the new magazine online "“ looks like a great one!! Looking forward to reading each page when it comes. Denise Buese Immediate Past Doll News Editor
You are an excellent editor, and I love the direction that Doll News is taking. Ellen Tsagaris
Wow -- 21 pages of Shirley Temple. What a Beautiful Book this is. Patti Langan

I have to pass along a message from a member.   I received a voice message from Marsha King this afternoon and she asked me to tell you how BEAUTFUL the Summer issue is!   She was very animated in her message. Kudos to you.

Jenny Yocklin Membership Services UFDC Headquarters and Doll Museum

Another gorgeous issue! I love the paper dolls and the patterns and the story on Christine Shively… It's a keeper for sure!

Billie Aye

Thank you for another wonderful issue of Doll News.   The article about Patsy was most interesting, and perfectly timed  since our doll club is doing a study on Patsy and her history.  You and your staff are creating outstanding issues of Doll News.   All of you deserve a lot of credit and appreciation for your work.

Gloria Lynn Greenville (SC) Doll and Toy Club

Just got my Doll News…great issue!   Beautiful!

Linda White

I just wanted to thank you so much for including my Shirley Temple paper doll in the wonderful Summer 2014 issue of DOLL NEWS.   The article by Tonya Bervaldi-Camarrata was absolutely fabulous.   I think this issue is a lovely tribute to Shirley Temple, who is so much more than a child star -- she's truly a historical figure! This issue is hands-down my all-time favorite issue of DOLL NEWS, and I am so very honored to have contributed to it.

Diana E. Vining

I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading the Doll News Summer 2014. The variety of dolls that are written about is wonderful--there is something for every doll collector to enjoy! Thank you for the article about Christine Shively. The pictures that went with this article really showed how talented she is. The Shirley Temple article with so many photos is outstanding. I really enjoy the patterns you have in each issue and look forward to using a lot of them. Congratulations to you and your talented staff on such a wonderful magazine and this issue in particular.

Debbie Gussow Lady Baltimore Doll Study Club

Doll News was PERFECT this last issue. Barbara Starkey
Wonderful issue. Leona Margaret Carbonaro
I love the article on DENNISON!!!!!! You're doing a WONDERFUL job…everyone is so pleased… P. Stuart
I am…an avid doll collector with many dolls including several Shirley Temples. I am also a big fan of classic movies including the Shirley Temple movies. I thoroughly enjoyed the article on the Shirley Temple dolls in the recent issue of Doll News. It is an excellent article although I have to disagree with the author's assessment of Shirley's 1940's movies. Shirley was, in fact, in several first rate movies such as "Kathleen," "Since You Went Away," "I'll be Seeing You" (both great WWII home front movies), and "The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer", one of the great screwball comedies of all time. Please keep up the good work in Doll News. George Scherling Matawan, NJ
The Doll News was worth the wait. It is very well put together. I was especially thrilled about the "Patsy Now and Then" article. Rose Ann Fields
The new Doll News is just wonderful. I love the Shirley Temple article. What a nice tribute to Shirley Temple. Thanks. Ursula Mertz
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