Summer 2015 Letters to the Editor

I am a new at large member of UFDC. I wanted to tell you how much I love the magazine which seems so well done in so many ways. Each that I have seen is filled with treasure. I was very fond of the most recent which included the Flora McFlimsey doll and also Bangwell Putt. I think I was of the generation that just missed her. That article inspired me to bring dear Bangwell into a corporeal state and I thought you might get a kick out of the result.

  Anne Ryan, Susquehanna, PA


...nice and well deserved praise for you! We celebrate the work of Laurie McGill, Editor of "Doll News" who has brought the magazine back to its mission. Read More: Penny Hadfield
Dear Laurie, You are…deserving of my humble praise, and much, much, more!!   You rejuvenated me as a doll collector, and that's saying something! Ellen Tsagaris
The cover is incredible!   The best cover yet and a topic and a time period  so near and dear to so many of us! Janet Gula
You have done a wonderful job with the magazine (really every issue is more like a high-quality book!). Diana E. Vining
The spring issue of Doll News was delightful. (Literally, filled me with delight!) I had read the issue on-line when the link became available, but there's something about paging through the actual magazine. Maybe I am old-fashioned still (in spite of being a proud nerdy technophile), or maybe it is the great quality of the paper used for Doll News and the higher resolution photos, but I smiled more as I re-read the Flora McFlimsey article and was more fascinated by the other articles that had so much history in them. On-line is nice for immediate gratification, but hardcopy is precious. I know it's a lot of work to transform well-researched articles into illustrated print layouts (not to mention write them too!) but I love it and appreciate all that you do. Maria Greene Webmaster,
Your article ["Miss Flora McFlimsey's Journey" "“ Spring 2015 issue of Doll News] was fantastic.   Very impressive. Helen Younger Aleph-Bet Books Pound Ridge, NY

Love, love, love this [Summer] issue. Right up my alley.   This one was your finest. Everyone is raving. The magazine needs to represent all interests, not just antique. For me the Eskimo, Russian articles were great because they are my interests.

Loretta Nardone Second Vice-President, Convention Services, UFDC
My name is Jane Geroulis and I had to write you about an exquisite, tiny cloth doll who has been living anonymously in my cabinet for about a year.   If I tell you that I showed her to many local experts, sent her photos to  serious cloth doll  collectors and had THEM send her on, trying to get more information than afforded by the "Jenny Comfort" label under her skirt, you will understand how I almost fell off my computer chair while reading your exceptional article on the history of our UFDC Miss Unity.   I just knew that such a beautifully-made doll must have some history somewhere, and I thank you so very much for bringing this to light. DOLLY-NATIONAL I would also like to congratulate you on the issues of Doll News you have placed in our hands during your tenure as editor.   The articles have been just wonderful, such variety and breadth of subject matter.   I have truly learned a lot, and they have been so beautifully presented. Jane Geroulis
I loved the article on the Otsy Totsy dolls [Fall 2014 issue] because I have one that I never knew about. It's the same Asian girl in an orange dress, though the hand-painted details are different. Roberta Heinz otsy-totsy---roberta-heinz
Your work on DN is in keeping with the very heart of why UFDC exists.   Be proud! Linda Edward President, UFDC
You have done a wonderful job as Doll News editor and this latest issue featuring Betsy is my favorite in years and years! I used to cut the Betsy paper dolls out of my mom's magazines and such a good time. Sure brought back memories! Thanks for your years in providing UFDC with a terrific magazine! Mary Lu Trowbridge
Just wanted you to know the Summer Doll News edition is wonderful. I'm looking forward to reading in depth about Miss Unity. Also, love all the info on Betsy McCall! Great job on another Doll News edition. Sharon Zerkel
Wonderful issue!!! Anna Border Sheppard
Thank you so much for sending us a complete copy of the Summer 2015 "Doll News". From some of the recent attachments shared by Katherine [Darcy's granddaughter] I knew the article, "The Story Behind UFDC'S Emblem: Miss Unity" was to be published but to see it in situ was a real treat. When my mother [Darcy/Ruth C. Williams] was doing the work you have so wonderfully written about, I was attending a Country Day school about 25 miles away from our home in Chagrin Falls. As I remember it, I used to leave the house at 6:00am (since school started at 8:10am) and I arrived home sometime after 6:00pm (school ended at 4:20pm) all by public transportation. This meant that I was essentially completely unaware of what our mother did during the day. I knew about her dolls but not her involvement with "Doll News" and Miss Unity. Your article has reinforced my pride in my mother and her many lasting artistic accomplishments. Given family developments over the years since then mother's "hobby" (which was how it was referenced at home) was certainly a part of memories but your article has provided a wonderful cornucopia of detail for which I am most grateful. Sincerely, Eric (C Williams)
I've received my copy of Doll News, and I know my Uncle Eric has received his. I'm flying to be with my mom [Darcy's daughter] this week and look forward to sharing her copy with her. She was surprised to hear how large the magazine is, compared to the days when Grandma Ruth [Darcy] edited it! Wow, what a magazine! And the article ["The Story Behind UFDC's Emblem: Miss Unity"] is wonderful. Thanks again. Katherine Shaw
I just received my Summer Doll News. Ooh La La! It looks wonderful! You are amazing! Of course, I am excited to read Sharon's article [Eskimo dolls]. Nancy Gustafson
I loved the article on Miss Unity. Virginia Landeck Hiter
Today I received the summer magazine with my new membership and what a lovely job you did again!! Congratulations.  What an interesting magazine. I had no idea that there were so many doll types around. Itske Stern, MAL
Loved the article on Dare Wright! Cindy Hammerquist
Great Doll News! Betsy McCall was one of my favorite dolls growing up--I still have mine.   I remember going to the drug store and seeing all the boxed outfits on display. Linda Holderbaum
Wonderful issue! Beautifully designed as always!! Adeline Piper
I keep thinking that every magazine is better than the last. I am blown away at the latest copy.  Even the cover is adorable.  Several of the Bluebonnets wish you would stay on.  I told them you pour your heart and soul into producing the magazine and it is a volunteer job.  They do not know how much time you put into the magazine.  If you ever write a children's book you can count on me to buy a signed copy for myself and one each for granddaughters, Molly and Marian.  You do an outstanding job. Thanks so much for all your hard work. Rose Ann Fields

Received the summer issue of Doll News. I love the cover!   You have completed another successful issue.

Cynthia Musser

Awesome job on Doll News! Just love Robert Tonner's paper doll!!!

Kathy Monier

The summer issue is another hit, and of course I love Betsy McCall, as I'm sure so many of us do, and remember playing with the paper dolls and the dolls themselves.   You've done an incredible job…

Denise Buese

I have been reading  UFDC Doll News today... WONDERFUL!

Moira Hatton

…the issue of DOLL NEWS was beautiful and full of interesting and varied articles. You have been the best of the best!!!

Ada Diedrich

Congratulations on  your retirement from "Doll News". You have done a great job. I have enjoyed your issues very much.

Shirley Karaba

Thank you so much for another very successful Doll News!   Of course, the picture of you with your doll is precious. I loved it. Especially enjoyed the Lonely Doll story.

Lorraine Carroll

You have done a fabulous job with Doll News.   You do so much for UFDC and at the same time you are so humble.   This is an inspiration to everyone around you.

Judy Dusek

Everything about the Summer 2015 edition of Doll News was perfect!   Having articles about Betsy McCall and Patti Playpal excited this Boomer.   I will cherish this magazine.   I absolutely loved that you used your little girl picture!!   Congratulations on a job well done during your "reign" as Doll News Editor.

Barbara Kerins

I know you will be glad when you have finished your stint as editor for Doll News; you have made a real contribution there.

Edyth O'Neill

Yesterday I sat down and read that interesting article on Mark Farmer.  Later, a friend called and asked if I wanted her to pick up a plate she  was looking at in an antique store.   It was marked "Mark Farmer" and  that sounded familiar to her.   If I hadn't read the article, I wouldn't  have known that "our" doll maker Mark Farmer started out making art  pottery.   Doll News scores again!

Roberta Heintz


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