Summer 2016 The Authors

gallant-darling A Gallant Darling by Susan Dossetter Susan Dossetter has been collecting antique dollhouses, dolls and miniatures since the age of seven. Born in Chicago, Susan's mother took her on frequent visits to the famous Thorne Miniature Rooms and Colleen Moore's Fairy Castle, which inspired her to create tiny worlds in miniature. Susan's collection has grown to encompass dolls and dollhouses as early as the late 17th century, and includes examples from many different origins and time periods. Susan lives in San Francisco with her husband and five children. She has been a member of the Carmel Doll and Toy Study group since 2015, and is a frequent contributor to DOLL NEWS.   
pres-home At Home with the President An Interview with Janet Gula
sh616 The Little-Known Simon and Halbig 616 by Marina Tagger
fashion-twins Fashionable Twins Exhibit their Exquisite Wardrobe from the collection of Donelle Denery
fluffy-ruffles The Fluffy Ruffles Story by Linda Ocasio Linda Ocasio is a writer based in Teaneck, N.J. with an interest in paper dolls, paper toys and other ephemera. You can see some of her collection and interests on her blog, The Paper Collector, She is helping to organize the 2017 Paper Doll Convention in Philadelphia, Pa.
tonner25th Happy 25th Anniversary Robert Tonner! An Interview with Robert Tonner
kestner-baby Kestner's Famous Nature Baby "“ Model 211 by Alice McLeod and Mary Ellen Mohn Alice McLeod is a life-long doll collector who lives in Sterling, Michigan. She passed the doll-collecting gene onto her daughter, Mary Ellen Mohn, who lives in Pinckney, Michigan. Alice can be reached at Mary Ellen can be reached at
babbit Two Babbitt Cleanser Advertising Dolls by Ursula Mertz Ursula R. Mertz Joined Shaker Doll Club in 19975 and was Regional Director for UFDC Region 14 from 1991 -1994. Over the years, has been active at the local and national levels, giving programs on American composition dolls. In 1999 and 2001, published two books about American composition dolls, Collector's Encyclopedia of American Composition Doll 1900-1950, Vol. I & II. For more than 20 years she published regular columns about compo dolls in Doll Reader and Antique Doll Collector magazine as well as contributing articles to many other doll publications including DOLL NEWS. 2001 - UFDC Award for Exhibition of Dolls At the annual UFDC National Convention Ursula has served as a judge at the competitive exhibit, has given programs, taught seminars and contributed to special displays for many years.
other-patsy-ann The Other Patsy Ann by Jane Foster
gosho-ningyo Gosho-Ningyo (Palace Dolls) by Mr. Kohoo Yoshino by Itske Stern Anthony and Itske Stern are retired British Americans, who have a very deep passion for Japan, Japanese people and Japanese crafts. Anthony (Tony) worked in Japan for several years, and at that time they  were introduced to the delightful kokeshi dolls after being  given two by a good friend.   After that, collecting the dolls became an obsession. They go to Japan every year especially for the doll festivals, where they join in the ceremonies and burning of the dolls.   The other collectors and doll makers have become good friends as their Japanese language skills improved. Itske has been featured in the Japanese newspapers several times and that opened the door for people to give her their unwanted dolls, thus expanding an already large collection. They live in north Dallas and enjoy a very busy retirement with many hobbies including travel. They have given their slide show/talk on the dolls to doll clubs, libraries Holland, America, England and Tokyo. They have always created much interest.
wooden-dolls Wooden Dolls of Bottega Michelangeli by Alan Young Alan Young is an American writer, translator and designer who lives in a small medieval town in central Italy. He works with Italian artisans by writing about their crafts. You can contact him at:
restoration-project "Over the Moon with Joy!" Museum Restoration Project by Mary and Steve Wikert Mary and Steve Wikert have been married almost 46 years and are both retired art educators and residents of Cedar Falls, Iowa, where they have lived for 39 years.   Their careers totaled 66 combined years of teaching over 30,000 different students. Steve, who is a Vietnam veteran, has a BA in Art/Speech Education, an MA in Public Relations/Communications and an Advanced Studies Certificate in Educational Administration, all from the University of Northern Iowa.   He is a working artist who specializes in oil portraits. He is also a photographer and a published poet. Mary has a BA in Art Education wth an emphasis in Art History along with 30 semester hours of graduate education from the University of Iowa.   She is a graphic artist working in mediums such as pencil, pastels, and gouache and is also a published poet.   She is currently writing and working on illustrations for several children's books to be published in the future. Both are co-authors of four different books from their Cherish Me Always series, featuring antique photographs of children with dolls, teddy bears, animal friends, and children during Christmas time. They have an extensive collection of antique photographs and are planning on another six books on other subjects. Mary and Steve are charter members of the Prairie Rapids Doll Club of Iowa that was established in 1984.   Both are avid doll collectors.   Although Mary's collection spans from 1750-1910, she especially enjoys French fashions, bebes, Heubach characters, and mignonettes.   She loves displaying them in elaborate cased scenes and vignettes.   Steve likes Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls, Golliwogs, and teddy bears. They have two sons, Solomon and Spencer, and 2 grandchildren.
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