Summer 2020 From the Editor

Unusual times are still upon us. I hope all of you are well and finding dolls as comforting as I am. As in childhood, they are our best companions and keep our secrets. Many of them have kept secrets of many owners and may have experienced difficulties similar to those we face today. Only with them "mum" is the word.

The "theme" of this issue was to have been the Olympics. We decided to go ahead with it, even though the Olympics have been postponed until next year. The basic idea behind the Olympics—the idea of people coming together for a common purpose—is one that we certainly do with our dolls. We gather, make friends and share our common interest in dolls and collecting at our club meetings, conventions, luncheons and workshops. We also know that at the Olympics we often see record breaking "firsts" take place as well.

You will notice in this issue a few of the "firsts" in our doll collecting world such as the Black Barbie by Mattel and the formation of the Shindana Toy Company. The first US Postage Stamps featuring dolls, an outcome of UFDC efforts, is written by Nancy Goldstein. Madame Alexander's first Marvel Girls are showcased by Josh Holderbaum.

Several "mystery" doll articles show the extent that we, as collectors, go through to find information. See Abigail Brownell by Jennifer Ann Stewart, Mystery Doll by Loretta Nardone and Mystery Solved by Heather Wasserman. Sports as related to dolls is a subject used by Pat Dutchman and Woolsey Ackerman. Mary Hoyer Part II is a continuation of Jane Foster's research and Rebekah Kaufman tantalizes us with her Hungarian Steiff Circus man. Antique dolls are showcased with Antique Babies by Rosemary Deal and Dolls that Broke the Mold: Hurets by Carol Cameron.

As a follow up to our spring 2020 issue we have Bridal Paper Dolls by Maryll Goldsmith. Victoria Christopherson provides us another delightful paper doll with the Olympic theme.

Enjoy this issue. My heart-felt thank you goes again to Barbara Stone, our President, for her help with this issue. In addition to the work Barbara and the other Officers have been working on with the difficult decisions in these last few months Barbara continues to be my support with her editing of articles and suggestions for content.

Now you can grab a doll, sit down and come together with all of us as we enjoy the knowledge and passion shared by our fantastic authors!


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