Winter 2012 From the Editor

This is a true story. About a year ago I turned to my husband, Jim, and announced that I felt very sorry for whoever was going to end up taking over the editorship of Doll News after Michael and David turned it into the kind of professional journal that it is today. I couldn't imagine such a job, but Michael and David had faith in me, so I am here, and I would like to introduce myself to you, the UFDC membership, as the new Doll News editor. My name is Denise Buese, and actually, I'm very pleased to be able to serve this fine organization in this capacity. We have much to be proud of as part of UFDC, not the least of which is the ownership of a world-class doll magazine for which we have Michael Canadas and David Robinson to thank. Personally I want to thank them for their kind introduction in the last issue, as well as the hours of instruction, advice and support they've given me along the way. Through their painstaking tutelage, I hope to carry on what they have started, and continue to produce the kind of magazine you have come to love. We have some amazing people on the staff of Doll News, and to those who have agreed to embark on a new adventure with me, I thank you so much. We'll make it a fun ride! And to those wonderful people who have agreed to remain on staff to ensure that we continue to publish an exceptional magazine, I thank you heartily for staying on board to volunteer your time and energy. This is truly a team effort, which not only involves the staff, but also you, the members. I would like to thank all those who graciously shared with us their photographs of convention events. The winter issue of Doll News heralds the holiday season, that time of year when we all hope for something special. We feel confident that you will find something special for yourself in these pages, and will sit back, put your feet up, and enjoy some holiday reading. The very talented Lori Santamaura and Juliette Peers, in collaboration with Janet Hollingsworth, have created an in-depth look into the couturiere costumes of the Jumeau company in their gorgeous feature article, The Elegance of Ernestine: Grande Maîtresse de la Couture. Ernestine Jumeau was the great lady behind the great man, Emile-Louis Jumeau, and you'll learn why the company remains so renowned. Continuing in the grand style of Ernestine, talented and award-winning paper doll artist, Gael Shults has created a lovely Bébé Jumeau for you to dress. Janet Gula gives us a peek at the life of the late Susan Beatrice Pearse, the talented illustrator whose art is the inspiration for the lively artwork promoting the upcoming 2012 UFDC convention in New Orleans, and which you will see more of in these pages. Happily for us, doll artist Alice Leverett, through her work with The Vogue Doll Company, will be the artist for the 2012 UFDC convention souvenir. Company CEO, Dave Smith provides us with a history of this iconic company and a look at some of their dolls, past and present. The special exhibits seen in last summer's UFDC convention in Anaheim were spectacular, and we are presenting three of them in this issue. The exhibit "Lewis Sorensen — Master of Wax," was a representation of the work of the late master artist, and was designed by Michael Kouri, the 2010 Becky Wallace scholarship award winner. "The Heart of the Matter" exhibit showcased the exquisite work of convention souvenir doll artist, Darlene Lane, and the "Christmas Revisited" exhibit was a comprehensive and nostalgic look at Christmases of the past, and the long road to planning and setting up a special exhibit for a national convention. The doll artists of our time are a treasure, and in this issue, Ann Leis brings us Nancy Wiley — An Artist's Odyssey, the story of one such treasure. You'll enjoy seeing the beautiful art that has been created by this special doll artist. The 2010 Coleman scholarship award winner, Karen Kurtz presents her original research in Comfort & Sanctuary — Dolls Along the Underground Railroad, a poignant look at the dolls that once gave comfort to children in great need. Janet Orr is another original researcher, and, through her love of history and beautifully created dolls, she brings us Door of Hope Dolls and Mission: My Journey of Discovery. It's exciting to say that you will probably see faces and pictures you've never seen before. One of the most creative minds in the doll world, Doll News feature contributor and Contributing Editor for modern dolls, Bradley Justice brings you pages of eye-candy and Christmas nostalgia in Home for the Holidays, Barbie Style! Liz Quaday will bring you along with her on an adventure in doll buying and trusting your instincts in her lovely article, Mlle. Antionette — A Collector's Tale. We definitely don't want to disappoint our sewers so we have included a pattern supplement that we hope you will enjoy. If you have a bébé who would love a new outfit this year, you need look no further as we have a pattern for you in these pages, and two more to come. Luckily for us, master pattern maker and instructor, Janet Hollingsworth will take you through the project step by step. Please log on to for more information. It is so much fun to bring a magazine together for you, and to work with so many talented authors, but we need to remember that this journal is also one of the ways in which UFDC distributes information to its members. We hope that the business side of this issue will help you to become more acquainted with the organization to which you belong, and help to answer some of your more pressing questions. It's also chock-full of the information you will need to learn more about the upcoming convention in fabulous New Orleans. We definitely have some hearty partying to look forward to! My very best wishes for a happy and blessed holiday, Denise
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