Winter 2014 From the Editor

laurie-editor While still in junior high school, a friend and I started a two-girl doll club we called "The Dollers." With only two members in our club we had to alternate serving in the officiating positions. One year I served as president and secretary while my friend served as vice-president and treasurer. The next year we would trade responsibilities. The secretary held the important role of creating our monthly newsletter, which we called From the Dollers' Desk. The year was 1964, long before computers, so we diligently typed out a two-columned 8-1/2" x 11" newsletter on manual typewriters owned by our mothers. So when UFDC President Linda Edward asked me to serve as editor of Doll News for the next two years, she and I both thought perhaps I was destined to assume the role. Maybe editing From the Dollers' Desk was foreshadowing of what lay ahead these many decades later. And I am sincerely honored by the appointment. Our Doll News staff boasts an abundance of talent, skill, knowledge and dedication, and I cannot thank each of them enough for joining me on this exciting journey. Together we will continue to bring our membership the high quality magazine established by our esteemed predecessors. I am deeply grateful to the authors and photographers of our diversified array of articles found in this Winter 2014 issue of Doll News… Becky and Andy Ourant give us our beautifully written and stunningly photographed cover story of early Jumeau Bébés. Talented paper doll artist and Regional 3 Director, Kathy Monier, shares a lovely Jumeau paper doll with three special outfits for these cold winter months. Edyth O'Neill brings us her well-researched, exciting discoveries on rare and early Molded Linen Head Dolls. Donilee Popham introduces us to a whimsical doll called the Expressions Doll, and Robin Burgess tells of a very special Native American doll exhibit at the Mashantucket Pequot Museum in Connecticut. New England guest author, Prudence Fish, acquaints us with Amy Fiske, a china head doll with an intriguing story all her own, and UFDC's Secretary/Treasurer, Dr. Barbara Stone, charms us with her passion for Rose O'Neill's Scootles doll. Our Contributing Editor for Modern Dolls, Bradley Justice, takes us back to the fab 70s with his account of Mattel's Sunshine Family of dolls, and Associate Editor Ann Leis relates an interesting tale of doll artist, Terry Merritt's journey from the world of forensics to the world of sculpting. We will look back a few months to Washington D.C.'s outstanding convention, A Capital Affair, where we will revisit two of the Special Exhibits, as well as Part One of the Antique and Modern Competitive Exhibits. We will meet our newest Regional Directors, and we will drop in on the first ever Mary Lewis Society Coffee Hour held during this past summer's convention. Contributing Editor/Supplements, AnneLise Wilhelmsen has created a sweet Jumeau-style pattern for play dolls of today and Contributing Editor/Junior Collectors, Nicki Burley takes us further into the 21st Century by sharing creative websites to delight doll enthusiasts of all ages. Marcia Woolston reviews the successful "Oh, You Beautiful Doll" Junior Collector Tea held in Washington, D.C. Not to be missed is our heartfelt invitation to join us for UFDC's 65th Annual Convention in San Antonio, Texas this summer. I am proud that my home state is host to another of UFDC's fun-filled, fast-paced and informative conventions. This will be my thirtieth convention; the first one I attended was held in San Antonio in 1984. From the Dollers' Desk 1964 to Doll News 2014; from San Antonio 1984 to San Antonio 2014…the joy of collecting and studying dolls has been a part of my life for most of my life. Collecting brings something new to seek, to learn, to find every day. It is my sincere hope that Doll News helps you in your happy quest, Laurie
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