Winter 2014 Letters to the Editor

Send Laurie a Letter to the Editor I just got the Winter issue of DOLL NEWS and it's wonderful -- congratulations!   The cover is breathtaking, and of course I'm drooling over the Jumeaux in the feature article.   I can't wait to read all the other articles too; I'm going to put my feet up and enjoy! Great job! Denise Buese
Just got my Doll News today so looking forward to reading it; I have been hearing raves! Julie Blewis
Your magazine is super fantastic!   I am really enjoying it. Great job! Kitty Tibbets
I got my Winter issue of Doll News today - it's wonderful!!   Thanks for all your hard work! Josie Fuller
I received my Doll News late on Saturday.   I love the doll on the cover; she is pretty. The pages concerning the convention are perfect. The pictures on both pages could be framed. You and your team did an excellent job. I can only imagine the work that goes into putting the magazine together. Kathy Monier's paper doll is darling and is something I want to keep and enjoy. Rose Ann  Field
The issue is awesome! Loretta Nardone
Congratulations, Laurie and Ann, on "birthing" your first "DN baby"!   The magazine is beautiful. Lynne Dowler
Doll News arrived today. It is beautiful! You did a great job! Sharon Zerkel
My Doll News came today! It's beautiful. I have already read quite a bit of it. Congratulations! Elinor Champion
I got the new UFDC magazine today. Best one ever! You did an awesome job. Love all the articles! Cathie Kalb
Wow!   I just got DOLL NEWS and it blew me away!   Everything looks fabulous.   I have not read the articles yet but am looking forward to doing so.   I also loved your message from the editor.   GREAT JOB! Barbara Stone
We just opened our box of magazines tonight and it looks beautiful! Thank you so much for all your hard work. What an undertaking.   You must be thrilled to see how wonderful it all turned out. Becky and Andy Ourant
Love the new Doll News issue.   Love the whole issue, especially your editorial. Linda White
Laurie, the new issue is beautiful. Congratulations! Theresa May
Congrats! You are every bit as amazing as I knew you were! DN is gorgeous!   You set the bar even higher!!! Linda Edward
Doll News is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!   The main article is fantastic. You should be very, very proud.   LOVED Kathy Monier's page and the sewing page was simplified and easy to understand.   Loved the Junior section, too! Ann Leis
The winter issue arrived yesterday, and it is gorgeous!   You did a wonderful job pulling it together. Nicki Burley
I recently received the latest issue, your first, and I wanted to tell you how wonderful it is.   Many congratulations on an extraordinary job! Susan Dossetter
Doll News looks wonderful. Can't wait for issue # 2.   BRAVO!!!!! Elizabeth Ann Coleman
Just received Doll News and wanted to congratulate you all on a beautiful issue. We all thank you for your many hours of work for UFDC. Please pass my congratulations on to your staff. Ada Diedrich
Wow!   The Winter 2014 issue of Doll News is wonderful.   The issue is a good reflection on dolls that appeal to vintage collectors and collectors of more easily available dolls.   You're off to a great start with many issues to come.   I look forward to each one. Vicki Newhouse
What a scrumptious way to begin your tenure as Editor of Doll News!   I've read the entire issue from cover to cover and loved each and every article and photo.   Well done! AnneLise Wilhelmsen
I think it is one of the best issues yet! Sally Ledieff
Great issue and going digital! Wow. Arlene Martinez
Best doll magazine ever! Kudos to those involved in its production. Kitty Ann
Heartfelt congratulations on the outstanding job you have done with your first issue of DOLL NEWS. The magazine is superb from the front cover to the back! A truly beautiful job and I look forward to seeing what delights you have in store for us all in the second issue. Many thanks Laurie, for all you are doing for UFDC and our members! Janet Gula
Your winter issue of DOLL NEWS is terrific, and your own letter in it is terrific. Thank you. Brenda Thomas
I just got my Doll News in the mail, and I think it is the best magazine so far! I am still reading it; love it! Moira Hatton
What a great issue of Doll News! Beautiful pictures and  wonderful articles and interesting and essential information about UFDC! I read the whole magazine as soon as it arrived. Congratulations on your first beautiful Issue! Betty Nett, Doll Curator Wenham Museum
I loved Edith O'Neill's article on the cloth enigma or mystery dolls. Your first issue of Doll News is great, as expected from you, and both UFDC and DCA are so lucky to have you at the helm. Lorna Lieberman
Big CONGRATS on your first issue; it is just wonderful. M&D
It is wonderful to see the smooth transition from Denise's editorial style to yours.   The magazine is in good hands with our new editor! DD
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