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jumeau1 Early Jumeau Bébés: Part 1 by Becky Ourant Becky Ourant has pursued a lifelong passion as a doll dealer and collector. She and her husband Andy Ourant operate the Village Doll Shop in Adamstown, Pennsylvania.   smile-up-down A Smile Is Just a Frown Turned Upside Down "“ Marcus Exline's Expressions Doll by Donilee Popham Some of Donilee's fondest childhood memories are of time spent playing with dolls.   Years later, the discovery of a well-loved metal head doll at a local flea market reawakened that love of dolls and she never looked back! Since that discovery over 20 years ago, Donilee has devoted as much time as possible to collecting, researching and writing about metal head and all-metal dolls, as well as other types of dolls.   She is active in two UFDC affiliated doll clubs and has served as a judge for the metal head class in the antique competitive exhibit at national conventions.   She holds a BA in history from The University of Iowa and lives in the Midwest with her husband, Scott, who takes all the photos that accompany her writing.   fiske The Story of Amy Fiske by Prudence Fish Growing up in a small New England town with a mother who was an antiquarian it was inevitable that I would be exposed to old things. After graduating from UMass/Amherst I lived in Connecticut, taught school, married, and raised three children in suburbia. A move to Newburyport MA renewed my interest in all things old. This background has now evolved into research, writing, consulting and all the things I love to do.   neetopawees Neetôpáwees "“ Little Ambassadors of Native Culture by Robin Burgess I worked a rewarding career in nuclear medicine technology after receiving a BA at RI College; then obtained an MA in Agency Counseling in 2004 while supervising the CASSP (Child and Adolescent Service System Program) department at a local mental health center. I became an 'official' doll collector at 12 when I refused to put away my dolls and grow up. At that time, I became interested in antique dolls and acquired a small collection together with my mother. Now both my husband and I collect old bears and dolls, finances permitting, and add to our quirky, eclectic mix whenever we can.   Bibliography:     Ursulines and Molly Molasses Lamb, Trudie.   Schaghiticoke historian and storyteller Vasta, Meredith. Registrar at the Mashantucket Pequot Museum & Research Center     linenhead Early Molded Linen Head Dolls by Edyth O'Neill Edyth O'Neill, artist and writer, is co-author with Dixie Redmond of Izannah Walker's Iconic Dolls published in Early American Life Christmas 2011, and a number of other articles for that magazine as well as the book, Rugs for My Red Cape.     merritt Introducing Terry Merritt "“ DNA to Dolls by Ann M. Leis Ann M. Leis grew up in Fulton, New York and has loved dolls most of her life. As a child, her best Christmas ever was receiving the Barbie Dream house. She is a member of the 1st Houston Doll Club and is an avid collector of both antique and modern dolls. Over the years, Ann has volunteered for a variety of school and civic organizations. She was President for both high school Band and Choir Booster clubs and held numerous roles within each group.   Presently, Ann enjoys volunteering at her consignment shop for the Charity Guild of Catholic Women. Ann holds a B.S.N in Nursing from Arizona State University and has worked as a surgical, school and recovery room nurse. She does a lot of traveling to help her family and likes to cook, quilt and read. Ann enjoys Jazzercise, Yoga, Swimming and Tennis and has even learned to like football.   Ann had three awesome kids pursuing goals in Marketing, Musical Theater and Engineering and has a wonderful husband who goes along with all of her crazy ideas. She is thrilled to be a free-lance writer "“ and now Associate Editor - for Doll News.     scootles Scooting Along with Scootles: Rose O'Neill's Other Doll by Dr. Barbara A. Stone Barbara Stone, UFDC's Secretary-Treasurer, is a retired engineer and government executive.   A life-long doll collector, she is the current president of the Dollology Club of Washington D.C. and a member and past president of Maryland Doll Club and the Chesapeake Doll Club of Maryland.   Barbara is a past Regional Director of UFDC Region 11.     sunshine A Little Ray of Sunshine "“ The Sunshine Family Dolls by Mattel by Bradley Justice Former Region 8 Director for UFDC, and Curator for the Doll and Miniature Museum of High Point, North Carolina, Bradley Justice has devoted most of his adult life to his hobby. Although a lover of antique French fashion dolls and cloth dolls from his home state of North Carolina, he has recently returned to his original passion, the Barbie doll. Bradley has curated three museum exhibits with Barbie as the subject, as well as written and presented many programs on the subject. A founding member of the Queen Anne's Revenge Doll Club, Bradley is a member of three additional UFDC doll clubs and currently devotes much of his time to his store in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, The Swell Doll Shop, where he deals in vintage and modern dolls and teaches workshops on doll costuming. Bradley was the recipient of the 2008 UFDC Award of Excellence for the Display of Dolls.   building-bridges Building Bridges through Doll Play by Nicki Burley Once upon a time, there was a small brown-eyed girl with curly brown hair, who certainly looked ordinary…but inside, she KNEW she was a princess.   She believed with all her heart that you could always tell a princess by her clothing, so she decided to wear a long dress to kindergarten every day.   Her mother was relieved that the princess was willing to go to school at all, so when she marched out the door carrying a lunch bag and backpack and wearing yet another long cotton print nightgown, her mother just smiled and waved. When the little girl learned to read and write, a new world of magic appeared.   There were more stories in the world than her father could read in a hundred nights!     She told stories to her patient dog, and she told them to her dolls. Though she eventually stopped wearing nightgowns to school, she never outgrew her love of books or dolls.   She spent many blissful weekends at the library, reading all kinds of books: novels and poems, and books on dolls, costume, old houses, miniatures, history, art, or needlework.   One book on a subject always opened the door to many more. Now that she is all grown up, Nicki Burley and her husband find themselves in a cozy home about 5 miles from where they grew up, happily surrounded by five children, some cats and birds, lots and lots of books, and a growing collection of dolls.   Her youngest two children are homeschooled, and she teaches English literature part-time.   An early pen name she invented, "Jessica Rose Wren," has recently led to the name of her business, Rose & Wren, which offers finely detailed handmade doll clothing.   You can find her on the web at Joining UFDC just a few years ago led to the discovery of yet another magic world: the world of friendship through dolls.   Nicki has met many of her early "doll heroes," and has attended both local and national events.   After taking her daughters along to help at several events, she realized how much children would enjoy learning more about dolls and having events geared just for them.   In her own region, she plans to help coordinate several young collector events this year.   She is thrilled to be writing again, but she is especially excited to share what she knows and what she loves with children.   All children have stories in their hearts, and need dolls with whom to share them. 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