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I just saw the digital copy of Doll News. It looks great! I'm proud to have my article in this issue. Robyn Katz
WOWZA WOWZA WOWZA What a fabulous Doll News just arrived at my door.   The whole magazine is so beautiful with great pictures and rare and wonderful dolls.   Loved our House of 7 story and bringing PK to light.   …you do a phenomenal job as our Editor/magician in chief... Lorna Lieberman
I received my DOLL NEWS in the mail yesterday and it is another outstanding edition!   I love the cover! Janet Gula UFDC First Vice President
I appreciate that later issues (of Doll News) are available to download, and I have done so with some of the supplements and paper dolls.   The quality of the magazine is wonderful and a wealth of information. Michele Simpson
The magazine is stunning! It is very full of "content" with no fluff! Awesome! Ann Leis
Just got Doll News... The article ("Art of Technology") looks great. Linda Edward did a wonderful job of writing. It was such fun to be a part of it. The entire issue seems great. Will read it tonight. Congrats! Linda White
The issue looks fabulous - great mix of content, beautifully laid out. You have nothing to worry about on that front other than how can you top yourself yet again next time! Linda Edward UFDC President
This issue is wonderful -- lots of art! Linda Holderbaum
Winter 2015 is spectacular and I know you will even outdo yourself with the  spring issue! Barbara Stone UFDC Secretary-Treasurer
Thank you for the beautiful magazine and for honoring our kokeshi dolls with such a lovely presentation of the article! Thank you so much. Two copies will go to Japan and the rest will be for our family. The other articles are also amazingly interesting and the magazine will be read from cover to cover. Itske and Tony Stern
It's another great issue and I'm sure you're proud; you should be. Maria Greene
It really is a very good looking edition, Laurie; very well done!!! There is  a pleasing overlap between articles here and there, but nothing too  "same-y" - really well organized. Val Copley
Doll News is stupendous!   A great issue. You are amazing. You reach higher and achieve more right along! Congratulations. Edyth O'Neill
I am totally loving the exquisite pattern for the masquerade ball!! Can't wait to make it for one of my fashion dolls. Thank you so much. Carol Howard
Congratulations on another superb issue. One minor correction, however:   Crocheting developed in the 1840s as a child of tambour embroidery, so it is impossible for a doll from the 1700s to have crocheted garters.   From the photograph on page 31, it is far more likely they are knitted. Hope  Wright
I just received my hard copies, and I could not be more thrilled. The cover is absolutely scrumptious. My article looks amazing. The whole  magazine is fantastic. It just looks and feels like such super high quality. I  am proud to be a part of it. You did a phenomenal job, and I truly enjoyed working with you. We make a great team! Congrats on perhaps the most beautiful cover I have ever seen, and on an absolutely fantastic issue. Susan Dossetter
Received my Doll News yesterday! Great issue! You are a Great Editor! Nancy Gustafson
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading the articles in the Doll News that have so much history background in them!   I especially enjoyed reading Marianna's Gift.   I learned a lot about smallpox treatment that I never knew before! Susie Sanchez Second Childhood Doll & Miniature Club Greeley, CO
I really enjoyed the winter issue.   It was nice to have all those articles on wooden dolls.   And it was nice not to have so much space taken up by bisque dolls.   The Tasha Tudor issue piqued my interest in the Polly Shorrock woodens.   Any chance of an in-depth article?   (LOVED the Tasha Tudor issue!) Martha Cramer
Love the magazine! Susan Sirkis
Just received my latest issue of DOLL NEWS. It is really beautiful and packed with so much good information! The cover is great. I love these early dolls. You will be a hard act to follow. Cynthia Musser
The magazine is so beautiful and informative now, I am really enjoying it.   I also especially enjoy reading the articles written by Ann Leis...    I know you work so hard on the magazine, and I want you to know that you are doing a great job. Jean Romine
Just wanted to thank you, your staff and the writers for a thoroughly enjoyable edition of Doll News. Was going to tell you which ones I particularly enjoyed but all of them were a pleasure to read these snowbound days in Upstate NY. Thank you for all your wonderful efforts, Sandy Smith
I just got the new magazine…and it looks gorgeous "“ each issue is better than the last! Great Job! I'll happily read tonight. Denise Buese
Thank you for the super magazine. I sit down immediately to look at it. And, as always, I'm so impressed with the tremendous work that goes into it. All I can say is WOW!! A treasure that I will always keep and read. Lorraine Carroll
Hello Laurie, I just received my Doll News and all I can say is WOW, each issue you outdo yourself! Beginning right with that wonderful cover, and history of the wooden doll, going back several generations, the importance of keeping history and family intact with dolls, such as a museum might do?  Coordinating the Dolls from Emerson, and incorporating the Alcott connection through Concord and Wenham, then adding the House of Seven Gables article with Hawthorn who was a contemporary to these writers, to the mix...then connecting with painters and wooden dolls? From Queen  Ann to peg wooden and incorporating famous painter, paintings, and dollhouse furniture maker (and miniature artist) along with towns, museums, Wenham curators past and present? Unbelievable.  PLUS you added the more contemporary Madame Alexander dolls, including cloth and later dolls to  give interest to the vintage doll collector. As well as the wooden handmade dolls of The House of Seven Gables doll artist. Her dollhouse wooden furniture (and then some more vintage doll settings later on?) Not to be satisfied with that  you  also incorporated Japanese wooden dolls, wooden dolls with "alien" heads, and a wooden doll in a painting on canvas... again the family connection and museum,   so from there of course  go to old printed canvas cloth dolls, and then cloth artist doll, from popular Susan Fosnot too?    I was blown away by the intricacy  of the completed magazine.  BRAVO! (I am standing up and clapping here!) You have a very intricate mind, I love it! The magazines are a delight, every one a study,  a course for a masters in doll  study!    UFDC is truly lucky to have you as editor. DCA is also. Moira Hatton
Another MAGNIFICENT issue - each issue is a book to be cherished and kept in a library. Thank you for all your hard work to all its contributors and UFDC staff -- you make my life more bright!!! Susie Wells
I can't let another day go by without letting you know how much I am enjoying the latest Doll News! I've enjoyed all those under your direction, but this Winter's edition I found to be extra wonderful. The article on the cover doll was fascinating. The provenance of a doll adds so much. I loved it!! I also enjoyed the article on the dolls from the House of Seven Gables. I had no idea! Sharon Zerkel
What a wonderful issue (and not because of my article)! It was just fabulous and I learned so much from reading the other articles. Please relate my thanks to your layout person -- she did a great job, too. I don't know how you do it all -- it is mindboggling to me! The issue is being shared with my book club members who don't even collect dolls so I'm hoping I can get them hooked! Pat Burns
Thank you so much for the extra copies of Doll News! I am thrilled to see my article published (The Ralph Waldo Emerson Family Dolls) and you made it such a pleasant experience. The whole magazine was just wonderful and your article about the House of Seven Gables dolls was just fascinating! Betty Nett
I just got my copy of the magazine and LOVED your article (Hepzibah's Milkmaids "“ The House of the Seven Gables Dolls)! Outstanding! You should be very proud of the professional and informative article! I delighted in reading it and I will treasure it! What a delight to learn about the woman who created these dolls! Thank you so much for writing the article to inform those of us who love the peg woodens! KUDOS! Kathy Tornikoski
Just wanted to tell you that the Winter issue of Doll News is absolutely amazing! The layout, photos and well written articles are simply wonderful. I am especially drawn to the one about Hepzibah's little store, as I toured the House of Seven Gables a few years ago. Thanks so much for your dedication to UFDC and all your hard work. Andrea Jones
Laurie, I thoroughly enjoyed the latest Doll News! Dixie Redmond
Dear Laurie and Ann,  I received the copy of the Winter 2015 issue and want to thank you so much. Thank you also for the lovely write up of my book and how delightful it was to also see the full length photo of the Setesdal girl under the 4 Seasons of UFDC's Museum, Winter.  I am so very pleased and look forward to sharing it with my family and the many readers internationally of my website and Facebook pages. Bodil P Meleney
The Winter 2015 edition of Doll News is fabulous!!!!! You are an awesome editor!! Thank you for your hard work!!! Candace Wubbena Brazoria County Doll Club President
I did receive my magazine and it was worth the wait.  Pat Burns wrote the most interesting article on Little Women and Alexander.  Nicki Burley also made me happy with her article Go Ahead,Make a Scene.   Looking forward to Part 2. Rose Ann Fields
As usual, another great magazine. I am writing in regards to the article on The Dolls of the House of Seven Gables. After reading this article and looking at the photos, I am wondering if she is from the gift shop and by Ms.Shillaber. I have attached some photos… Nancy Moore REPLY: Yes, Nancy! You have a late 1940s-early 1950s House of Seven Gables doll. A treasure! Thank you for your nice comments! Laurie
I have to tell you that Doll News just gets better and better. Robyn Katz and I agreed that this last issue was just the BEST. Of course it had lots of articles on early dolls, which we are addicted to, but the whole issue was a delight. I bought a naked Seven Gables doll in 1950 on my first trip to New England. She's still with me and has been redressed a couple of times over the (many) years. Needless to say, I found that article fascinating. Diane Buck
Hi Doll News Staff, You continue to astound me with what a fabulous publication you are able to produce. I wish you could be with me at doll shows when I have my 8' table display of past issues and membership applications to hear all of the accolades! You are all amazing! The "Wonderful Japanese Kokeshi Dolls" in the most recent issue was so interesting. See page one of my (Region 1 Spring 2015) newsletter for groupings owned by a Region 1 member. The dolls' day set was given to her aunt by the aunt's doctor in the 1950s. Many of the others were collected by her aunt when she lived in Japan for a year. Vicki Newhouse
"ƒ Congratulations on the winter issue of Doll News -- it is packed with good things. I particularly like all the in-depth historical content of the main articles, and hope you will do more of this. But a note on the masquerade dress pattern: It's always a delight to find a pattern in the magazine, and a fashion doll costume is right up my street. Unfortunately I hadn't been struggling with it for long before I found some problems. To judge from the photos, the pattern piece marked 'Underskirt Front' is actually the back, and vice versa. And the pieces for Overskirt A and Overskirt B don't have the same dimensions where they are supposed to match up… Is there some way to alert the sew-ists who may run into frustration over this? Judith Curtis REPLY: Thank you, Judith, for pointing this out to us. We are sorry for any frustration. Our talented pattern designer, AnneLise Wilhelmsen has sent this reply to you: With regards to the underskirt, the pieces are correct as printed. At this point in history the beauty ideal was a long torso. So the front point on these gowns was quite low (lower than the back in this case) in order to exaggerate the silhouette. Figure 6 shows the pieces after trimming, which may be confusing out of context of the instructions (see Step 5). There is one more pleat on the front than the back since the lower center front lengthens the expanse to be pleated. I'm sorry to have added to your struggles by failing to remove the extra 1/8" from the back length of the overskirt. We will print a note to this effect in the Spring 2015 issue, and a new piece has been posted online with the supplements for the Winter issue. Thank you for keeping us on our toes! AnneLise
I think the Winter issue of Doll News is one of the most visually awesome DN's ever. Jill Kaar Hanson
I am a member of UFDC and the Land o' Sky Doll Club in Asheville, NC who collects mostly antique bisque dolls. Your Doll News publication is outstanding! Could you do an article about Lilli Baitz and Munzerlite, and their relationship, if any? Thank you for your consideration. Suzanne Johnson
I am very thrilled with the continuing quality of Doll News. I was, however, disappointed that my latest magazine arrived so very late in January. I realize the electronic version was posted earlier, but, many of us prefer to look at the hard copy, rather than spend countless hours on the computer... And I missed at least one opportunity to attend an event, because I received my magazine late… I really do appreciate your dedication and hard work. Bonnie Dunlap REPLY: Bonnie, Thank you for writing. I'm sorry your Winter 2015 issue of Doll News arrived late. Our printer is located in Lawrence, Kansas (more or less central U.S.), and all issues mail out on the same day. Some members received the Winter issue within a few days of the mail date; others did not. We are very sorry that you missed an event. The digital Issue is a great tool and I sincerely hope our membership will take advantage of it. Your Region Director's newsletters will also keep you up to date on events in your area. Laurie
I was going to order a Miss Unity (a perfect Hitty friend) and couldn't find her in the UFDC website store. I wanted one to go with the wonderful pattern that appeared in Doll News (Spring 2014), that I might one day try to make. Are they just out of stock? I never wrote to tell you how absolutely awesome the issue (Spring 2014) with Hitty was. I truly do treasure that one. All the issues are beautiful… Eileen Turner
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