Winter 2020 From the Editor

Dolls are a mirror of man. They start conversations and offer an opportunity for friendships we never thought possible. And these friendships come together through UFDC. I am honored to have been asked to be a part of this conversation in taking the reins as Editor of DOLL NEWS.

Please bear with me as I "get my feet wet" with this project. A big thank you goes to our President Barbara Stone for acting as my Assistant Editor and major supporter while putting this first issue together. Thanks also to the past Editors for making this a wonderful magazine.

The winter issue of DOLL NEWS always looks in two directions. We look into the immediate past with the final glimpses of what happened at our wonderful convention in Nashville. We also turn our attention to the future and what is planned for this year. 2020 will take us back to the Fabulous Fifties for our 71st National Convention being held at the downtown Hilton Anatola Hotel in Dallas Texas.

With this issue we are inviting our members and clubs to contribute through our "Focus" pages. Included in this issue you will see several of these articles as samples, focusing on one doll with information and pictures. We are hoping you will take a moment to share one of your special dolls in this way. The subjects are endless! This sharing is why we gather together at our club meetings and conventions, showing our dolls, starting our conversations and making friendships.

And thank you to the contributors for this issue. Woolsey Ackerman takes us into the world of Judy Garland and the Wizard of Oz. Jane Foster's "Style Show by Nancy Ann" gets us in the mood for next year's convention. "Steiff's Midcentury" animals are viewed through the eyes of Rebekah Kaufman. "¨"A Timeline for China Dolls" is presented by Kathy Simonsen. Lilsa Niemi tells us of her "Treasure from Trash" find we all wish we could have ourselves. And our own President Barbara Stone put the "Spotlight on Ginny" from the UFDC Museum. "¨"Three Heads are Better Than One" by Deb Hoffman shares some extraordinary dolls. Each issue starts new conversations!


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