From the Editor

Linda Holderbaum

With a new year we hope that all of you are well and using your dolls to help you get through this difficult time.

The loose "theme" for this issue of DOLL NEWS is "Dolls as a Mirror of Mankind." We all know that dolls and toys from each time period can speak volumes to us about what was happening in society at the time of their creation. All we have to do is look and listen.

You will find authors rose to the occasion and shared some great insights into various topics including Native American, Japanese and Black dolls. We look through the mirror at Valentino, Rita Hayworth and Jackie Robinson and explore how dolls and toys influenced us during times of war. Barbie also make an appearance. Some of the dolls even make a "spectacle" of themselves. Current historical topics are also included in this issue as you will find several Covid-related dolls and projects. There are lots of Focus articles and tidbits to hopefully wet-your-whistle with some topics you might not be aware of.

Our thoughts and hugs go out to the family of Dianna Effner. Her dolls will continue to be a wonderful legacy that she leaves for us to enjoy and cherish.

The Summer 2021 issue of DOLL NEWS will take a look at "back to nature." You are invited to share your love of dolls with us by submitting an article or focus piece. Take a look at the guidelines for submissions which are included on the UFDC website under DOLL NEWS.

We want to thank our advertisers for making this issue possible. Information on giving, volunteering and partaking in all things UFDC are included in this issue as well.

So, once again take this issue, grab a doll, sit down and enjoy the knowledge and passion shared by our fantastic authors.


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