The Authors

Donald Duck by Rhoda Seidenberg

Rhoda Seidenberg is an Adjunct Professor of Art History in two New York area colleges. She is an avid collector of art dolls, mostly cloth. Her current area of research is art and politics, especially on how dolls and toys are used as propaganda. 



Joyce Christopher Sculpting a Generation by Bradley Justice

Bradley Justice has been a collector of Barbie dolls since age 11. His UFDC accomplishments include: Recipient of the Awards of Excellence for Display of Dolls in 2008, Coleman Scholarship recipient 2010, Former Region 8 Director, Chairman of the Collections Oversight Committee for UFDC.  His personal accomplishments include Owner of the “Swell Doll Shop.” 



Color Me Barbie! by Krissa Brown

Krissa has been obsessed with the Barbie doll since she was a young child. She loves telling people that Barbie has her own room in her house. Krissa has been president of The Barbie Doll Club of Dallas, which hosted the first UFDC Barbie luncheon in 1996. This year, she is Co-chairman for the National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention in Kansas City, celebrating Barbie’s 60th anniversary with Barbie Diamond Jubilee! The Barbie Convention is dedicated to introducing Barbie fans to UFDC’s mission of doll education, preservation and fellowship. Krissa claims to be a Texan living in beautiful Kansas and is a member of the Wichita Antique Doll Study Group.



Steiff’s Petite Treats Woolen Miniatures by Rebekah Kaufman

Rebekah is a regular contributor to national and international print publications, including Teddy Bear and Friends, DOLLS, Doll News, Antique Doll Collector, and Kovels on Antiques and Collectibles.  She is the North American Teddy bear and doll correspondent for the German media company Wellhausen & Marquardt, where she updates the European collecting communities on North American happenings through their magazines PUPPEN & Spielzeug and TEDDYS kreativ. Rebekah is an active member of United Federation of Doll Clubs and is the Second Vice President of Doll Study Club of Boston. She has consulted for TV networks including HGTV, CBS (Inside Edition), (Pawn Stars), E! Entertainment (Clean House), and the BBC (The Repair Shop). Rebekah has been an invited guest on radio and video programs for the Antiques Auction Forum, Gemr, Ruby Lane, Auctionata, The Collector’s Show, and Harry Rinker’s Whatcha Got. She acts as a go-to resource for industry, auction houses, and the media; her engagements have included Teddy Dorado, Christies, James D. Julia, Morphy Auctions, F.A.O. Schwarz, The Boston Center for Adult Education, The Marin Country Mart, The Metropolitan Waterworks Museum, The Reading Society of Craftsmen, The Strong National Museum of Play, The Questers, R. John Wright, The Boston Globe, Bloomberg, Town and Country, and The Huffington Post, among many others.



Millie’s Miniatures by Linda Holderbaum

Linda has been collecting dolls since the 1960s.  While ethnic dolls have always been her first love, her collection includes antique to modern and everything in between.  She is currently the Executive Director of the Art Center of Battle Creek with extensive museum collection background.  She was the chairperson of the 1989 UFDC Region 12 Conference in Battle Creek. She was a judge for the Timbertown Dollology Club’s annual competition for ten years and for the Fort Wayne Doll Club’s annual competition for fifteen years.  She also writes for Antique Doll Collector’s Magazine.



A Treasure Trove of Fred Laughon Dolls by Val Copley

Val has always loved miniatures, particularly dolls and doll houses. After dedicating many years to creating experimental textile works, which have been exhibited at a variety of prestigious venues including the Barbican Centre, London, she has latterly turned her hand to doll making. Contact with fellow members of both the UFDC and the Doll Club of Great Britain has been a wonderful source of encouragement, inspiration – and of course fun! Over time Val has steadily become more interested in collecting, researching and writing about hand-carved wooden dolls. In this capacity she was thrilled to be invited by the Laughon family to catalog a large collection of dolls made by Fred, Helen and Nel Laughon, and a great deal of exciting doll-related ephemera, that had all been discovered in their family home. The idea for this article grew from this joyful collaboration.



The Secret Out at Last! by Deb Hoffman

Deb Hoffman is a UFDC member-at-large of 10 years whose doll collections includes both antique and reproduction examples. As a freelance author, she enjoys reading, researching and writing historical-based articles. She has written for Antique Doll Collector magazine and DOLL NEWS. She has also been involved in the co-publication of small self-published circulars such as The French Fashion Doll Revue where she managed research, writing, layout, graphics and production for several years. Deb enjoys the outdoors and lives on “The Continental Divide” in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado on a small family ranch with her husband and daughter.



A Bride to Have and to Hold by Kathy Monier

Kathy has been an avid artist, seamstress and doll collector for most of her life. Included in her original artwork are black and white graphite drawings and color pencil portraits of her favorite antique and vintage dolls, as well as original paper dolls. She is very passionate about sewing and doll costuming. Her doll collection includes antique, vintage and modern dolls. Retired from a Human Resources background, she uses her acquired skills to arrange and present programs, lectures and workshops. Kathy lives in Colleyville, Texas with husband Mike and Buddy, the family cat. She is an active member of the Fort Worth Antique Doll Club and President of the Dallas Doll Club. She has served as Region 3 Director 2011-2014, Convention Event Coordinator 2013-2015 and as Editor of UFDC’s 2017 Convention Souvenir Journal.  She currently serves as Editor of UFDC’s DOLL NEWS magazine.



The Artistry of Judy Porter by Jennifer Kohn Murtha

Jennifer Kohn Murtha is an artist and collects antique dolls and modern BJD dolls. In 2017 she helped charter Best Friends Forever BJD Club. She has served as president, Vice President and Secretary in her current clubs: Dollology Club of Washington DC, Lady Baltimore Doll Study Club and Best Friends Forever BJD Club. She served as Region 11 Director, 2014-2017.  Jennifer has attended 14 national UFDC conventions from 2004 to 2018, serving as judge, Dynamic Doll Dialogues presenter, Meal Event Program presenter, Highlight Tour Presenter, Monitor for Competitive and Special Exhibits, Banana Crew Helper, and others.  At a regional level, Jennifer has chaired the helper room and monitors and presented 15 programs.



Mysteries at the Museum by Laurie McGill

Laurie McGill joined UFDC in 1974 and served as Regional 3 Director (2005-2008). On a local level, Laurie is a member of the Dallas Doll Club, serving as its president (2002-2006 and 2012-2016). She was the associate editor of DOLL NEWS (Winter 2012-Fall 2013) and editor of DOLL NEWS (Winter 2014–Fall 2015). Currently she is a member of the UFDC Doll Museum’s Collections Oversight Committee. Laurie was the 2004 winner of UFDC’s Audio Visual contest with her biographic entry, “Once Upon a Time—The Story of the Dixie Doll” about twentieth century novelist and early doll collector, Frances Parkinson Keyes. She was editor of UFDC’s 2013 convention souvenir journal, A Capital Affair. Laurie was honored to receive UFDC’s Award of Excellence for Educational Endeavors in 2008 and the Award of Excellence for Contributions to DOLL NEWS in 2014. She is a frequent presenter of seminars and programs at both regional conferences and national conventions.  The inspiration for the “Department Store—Annual Dolls’ Tea Parties” article came from seeing an Emery Bird Thayer teacup in the UFDC Doll Museum in Kansas City. When the teacup, on display for many years, was taken off view, Laurie decided to find one for her personal collection. A quick Internet search opened a new window of research into these delightful souvenirs of yesteryear.




Let’s Make Cowboy Boots for an 18” Doll by Victoria Christopherson

Victoria belongs to three doll clubs in Region 11 and is currently president of the Chesapeake Doll Club of Maryland. Her interests in dolls and art date back to her childhood when she was encouraged by her mother to develop her talents. She created her first paper doll at the age of twelve and is currently a member of the Original Paper Doll Artists Guild. Her paper dolls have appeared in DOLL NEWS and other national magazines. Carving wooden dolls is a passion for Victoria. Mainly using bass wood and mahogany, her one-of-a-kind dolls are frequent blue-ribbon winners in UFDC competitive exhibits. Victoria teaches workshops for doll clothing, shoes and accessories, as well as ornaments made from her paper dolls with fabric and trims. A graduate of the University of Pittsburg, Victoria enjoys working in watercolor and watercolor with pen and ink. Her watercolors have been displayed in shows in Baltimore and other locations. She belongs to a local watercolor group and teaches a class for watercolor techniques.





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