Izannah Walker & Her Dolls

Date:  Saturday, May 18, 2024
Time:  11:30 am ET

Izannah Walker (1817-1888) developed a technique in the mid-1800's for molding cloth dolls using iron molds, to create a soft surface which was unbreakable and washable. During a time when women were discouraged from commerce, Izannah Walker registered a patent in her own name. Izannah Walker dolls are important folk art, and their creation is a testament to Izannah's independent spirit and determination. The US postal stamp sheet, Classic American Dolls (issued 1997), features an Izannah Walker doll. Join Dixie Redmond as she discusses Izannah's work, and learn hallmarks of early, mid, and later Izannah Walker dolls.

Biographical profile:
Dixie Redmond is an artist, dollmaker and avid student of Izannah Walker's work. Dixie began making antique inspired dolls in 2006, and her studies of Izannah Walker dolls began the following year at Lucy's Doll House in Camden, Maine. Dixie shares her research on the The Izannah Walker Chronicles blog since 2008. In 2009 Dixie designed an Izannah Walker inspired doll pattern. Many exemplary dollmakers inspired by Izannah's work began their journey in Dixie's online workshops. In 2011 Dixie co-wrote an article with Edyth O'Neill about Izannah Walker dolls for Early American Life magazine. Dixie lives in Maine and is the primary caregiver for her adult son, who is autistic.

National Doll Club invites the UFDC community to attend. Please email nationaldollclub@gmail.com to request a link, no later than one day before the program (100 person limit).

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