About UFDC

Our Mission:

The United Federation of Doll Clubs, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization with the goal of being the foremost in research, education, conservation and appreciation of dolls.


Our Vision:
Educate – Preserve - Conserve


The United Federation of Doll Clubs

Our founder, Mary E. Lewis, dreamed to unite and organize doll collectors from around the world. Her dream was realized with the establishment of UFDC in 1949. Today our membership includes doll clubs world-wide, members-at-large, museums, libraries and corporations. Our members are located around the world and interests vary from antique, vintage, to modern and artists dolls.

UFDC provides a broad range of member-oriented services relating to the study and collecting of dolls.


UFDC Headquarters & Museum

UFDC's museum and archival collections are located at our Kansas City, MO Headquarters.

The UFDC Doll Museum houses a wide variety of dolls, in both permanent and rotating displays. The dolls offer endless opportunities for study and enjoyment. Learning about dolls offers an insight into the history of childhood and historical periods.

Various materials have been used to make dolls over the years and examples in the museum include wood, wax, papier mache, china, cloth, parian, bisque, composition, rubber, plastic, and vinyl. The age of dolls on display varies widely and includes examples from the 1700s to modern dolls of today.

In addition to dolls, our holdings include our permanent archival collections of catalogs, research materials, patent papers, patterns and other ephemera relating to dolls and our doll reference library. 

Our Gift Shop and Online shop offer limited edition dolls and doll-related items. Discounts for members.


Whether you are interested in studying dolls of a certain era or just enjoy admiring them, we hope you will be glad you decided to visit us.

Free admission to the UFDC Doll Museum for members.

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    10900 N Pomona Ave.
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Due to the spike in COVID, the UFDC Headquarters and Museum remain closed until further notice.