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anne-mears The Magnificent Gift of Anne Mears By Elizabeth A. Coleman Elizabeth Ann Coleman, in addition to her varied research contributions to the realm of doll collecting, has had a distinguished career at major American museums as a curator of in the fields of costumes and textiles. Presently she volunteers as UFDC's Chair of its Collections Committee, which oversees the development of its museum collection, library and archives.   victoria V is for Victoria "“ The Enduring Legacy of Lady Alexander by Denise Buese Denise Buese is currently the volunteer editor of DOLL NEWS, the Official Journal of the United Federation of Doll Clubs. Her introduction to antique dolls occurred in 1975, when her grandmother presented her with a well-loved A.M. 390, and that was all it took to be hooked. When Denise stopped playing with dolls at the age of twelve, she began sewing clothes for her sister's Barbies, which is really still playing."¨   Denise has been a member of Verdugo Hills Doll Club since 1992, holding the position of treasurer for two terms, and more recently, has joined the Carmel Doll and Toy Study Group. After earning a BSN degree in nursing in 1985, Denise worked in the areas of NICU and OR before stopping to raise a family of two boys, one of whom has just graduated from Boston University and the other from high school and off to U.C. Santa Barbara. Happily, she is now freer to indulge her love of sewing for dolls, and is honing her skills at pattern making. Denise's collection is comprised of mostly French bébés and fashion dolls, but she is interested in learning about other types as well. In her spare time, Denise enjoys studying the Tudor age and its fascinating characters, and when she isn't sewing, you can usually find her entrenched in a good book. Bibliography   teddy-bears Teddy Bears Are All the Rage! by John Paul Port and Dottie Ayers   carved Carved With Care "“ The Story of Mary Lee Sundstrom by Ann M. Leis Ann M. Leis grew up in Fulton, New York and has loved dolls most of her life. As a child, her best Christmas ever was receiving the Barbie Dream house. She is a member of the 1st Houston Doll club and is an avid collector of both antique and modern dolls. Over the years, Ann has volunteered for a variety of school and civic organizations. She was President for both high school Band and Choir Booster clubs and held numerous roles within each group.   Presently, Ann enjoys volunteering at her consignment shop for the Charity Guild of Catholic Women. Ann holds a B.S.N in Nursing from Arizona State University and has worked as a surgical, school and recovery room nurse. She does a lot of traveling to help her family and likes to cook, Quilt and read. Ann enjoys Jazzercise, Yoga, Swimming and Tennis and has even learned to like Football.   Ann had three awesome kids pursuing goals in Marketing, Musical Theater and Engineering and has a wonderful husband who goes along with all of her crazy ideas. She is thrilled to be a free lance writer for Doll News and wants to thank Laurie and Nina for all their encouragement and support.   theriault Florence Theriault "“ Educator Par Excellence by Lori Santamaura Lori Santamaura is a recently retired educator of 35 years, named to Who's Who in America's Teachers.   Her credo, "Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence" (Abigail Adams), fueled not only her profession but her doll avocation. She joined UFDC in 1997 and held the office of Secretary in California Doll Collectors of Orange County.   She revived the Traveling Doll & Book Exhibit for Region 2-S and took it on the road.   Lori is also an active member of the Carmel Doll and Toy Study Group.   She has attended numerous UFDC conventions and conferences, volunteering as a Monitor in the Antique Competitive Exhibit and serving as a Judge, and feels privileged to have completed the Apprentice Judge Program under the direction of the late Maurine Popp.   She contributed two essays for the 57th National UFDC Convention 2006 Souvenir Journal, "Tell Me a Story." Lori proudly served from 2009 "“ 2011 with Editors Michael Canadas and David Robinson as the Associate Editor of DOLL NEWS.   A study of dolls led her to collect early Wooden and Papier-mâché examples; she found a niche in early French Fashions and specialty Bébés as well.   The fruits of Lori's labors of love for the dolls, researching and delving into their past, have been shared in Antique Doll Collector magazine, with husband Sal contributing the photography.   goodthings Good Things Come to Those Who Wait by Michael Canadas Michael Canadas is the co-founder, along with partner David Robinson, of Carmel Doll Shop, an antique doll business which is located in Carmel, California. Michael and David are founding members of the UFDC club, the Carmel Doll and Toy Study Group, and are currently the Editors of the UFDC publication DOLL NEWS. Michael has served UFDC by presenting countless seminars at the national and regional level, and together with David, has presented many memorable programs that have made their debut at UFDC functions. In 2005, the two received the UFDC Award of Excellence for a French fashion doll exhibit they staged at the Toy and Miniature Museum of Kansas City the previous year. Below is an excerpt from DOLL NEWS - Fall, 2005: "...the Award for Exhibit of Dolls was bestowed on two members from Region 2-North this year, Michael Canadas and David Robinson, whose standard of excellence is legendary. An exhibit of dolls for the purpose of study and appreciation can require years of planning. In conjunction with the 2004 UFDC convention, this year's honorees mounted a magnificent exhibit of French fashion dolls, accessories, clothing and furniture..." In 2006, the two edited "Tell Me a Story" the souvenir journal for the UFDC's 57th national convention that was held in Dallas, Texas.   shirley-temple Baby, Take a Bow!   The Early Evolution of the Composition Shirley Temple Doll by Tonya Bervaldi-Camaratta Tonya Bervaldi-Camaratta began collecting Shirley Temple dolls in the late 1980s.   As her collection of and knowledge about Shirley Temple collectibles expanded, she created a website www.shirleytempledolls.com to share her enthusiasm with other fans.   In 2006, she wrote a book about Shirley Temple collectables titled "The Complete Guide to Shirley Temple Dolls and Collectibles".   kling Kling Dolls, the Sign of the Bell by Deborah Jenkines Deborah has been a lover of dolls all her life. As a child, playing with and sewing for her dolls was her favorite pastime. She read her first doll books while still an art major at the University of Georgia. When her son grew up, she finally had leisure to pursue her dream of porcelain doll making and collecting. To her dismay she found the closest doll making studio was over 100 miles away. Undeterred, she drove that distance to, "Something Fancy", Carl Armstrong's doll making studio once a week for over 3 years. She then completed the well-known Seeley Doll Artisan courses and opened her own doll making studio in Dalton, Ga. Deborah is a longtime member of UFDC and was the United Federation of Doll Clubs Regional Director for Region 9 during the years 2009-2012. In 2011, Deborah and her husband Randy retired to Charleston, South Carolina and renovated a historic downtown home. She is a member of the Charm of Charleston Doll Club. She still loves researching, sharing and talking about her dolls. Bibliography   big-eyes What Big Eyes You Have! by Diana Lemieux Diana Lemieux has been costuming dolls professionally for nearly two decades. She has collaborated with several doll designers, most recently Berdine Creedy, and has also developed patterns exclusively for Liberty Jane's web store, http://www.pixiefaire.com . When she's not developing items for her Etsy store, Lemieux Doll Boutique, or working on private commissions, she enjoys restoring and outfitting dolls from the 1960's and 70's. You can catch up with her latest offerings through her Etsy shop, http://LemieuxDollBoutique.Etsy.com , and her blog, www.MatildaPink.com.
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