Fall 2014 Letters to the Editor

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I enjoyed a first perusal of the latest Doll News online this morning!   Congratulations on another stellar issue! Marilyn Dundon
Dearest Laurie - Wow! 7 Pages!!!!!! The phone calls have already started with people who have seen the issue on line--so we checked it out as well. What a beautiful, massive and full-fledged issue. All the best to you. Makes me want to move to Montana....oh, yeah, I already did that! Alan Scott Pate
I just looked through the whole magazine!! It's so BEAUTIFUL!!!     I love the variety of things to read. There is something for everyone. …the quality of the magazine is truly the best it's ever been. Your standards surpass everyone. You should be so proud.   I mean it! WOW! Ann Leis
I love the cover!!!   Another super issue form a super editor!!!!! Linda Edward President, UFDC
Hi Laurie -- I think this is the best issue yet!   I loved every article and particularly the Sasha patterns. Please let everyone who contributed and all of the staff know how truly we appreciate the hard work.   WOW - WOW!!! Donnell Wisniewski Region 10 Director
Congratulations on your latest edition! …the cover is beautiful! The magazine is amazing and I loved the great range of articles this issue. Certainly something for everyone to enjoy. It is a monumental task and you have done a monumental job of it! Janet Gula First Vice President, UFDC
Just skimmed the Doll News… Great looking issue so far. Thanks. Maryll Goldsmith
It's a lovely issue, Laurie! Truly something for everyone. Maria Greene
…great DN edition! You went and did it again! Barbara Stone UFDC Secretary/Treasurer
Got my member copy of Doll News this past Saturday...thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to tell Janet Johl's story. Your contributions to the article really expanded the scope of the "fascinating" story and added so much more interest. The picture layout was great...please tell your graphics person how much I appreciate her efforts. Got a nice letter from John Johl (Janet's son) complimenting the article. Lynn Nalven
Love the Sasha pattern and paper doll in the fall issue and all the rest. I got a new MAL from it before it came out and also one from the summer Shirley Temple issue. You are all doing a great job on Doll News. Thanks to all of you for producing this wonderful magazine for UFDC. Cheryl Cloutier Region 5 Director
Ann Leis has outdone herself-----AGAIN!!! I just received my Doll News. Her article on Tom Tierney was positively enthralling. I really enjoyed it as will all other paper doll collectors. Then, Ann's article -- with fabulous pictures of "Ranch Life in Montana" -- was really intriguing. Thank Ann for all her persistence and just plain hard work. LaNell Roy
I briefly looked through DN and it is quite full and intense in so many interesting articles. Ann Leis writes beautifully. The cover and article are pretty. A very pretty issue! Lynne Dowler
I enjoyed Ann Leis' article on Alan Pate. He is one of the nicest people that I have ever met. Sharon Zerkel
The Fall issue is spectacular! I especially loved the article written by Dian Zillner on the antique doll houses. She is one of my favorite authors and authorities on the minute mansions. You're doing such a fine job with Doll News, and we're all very proud of you here in Region 2 South. Michael Kouri Region 2 South Director
The Fall issue of Doll News is awesome!!! I enjoyed reading each and every article, especially the article Julie Blewis wrote on character dolls. Many of her dolls are pictured in my book on antique German character dolls, and it was great to drool over more examples of her rare dolls. Mary Krombholz
Your recent Doll News was HUGE and congratulations for overseeing everything in its publishing so beautifully. Lorna Lieberman  


Donnell Wisniewski "“ 196 pages of sheer joy, interest and SASHA patterns! Alicia Carver - Doll News has such great articles. It has really become a world class magazine. Kathy Turner has done a great job as ad manager. Lorrie Dove - …the UFDC magazine has become a pillar in the doll community as a great magazine. Gayle Watford "“ Beautiful cover & doll!! Arlene Martinez "“ Great Cover! Mary Alice Westerlund "“ This is very cool…reading the new issue on my iPad. Donnell Wisniewski - There is an article with patterns for Sasha and a lovely paper doll drawn by Kathy Monier of a black bisque. Many wonderful articles - very extensive coverage of convention makes you feel like you were there - and another set of paper dolls, previously unpublished, by Tom Tierney.
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