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No Wonder Rag Dolls Are the Best Beloved

by Jonathan Green Jonathan has held several elected offices in his local clubs and has attended over a dozen national conventions where he assisted in seminars, doll dialogues and judged in modern competition. He has had several articles published in Doll Reader, Dolls and Doll Castle News and he has given doll presentations in the Northeast area. His areas of expertise are Käthe Kruse and Raggedy Ann. Jonathan provides not only doll expertise but business expertise to the distribution of dolls in the United States in that he is the sole representative of a German doll import business. Jonathan shared his extensive Raggedy Ann and Andy collection in a Special Exhibit during the 1986 UFDC Convention, held in Chicago, Illinois. j.green-bio

Pictured are Jonathan's childhood Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy dolls.


Miss Unity's Guardians

by Elizabeth Ann Coleman The author is a retired costume and textile curator having worked with major American museum collections in Newark, New Jersey; Brooklyn, New York; Houston, Texas and Boston, Massachusetts. Parallel to her museum work has been a decades-long interest in dolls. She has published widely in both fields and continues to work as a consultant, lecturer and researcher in the above mentioned fields.   wishbone

The Peculiar World of Wishbone Dolls

by Gae Ward Gae Ward, the child of parents who were collectors, has collected dolls for over fifty years. Her collection includes antique French, German, and American dolls, but her love is for dirty, old rag dolls and wishbone dolls. As a child, she was a junior member of Dollology Club of Washington, D.C. and is currently a member of Jane Coleman Doll Study Club of Williamsburg, Virginia and Now and Then Doll Club of Fredericksburg, Virginia. GAE-WARD-WISHBONE-DOLLS

Gae Ward with her wishbone dolls

PDF files: Save the Wishbone, The Unhappy Wishbone


Antique German Dolls' House Dolls

By Mary Gorham Krombholz (1935-2015) An avid traveler and researcher, Mary was the author of seven books on antique German dolls. She served as a UFDC judge for antique dolls and was a popular long-time presenter during UFDC conventions. Mary's unexpected death on June 7th, 2015 shocked and saddened her many friends and admirers. She had penned this article for Doll News several months prior to her death and approved the article in its designed format. "Antique German Dolls' House Dolls" is published posthumously with the kind permission of Mary's family.   frozen-charlies

Frozen Charlies "“ An Attempt to Determine Who Made Them

by Penny Hadfield (with Cheryl Williams) Born in 1939 at the beginning of the war years, Penny had only one cloth doll made by a family friend. It was one of the Edith Flack Ackley dolls made from patterns in her book; she still has it. When she was about 10, her aunt took her to FAO Schwarz in New York City where she chose a tiny all bisque baby and her set of nursery furniture. That was her first store doll and that was it for a long time. She was at Boston University from 1957 until 1962 receiving a BA and MA in geography. Then off to work and travel with no interest or knowledge of dolls. She saw most of Europe, lived in Thailand for a year, Indonesia, six months in Japan, Midway Island, Hawaii, six years in California, six months in Houston...then returned home to Westport, Massachusetts to help care for her mother. Back home, with no opportunities for work in the geographic field, she and her husband started into the antiques business and one day that lead to some dolls. By now she was in her early 40s...a late start for a doll collector. But start she did and with a vengeance to make up for all those lost years! From the very beginning Penny loved the little all bisque dolls which form a major part of her collection, but she also loves variety, so there are collections within of black dolls, Native American dolls, Chinas, Milliners, and, of course, Frozen Charlottes and Charlies. Penny has enjoyed writing many articles for various doll publications. She also has frequently presented programs for the two doll clubs to which she belongs, Doll Study Club of Boston (UFDC), and Doll Collectors of America. Last year she co-sponsored a special exhibit of All Bisque Dolls for DCA, and has, for the last four years, been the Corresponding Secretary of DCA.   walls-talk-gruelle

If Walls Could Talk

as told by Joni Gruelle Wannamaker and Tom Wannamaker Joni Gruelle Wannamaker is the granddaughter and namesake of Johnny Gruelle, creator of Raggedy Ann and Andy. A graduate of Mercer University in Atlanta with majors in Psychology and Art, Joni continued her education in the sciences. Joni and her husband Tom co-founded the Johnny Gruelle Raggedy Ann and Andy Museum in Arcola, Illinois, Johnny's birthplace. Joni has illustrated three books—My Own Raggedy Ann True Stories by Sherry Nichols Rassmusssen, The Real-For-Sure-Story of Raggedy Ann and The Honest-to-Goodness-Story of Raggedy Andy by Patricia Hall. Tom Wannamaker is a graduate of the University of South Carolina with a major in history, and continued his education in the Georgia State University School System. After serving as a Marine Infantry Officer in Vietnam, Tom entered Government employment, spending most of his career with the CDC in a variety of positions.   williamsburg

Dolls and Doll Clothing at Colonial Williamsburg

by Linda R. Baumgarten Linda Baumgarten is curator of textiles and costumes at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation in Williamsburg, Virginia. Linda holds two master's degrees: one from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the second from the Winterthur Program in Early American Culture in Delaware. Besides writing a number of articles on the subjects of costumes and textiles, Linda is the author of three books on costumes. In addition, Linda is the co-author, with Kimberly Smith Ivey, of a catalog of Colonial Williamsburg's bed quilts, published in 2014. fred-laughon

"Simple Gifts" "“ The Dolls of Fred Laughon

by Val Copley Val makes and collects dolls, and although she is a Brit and resides in England she is fascinated by twentieth century American peg woodens in all their rich variety, so it has been a particular joy to be able to write a little about Fred Laughon and his family—and her researches continue: Which of Fred's dolls were sold ready-dressed?...Intriguing! It has been an equal joy for Val to "meet" so many doll enthusiasts who have kindly helped her with this article; in particular Katty Inge, Cathy O'Brien, Mary Van Buren-Swasey, Jane Geroulis, Pat Mannion, Jill Kaar-Hanson and Jerry Hanson, Elizabeth Ann Coleman, Susan Sirkis, Jan Gilliam—and, of course, last but not least, dear Laurie McGill without whom Val feels she literally would not, and could not, have done the article…simple gifts, thank you.   kimport

Kimport Dolls from the Whole Wide World

by Loretta Nardone Loretta Nardone is the current UFDC 1st Vice-President and director of ReAL Services. Her interest in Kimport Dolls and foreign dolls began in childhood. She has presented programs on Kimport as far away as Paris. Loretta is a retired NYC educator. She developed programs and teaching guides for NYC schools using dolls in the curriculum to teach multi-culturism and tolerance. She has written articles for magazines, presented seminars and lectures on international dolls, including at an educational conference at the United Nations. She is the author of a book on Zuni beaded dolls and was UFDC journal editor in 2011. Ms. Nardone received the 1993 New York City Newsday Teacher of the Year award as well as the Staten Island Teacher of the Year. She was also honored by the UFDC with an Award of Excellence for Educational and Philanthropic Endeavors Through Dolls in 1994. Loretta enjoys continuing her interest in sharing her knowledge about dolls.   dionne-quints

The Dionne Quintuplets' Visit to the Golden Gate International Exposition

by Pat Burns Pat Burns has been a member of UFDC for many years. She has served on the Doll News staff as Advertising Manager in the past and she is currently serving as editor of the Madame Alexander Doll Club's quarterly publication, "The Review". Pat was the 1994 MADC Service Award winner. Part of Pat's extensive collection of Alexander dolls and memorabilia was displayed in the Madame Alexander Doll Museum in New York before the Alexander Doll Company closed its doors to its Harlem location in 2012. Pat will serve as Associate Editor of Doll News beginning with the winter 2016 issue.  


"A Dream Come True "“ Preserving Yesterday and Today for Tomorrow"

by Janet Gula Janet Gula is currently serving as UFDC's President.   She has been a Regional Director for UFDC's international Region 16 and has also acted as Public Relations Coordinator.   An avid collector of French bébés and poupées, Janet was awarded the Dorothy and Evelyn Jane Coleman Scholarship for the study of Antique Dolls.   As well, she is an accredited judge of antique dolls, and has judged at both the national and regional level. Janet has contributed numerous articles to Doll News, as well as other doll publications, and has presented many programs at conventions, both national and regional.   She spends her time between her homes in Toronto and Naples, Florida where she has served as club president for the Naples Doll Club.   Janet served for many years as a docent at the Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art in Toronto and has served on the executive board of the Toronto branch of the Canadian Friends of the Hermitage.   dewees-cochran

The Dolls of Dewees Cochran

by Ann M. Leis Ann M. Leis grew up in Fulton, New York and has loved dolls most of her life. As a child, her best Christmas ever was receiving the Barbie Dream house. She is a member of the 1st Houston Doll Club and is an avid collector of both antique and modern dolls. Over the years, Ann has volunteered for a variety of school and civic organizations. She was President for both high school Band and Choir Booster clubs and held numerous roles within each group.   Presently, Ann enjoys volunteering at her consignment shop for the Charity Guild of Catholic Women. Ann holds a B.S.N in Nursing from Arizona State University and has worked as a surgical, school and recovery room nurse. She does a lot of traveling to help her family and likes to cook, quilt and read. Ann enjoys Jazzercise, Yoga, Swimming and Tennis and has even learned to like football.   Ann had three awesome kids pursuing goals in Marketing, Musical Theater and Engineering and has a wonderful husband who goes along with all of her crazy ideas. She is thrilled to be a free-lance writer "“ and now Associate Editor "“ for Doll News.   raggedy-ann

Raggedy Ann "“ An American Icon

compiled by Paula Richardson Paula Richardson has worked in San Francisco for the past forty-five years for the homeless, HIV+, and transgender communities, providing outreach and connections to medical care and housing. She also organized theatre companies and arts and crafts co-operatives for healing and financial support of these groups. Paula joined the San Francisco Doll Club seven years ago and values the experience so much that she plans to be a life-long member. Her dream would be to open a doll shop. Paula extends thanks to all her doll club members for their ongoing support, especially to the co-collector of the Raggedy Ann stories, Roberta Heintz, for her generous sharing of knowledge and helping to bring these stories to print—truly a Doll Maven extraordinaire. mag-magic-2

Magazine Magic Too

by Jill Kaar Hanson Ever since she was a little girl, Jill Kaar Hanson has loved to play with paper dolls. As a matter of fact, if she could only collect one type of doll, she says it would be paper dolls. Her collection spans over one-hundred years of these affordable toys that encourage children to stretch their imaginations. It also includes over two-hundred pages featuring Betsy McCall. The first article Jill wrote for Doll News was "Magazine Magic" which was published in the summer 2006 issue. She wrote the cover story for the summer 2015 issue of Doll News—"The Marvelous Magical Betsy McCall." Jill has been a collector of dolls all of her life.   She has been a NIADA Patron and served as Chair for ODACA's annual luncheon, receiving their Joan Hart Award. She also wrote and produced two first place UFDC audio-visual programs on the "Dolls of NIADA" and "Dolls from Children's Literature". Jill served as president of The Lake County Doll Collectors of Illinois three times and as Region 10 Director from 2005-2008. Jill and Jerry (her husband and resident doll photographer) are currently  serving as the Chairs of Helpers for the 2016 convention in Washington, D.C. Jerry wants everyone to know that as a child, he never played with paper dolls.   mary-frances

A House of Card: Lasting Lessons from The Mary Frances Housekeeper

by Nicki Burley Once upon a time, there was a small brown-eyed girl with curly brown hair, who certainly looked ordinary…but inside, she KNEW she was a princess.   She believed with all her heart that you could always tell a princess by her clothing, so she decided to wear a long dress to kindergarten every day.   Her mother was relieved that the princess was willing to go to school at all, so when she marched out the door carrying a lunch bag and backpack and wearing yet another long cotton print nightgown, her mother just smiled and waved. When the little girl learned to read and write, a new world of magic appeared.   There were more stories in the world than her father could read in a hundred nights!     She told stories to her patient dog, and she told them to her dolls. Though she eventually stopped wearing nightgowns to school, she never outgrew her love of books or dolls.   She spent many blissful weekends at the library, reading all kinds of books: novels and poems, and books on dolls, costume, old houses, miniatures, history, art, or needlework.   One book on a subject always opened the door to many more. Now that she is all grown up, Nicki Burley and her husband find themselves in a cozy home about 5 miles from where they grew up, happily surrounded by five children, some cats and birds, lots and lots of books, and a growing collection of dolls.   Her youngest two children are homeschooled, and she teaches English literature part-time.   An early pen name she invented, "Jessica Rose Wren," has recently led to the name of her business, Rose & Wren, which offers finely detailed handmade doll clothing.   You can find her on the web at www.zhibit.biz/roseandwren. Joining UFDC just a few years ago led to the discovery of yet another magic world: the world of friendship through dolls.   Nicki has met many of her early "doll heroes," and has attended both local and national events.   After taking her daughters along to help at several events, she realized how much children would enjoy learning more about dolls and having events geared just for them.   In her own region, she plans to help coordinate several young collector events this year.   She is thrilled to be writing again, but she is especially excited to share what she knows and what she loves with children.   All children have stories in their hearts, and need dolls with whom to share them. Sources: Fryer, Jane Eayre. The Mary Frances Housekeeper, Lacis Publications, Berkeley, 1998. 1: Preface; 2: p.21; 3: p.37; 4: p.39; 5: p.52; 9: Forward; 10: Preface; 12: p.167 Fryer, Jane Eayre. The Mary Frances Housekeeper 100th Anniversary Edition, Classic Bookwrights, Santa Barbara, 2011. Ed. Wright, Linda. 7: p.6 Huntington, Emily. The Kitchen Garden; Or, Object Lessons in Household Work: Including Songs, Plays, Exercises, and Games, Illustrating Household Occupations, Schermerhorn, n.p., 1878. 6: p. 127; 11: Introduction Kaufman, Scott Barry. "The Need for Pretend Play in Child Development," www.psychologytoday.com/blog/beautifulminds, 3/6/2012. Accessed 7/28/2015. 8 Worrell, Estelle Ansley. Make Your Own Miniature Rooms, Kirby Lithographic Co., Washington DC, 1978. The Mary Frances Housekeeper free Internet Archive edition: https://archive.org/details/maryfranceshouse00frye
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