Fall 2017 Paper Dolls

Fall 2017 Paper Doll


Tuck Comb Paper Doll Ornament"¨
Drawn by Victoria Christopherson

My mother encouraged both my doll collecting and my art. As a child she made clothes for my dolls when she had scraps from the clothes she made me. Many of these I still have, and I remember both the doll outfit and the clothing. She also encouraged my art by giving me positive feedback instead of criticism. I drew my first paper doll at the age of 12. I am currently a member of the Original Paper Doll Artists Guild (OPDAG). My paper dolls are first drawn in pen and ink then color is added using transparent watercolors. It is my hope that having the black and white paper dolls available to be colored by young people will help to encourage the creativity that they need for approaching life skills.

As a UFDC member from Region 11 and I am currently the president of the Chesapeake Doll Club of Maryland. I have enjoyed learning more about the history of dolls, doll costuming and doll repair. I enjoy making my own one-of-a-kind dolls out of cloth and hand carved from basswood and mahogany. I have enjoyed researching and doing presentations on subjects like Advertising Dolls, Metal Head Dolls, Celluloid Dolls, China Head Dolls, Paper Dolls, and Victorian Doll Costuming 1890 -1900. I teach workshops including doll clothing, shoes and accessories plus ornaments made using my paper-dolls, fabric and trims.

I have a BS degree from the University of Pittsburgh and I currently enjoy teaching a watercolor techniques class that includes lessons containing step-by-step illustrations.


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