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Hi Laurie, I just flipped through the Doll News and it looks very interesting. I cannot wait to read the articles on Edith Flack Ackley and Visiting with Margaret Gray Kincaid. You girls did a good job! Rose Ann
Doll News is by far the best magazine to promote the love of collecting dolls and I'm sure I am joined by the other doll artists when I say THANK YOU for sharing our love of doll making with fellow UFDC members. It is such a great educational tool for collectors of all types of dolls. I look forward to each issue and I'm looking forward to seeing more of Ann's great articles! Joyce Patterson
Denise, Loved the Spring issue. Besides the doll articles, the Competitive Exhibit winners was wonderful and the articles on the Region 2 conference and other activities really show what UFDC can offer a doll collector even if you can't attend every event. This issue should be given to potential new members to show what UFDC has to offer. Janet Hollingsworth
Hi Denise, Just a short note to let you know how much I enjoyed reading the Spring issue of Doll News. Your article about Mary Lewis and the Edith Flack Ackley article were my favorites - something about that time period that is so intriguing to me, plus the fact that I recognize names like Velvalee Dickinson and Janet Johl. I love the black and white photos you used. They create a certain nostalgia. I never knew anything about Mary Lewis, including the fact that she was a North Easterner. I can really relate to the quote Mary made about capturing her husband's interest by making him her display manager. Do you have any idea why the National Doll & Toy Collector's Club withdrew from UFDC for 16 years? The concept of a "federation" is fascinating and connotes a fair amount of independence. Marcie Tubbs Editor's note: I don't know the reason why the National Doll & Toy Collector's Club withdrew from UFDC for a time, but if anyone knows the story, that would add an intriguing piece of the puzzle.
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