Spring 2014 Letters to the Editor

Send Laurie a Letter to the Editor Hello Laurie, I just looked at the digital edition of Doll News on the UFDC website. Let me be one of the first to applaud you for this absolutely wonderful step into the future! I have been anxiously awaiting the Spring issue in anticipation of Nicki Burley's article about Annabelle and was disappointed that the magazine would probably arrive while I'm away on vacation. But now, with my computer with me, I can bring the magazine wherever I am…how wonderful!! I have just scanned the issue so far, but I can tell already that I will spend many, many pleasurable hours reading it. Thank you so much for such a wonderful publication. I really appreciate all the work that you and the contributors do to make it so enjoyable and educational for all of us. Annick Phillips Stanley, NY
I logged on to see the digital copy of Doll News. What a beautiful issue of our magazine. Rarely do I want to keep my entire copy of Doll News but this one had wonderful articles, beautiful pictures with every turn of the page and things that held my interest, so it will definitely be a keeper! I'm excited to have it come in the mail so I can curl up and read it, cover to cover. I think it's great that we are now putting the entire magazine on line. Thanks for a beautiful issue and for the forethought on the part of UFDC to put this on line. Nancy Lazenby
Laurie, I am speechless. There has never been an issue of Doll News as beautiful before as this creation you have brought forth from your own vision. It is gorgeous from front to back! Edyth O'Neill
Hi Laurie! I just received my copy of Doll News! WOW! Excellent job! I am in awe! The ppd looks fabulous amid all the wonderful Tasha Tudor treasures! Haven't read through it all yet, but I am most impressed! Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of a very special Doll News! Kathy Monier
Laurie, I just got my magazine and wanted to tell you how ABSOLUTELY STUNNING IT IS!!!! WOW. CONGRATULATIONS ON A JOB AWESOMELY DONE! Ann Leis
Laurie and Linda, Please express my congratulations to the DOLL NEWS staff and to the Executive Committee making DN digital. This is yet another step forward for UFDC. Ada Diedrich
Kudos to you, Ms. Laurie…excellent! Kitty Tibbets
FANTASTIC issue!! There is so much to read, it's going to take me a week to get through it all. I am totally stunned by the dresses AnneLise designed. They are probably the most perfect dresses in that size that I've ever seen. She just blows me away. I can't wait to email and tell her I love them! Nicki Burley
This is the most fantastic issue of DOLL NEWS ever! It looks absolutely beautiful on-line. Maria Greene
Hi Laurie - spectacular spring edition! Barbara Stone
Hi Laurie, In looking at the digital edition of  DOLL NEWS  , I am blown away. This is my favorite issue EVER!!! It is absolutely fabulous from cover to cover. Wow! You have really come into your own with this issue and I can't wait to hold it in my hands. A treasure! Congratulations! Janet Gula
Oh My Goodness, what a beautiful issue! Love the cover and the content…the variety of articles that related to Tasha Tudor is incredible. Also love the variety of how-tos and paper dolls... You are an amazing and talented woman - UFDC is lucky to have you. Linda Edward
Page after page of the new Doll News is just a delight! I enjoyed EVERYTHING. Thank you all for an outstanding issue. And I loved the patterns; what fun I'll have sewing for my Miss Unity doll and perhaps Hitty will get some new clothes, too. I had read the issue online but found it even better to hold the magazine in my hands. Billie Aye Tonganoxie, Kansas
…I know how hard it is to produce our excellent magazine. The photos are spectacular and the articles are terrific! And I'm delighted that they are bringing it to us in digital form -- so GOOD JOB to the staff!!!!! Donnell Wisniewski
Wow! You have definitely hit a home run with this issue of Doll News. Congratulations on a job very well done! I loved that you carried a theme through the entire magazine. And of course, I enjoyed seeing my long-time Bleuette friends stretching their wings to include new dolls. I am especially pleased to see you have published patterns for the little Miss Unity doll. You chose the perfect pattern drafter in AnneLise...and she has outdone herself. Thank you! The lovely modernized "A is for Annabelle" alphabet photos are just charming. What a fun way to enlarge one's knowledge of that time and place. …I have already chosen the fabric to stitch Martha's quilt design from this issue. Hitty remains one of my favorite "playmates," so I really appreciate your article showing Hitty's connection to Tasha Tudor. I am afraid I could go on and on; this issue was just that terrific. Thank you for doing all the hard work so we could enjoy revisiting these special dolls. Barbara Hilliker
What can I say but WOW!! Elinor Champion
I am over the moon on your Doll News Tasha issue. I will treasure it always. I also love dear Wendy Lawton and miss her wonderful dolls. Thank you. Donna Sypniewski Lake Worth, Florida
You did a terrific job (on the "A Visit to the Coleman Collection" article) and I loved all of it. Hope others found it fun as well. Elizabeth Ann Coleman
Please stop doing this to me! Each Doll News is more fabulous than the last. How am I going to keep up??? Our family has long been a Tasha Tudor fan. I knew Mary Senko was doing an article, but I didn't know it would be so expanded with others to almost be a whole issue! "A is for Annabelle" was our favorite book. It would make the best club project ever. Members could create something for an Annabelle with a different letter of the alphabet for the next two years. I haven't seen the Tasha Tudor fabric and now have to seek it out. Another great project is the Tonner Miss Unity. Absolutely loved the patterns for Miss Unity. I purchased her when she first came out, never thinking I would have to do a wardrobe for her. Now that is all your (and AnneLise's) fault too!! I attended a doll luncheon recently and heard so many comments about the direction of Doll News and how much the members look forward to each issue. In my remarks, I told them how easy it was to sign up for the digital copy. Moving on; moving forward. What a great time to be a UFDC member. Laurie, you are a UFDC treasure. Vicki Newhouse Region 1 Director
The Doll News is even better than the last. You just seem to get better. I love Tasha Tudor, her art work and books. Congrats on the award for your 2013 souvenir journal. Rose Ann Fields
Doll News is fabulous!   I enjoyed it more than any issue that I can remember.   You did a spectacular job!!!! I was very interested in the Annabelle article.   Back when I first joined Shaker Doll Club (1981ish) we gave a regional conference.   Our grand raffle item was Annabelle with her A to Z accessories.   I wonder where she is now? Sally Griffin
You are doing a great job on Doll News -- congratulations. Pat Burns
WOW! What a beautiful issue of Doll News! You outdo yourself with every issue! What a wealth of information on Tasha Tudor… thanks for sharing! I just looked quickly. I need time to go through it and devour every morsel! I literally felt dizzy with excitement! Patricia Corte Rooney
The latest Doll News is really neat. How clever of you to weave the Tasha Tudor theme in so many ways. Well done. Sharon Zerkel
It's an amazing issue. Cindy Bailey
This is a great issue of DOLL NEWS…chocked full of articles. Linda White
Your last issue of Doll News was an absolute tome!! Took me two days to go through it and that is a record for a doll magazine. Congrats. Lorna Lieberman
I just opened my Doll News and I want you to know that this issue alone is worth my year's membership in your (now my) federation... You may get some new members as a result of the Tasha Tudor Museum newsletter plug for you (http://store.tashatudorandfamily.com/Tasha-Tudor-Library/Tasha-Tudor-Museum/Museum-Newsletters.html). Now I am making a cup of tea, looking out at the rainy COLD spring day and will sit down and read my Doll News.... Sandra McQuillen, MAL
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