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I have just now gotten the time to browse around within the Doll News tab on the UFDC.org website, and kudos to all of you for making it so wonderful.   I love being able to read about the authors and use the bibliography section if I want to do further research.   Plus it's a visual delight.   Thank you all so much for all the hard work and talent you give to UFDC.  

Arleen Niblett

I do want to say how beautiful the DOLL NEWS magazine continues to be.   You are doing a  lovely job.   Indeed the cost of the magazine is worth the price of membership. Barbara DeVilbiss
Just got to quickly browse through the spring issue online..... One word:    A-M-A-Z-I-N-G ! Bradley Justice
Truly a lovely job on Flora [McFlimsey]! I hope this will make people want to see her at the [UFDC] Museum… Thanks for the wonderful write up; you obviously wrote with true affection. Julie Blewis
The magazine looks amazing as always! You provide so many interesting articles. I can't wait to read them all! Ann Leis
My Doll News just arrived yesterday and it is absolutely wonderful.   I keep thinking  the last issue was my favorite and then you do it again!   …I am really looking forward to reading all the articles.   Another tour de force!   Congratulations! Love the cover! Janet Gula
Imagine my surprise and delight with the article ["Out of Adversity"] in the latest DOLL NEWS! I bought this doll in 2006 with a bit of info. I don't know her age. A paper sticker states that she was designed by Helen Kingsbury with permission from the National Gallery of Art. She was recreated by members of the Sturbridge Art Assoc.

Sharon Zerkel


…Doll News is just fantastic and certainly the best doll related publication out there. I have almost all of my copies from back in 1973 when I first  joined UFDC. The evolution of the magazine is amazing - when Michael [Canadas] and David [Robinson] took over, it took a big jump and now it's just perfect. The articles ~ the pictures ~ the knowledge that's shared - absolutely wonderful. I even wrote to the president a year or so ago to say just that and I got an email back saying she would pass the comment along - not sure if you were the editor then but I think it's just wonderful. Nancy  Slattery
This issue is just a WOW! I love the articles. They will take me all week to read through. So very much great information, and I especially love the sweet Flora McFlimsey story. I loved those little books at the library when I was young, and am glad to know the story behind them now. I also didn't realize that the sweet German lady I kept seeing last summer at convention was Annette Herrmann. Now I know better. Nicki Burley
Just got our copies of Doll News in today's mail, and have to tell you what a truly beautiful issue it is - Rose Percy concurs. Just thought you needed to know that your hard work is greatly appreciated… Michael and David
Wow is all I can say! The Doll News magazines came two days ago. I cannot believe how wonderful you made my article ["Corinne's Creation "“ A Doll's Legacy"]! Betsy [Hayes Parks] called me yesterday. She said that she was blown away. She said that she thought that the article would be in a newsletter. She could not believe that the magazine was so wonderful. Your article on Flora McFimsey was enchanting. I do not know how you put together such a great magazine. You do have a gift!!!!!!!! I am going to visit a friend tomorrow who is recovering from a surgery. She is in a nursing home until she is better. She does love dolls. I am going to take her a copy of the magazine, so I am spreading your joy! Nancy Gustafson
The…spring issue of Doll News arrived… I am entranced to learn about your cover, Flora McFlimsey…    Ann Coleman's article on the  Sanitary commission and the dolls sold at the Sanitary Fairs embraces a favorite subject of mine.  I did not realize that so few documented dolls sold during these fundraising Fairs to benefit the Union troops existed. You have again outdone yourself in giving us a themed magazine to enjoy and I personally will be sorry to know that your term as Editor will be ending soon.   Who in the world will be willing to follow your  in your footsteps? Lorna Lieberman
My lovely Doll News came yesterday! You have certainly raised the bar for  anyone following in your editor shoes!     It is an enormous job and you put  so much into it all. Thank you. Edyth O'Neill
The spring issue of Doll News is terrific, bravo. What a charming article on Flora McFlimsey; and how fascinating about the Silent Witness. Nancy Goldstein
I love the Spring edition of the Doll News. So many interesting articles on collectibles.  The magazine gets better with every issue.  This one is clearly one of my favorites. Rose Ann Fields
I love, love, love the Flora McFlimsey issue!     Page after page was just terrific!   I love Flora, and have some of the books, too; read them cover to cover!   I got all kinds of ideas just reading the articles.  DN will not be the same without you; you just have a magic touch, and brought doll scholarship back to what it should be.  I'll always be your biggest fan! Ellen Tsagaris http://collectdolls.about.com/
The recent Rose Percy article in Doll News was fabulous!   I loved the artist layout, the photos and  enjoyed every word of the article.     Well done!   It's really fabulous, and you put it a perfect spot in the magazine. The event was really wonderful, and I felt Lori did a perfect job, and you and your team did a perfect job publishing it. It's really lovely, thank you. Mark Senko

I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the latest issue of Doll News.   The article "Jump In! Encouragement from Doll Artists" was wonderful for those of us who enjoy making dolls.   Your article on Flora McFlimsey and the accompanying photos was very interesting.   I always feel that I learn a great deal about dolls after reading each issue of Doll News.   Also, thank you for including my club, Lady Baltimore Doll Study Club, in the Club Notes section last month.  

  Debbie Gussow

While all the Doll News have been super, you really knocked it out of the park with the spring issue!  

Barbara E. Kincaid

Receiving a magazine under your Editorship is like getting to eat a big piece of chocolate cake!

Donna Sypniewski

Just a note to tell you what a fabulous magazine Doll News is. What I admire most, besides the photography, is the extensiveness of the articles. Some of them go on and on and on and it is a joy to see and read it all.

Jean Groszmann Keepsake Doll Club of New Jersey

The spring 2015 edition of the Doll News arrived and it is wonderful… I really enjoyed your article on Miss Flora. I have two of Mariana's books and have never seen an article about her. I didn't know she worked for the WPA. Many years ago I was able to attend your Dynamic Dialog on the Milwaukee WPA dolls at a UFDC convention. Again, I learned so much and had such fun. Thank you for bringing so much "learning fun" to the Doll News.

Sally Doyle Poppy Doll Club & Verdugo Hills Doll Club

I have been meaning to email you to tell you how much I enjoyed your article on Flora. I learned so much. I have a couple of the Flora dolls and several of the books, but didn't know much about Mariana. What a pleasure it was to read your article. Thank you!

Pat Burns

…I want to praise you for your WONDERFLY FANTASTIC article on Mariana!!!

Patricia Corte Rooney

You do a great job with Doll News!

  Janet Murray Oak Ridge Area Doll Club of Tennessee

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