Summer 2018 From the Editor

Summer has arrived "“ our days are becoming long and warm. This time of the year ushers in those lazy, hazy days of cold lemonade, barbeques, swimming holes and dolls. In July, UFDC members will gleefully gather to celebrate doll collecting for a fun-filled week in Phoenix, Arizona, for their 69th National Convention, "A Passport to Adventure." The excitement is building while events, shopping, gatherings, museum visits and all things dolls are in the planning.

Summer's issue is chock full of interesting and fun reads, sure to bring a cool breeze your way. Step into the wonderful world of BJDs with Connie Lowe's sweet "Stella," who graces our cover and shares a few adventures of her own. Following "Stella's" story is a fabulously simple, yet versatile pattern for "˜Stella-type' dolls by MiMi James and a fun BJD paper doll. A beautiful photographic essay captures the many sizes of same model dolls presented by Neal Foster. With this issue, we introduce a new on-going column, "The Wright Angle," in which distinguished doll artist R. John Wright highlights personal stories and interesting views from his artistic "˜angle.' Linda Holderbaum delights us with Native American souvenir dolls, which stirs my childhood memories, as my grandmother always brought these special doll gifts for me and my sister from her summer travels between Florida to New Jersey.

Janet Gula delights us with demure and beautiful French bébés originating from last year's convention special exhibit in Orlando, Florida. Samy Odin shares his personal copy of the rare catalog, Tallerres de Arte Fuste, along with intriguing photos of the dolls of Alejandro Berenguer Fuste. With a sincere passion for Arranbee dolls, Heather Wasserman walks down "˜memory lane' with the lovely vintage doll, "Nanette." Summer is for brides and this summer was commemorated by the highly publicized royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. On that note, Valerie Breathet of British Columbia shares her fascination of royalty dolls made in the likeness of the beloved Princess Diana. Jill Kaar Hanson pays a special tribute to Susan Sirkis, with her love of the paper dolls produced by this devoted member of UFDC. Our Junior Collectors will find a special pattern project designed for Ginny and other 8-inch dolls and a fun contest to enter. Read on "“ there's much, much more!

May your summer days be long, warm and filled with the excitement and joy the hobby of doll collecting brings. See you in Phoenix!



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