Summer 2019 The Authors

dearmond Cissy, Evolution of a Fashion Doll by Bruce A. deArmond My life has pretty much been guided by my personal three "D's"… design, dressage and dolls. My design path took me first to Southern California were I joined the department store renaissance of the 1980s. Department stores were creating their individual retail image and either building new stores or remodeling old ones. For ten years I was part of this tornado of planning, design and redesign. Eventually, the big discount stores changed everything, and I almost by accident stumbled into Las Vegas for a one-year project that ended up lasting twenty years. Hotel and casino design took me to projects not only in Las Vegas, but across the country and internationally. Living and breathing design since college, horses and the equestrian discipline of dressage became my main escape from the pressure and deadlines that come with the territory. Since graduating college, I rode dressage both as an amateur and professionally across the country and Canada. To my surprise at the time, Las Vegas had a healthy dressage culture, which became an important part of my time living and working there. As a second-generation doll collector, I started with my parent's intense interest, collecting, research and traveling with mainly antique, but also vintage Madame Alexander dolls. After Dads retirement, my parents built their own doll world in both the United States and London during the extreme headiness of the 1980's doll extravaganza. My own collecting started the mid 1980s when I stumbled onto Cissy at a Glendale California doll show. Since then, the collecting and research of this vintage fashion doll has fascinated me. I've written numerous articles for THE REVIEW and given presentations on vintage dolls for the Madame Alexander Doll Club. This has all pushed me to learn new technology to better present my research. I've started doing videos to help tell this story that seems to constantly expand as I collaborate in the study of dolls with other collectors. I've used my website to help share this information and discovery.
coleman Antique Dolls with Wardrobes A Special Exhibit from the 2016 UFDC National Convention by Elizabeth Ann Coleman The author is a retired costume and textile curator having worked with major American museum collections in Newark, New Jersey; Brooklyn, New York; Houston, Texas and Boston, Massachusetts. Parallel to her museum work has been a decades-long interest in dolls. She has published widely in both fields and continues to work as a consultant, lecturer and researcher in the above mentioned fields.
reed Kindred Spirits, the 67th UFDC National Convention by Kate Reed Kate Reed joined UFDC in 2001 and has attended every national convention since 2004 plus many regional conferences. Currently serving as Classroom Education Chairman and an antique judge, she has volunteered in many capacities including in the UFDC Supply Booth, registration, pin sales, Loving Care Boutique, annual meeting security, clerking, and as Audio Visual Chairman. She is a doll researcher having been privileged to study dolls in many museums and private collections in both the United States and abroad.   Her love of antique dolls and their histories fuel her unending search for more information about them.   She has written articles for Antique Doll Collector, Doll Reader and Doll News.   She has been repairing dolls for many years and also evaluates collections for estates. Kate believes we are only the caretakers of our collections and wants to preserve our antique dolls for the generations coming after us.
kaar-hanson Heather Maciak, A Kindred Spirit, A Special Exhibit by Jill Kaar Hanson Jill Kaar Hanson has been a collector of dolls all of her life.   She has been a NIADA Patron and served as Chair for ODACA's annual luncheon, receiving their Joan Hart Award. She also wrote and produced two first place UFDC audio-visual programs on the "Dolls of NIADA" and "Dolls from Children's Literature." In 1993 Jill chaired her first Special Exhibit on the Artists of ODACA. A NIADA exhibit has been on her "Bucket List" ever since. Jill has served as President of The Lake County Doll Collectors of Illinois three times. She served as Region 10 Director from 2005-2008 at the same time that Heather Maciak served as Region 16 Director Jill and Jerry (her husband and resident doll photographer) are currently  serving as the Chairs of Helpers for the 2017 convention in Orlando.
cassedy Does Your Dolly Need A Trunk? From a Dynamic Dialogue at the 2016 UFDC Convention by Kay Cassedy Kay Cassedy has had a strong interest in dolls since childhood. At age 18, she went off to college and told her mother to go ahead and give away her dolls (what adult needs dolls?). A year later she bought a doll!! She nurtured her renewed interest quietly while raising her children until 1991, when she joined UFDC. Starting with dolls from the "˜50s, she began doing research, and eventually bought an antique (an AM #390, what else?). Her focus over the last 20 years has been dolls of papier mâche, china, compos and most recently, French fashion poupées. She loves to sew for these dolls, and feels that working with the dolls has increased her love for them. Kay is a UFDC competitive exhibit judge, has given numerous programs on various facets of doll collecting and has held office in her local doll club. She and her husband live in Cincinnati, Ohio, and enjoy their three children and their five grandchildren.
goldstein1 goldstein2 goldstein3 English Dollhouses and Dolls Tell Their Stories and Dream House Exhibit and Our Fascination with Miniatures by Nancy Goldstein Nancy Goldstein is a Terri Lee collector who has written about Terri and other dolls for DOLL NEWS and for The Daisy Chain, the Terri Lee newsletter. She authored Jackie Ormes: The First African American Woman Cartoonist (University of Michigan Press, 2008) a biography that includes a chapter on the Patty-Jo doll and black dolls. Nancy is a member of Ann Arbor Doll Collectors.
fertel Paper Dolls Poke Fun At Presidential Politics by Patti Fertel Patti is a retired mental health counselor and therapist. She has been an avid paper doll collector since 1974 when she first re-discovered paper dolls after seeing an antique replica at a museum. She has been a member of the Olentangy Valley Doll Club in central Ohio and a member of UFDC for 20 years. A frequent contributor to Doll News, she is also a paper doll and altered book artist. Patti has given many programs on collecting antique paper dolls and has given paper doll workshops at regional and national paper doll conventions. Currently, she is also a docent at the Wexner Art Center and the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library in Columbus, Ohio.
kraus-mancuso The Kimport Presidential Dolls by the Ruby McKim Studios The Historic Overview by Susan Kraus Mancuso Susan is an author and an artist and she has been a UFDC member since 2002. Susan has had a fascination with dolls since the age of three. She collects dolls, paints dolls and writes abut them. She claims, "I just can't seems to stop playing with dolls." When she first met Eleanor McBride they discovered that they had two things in common. They both loved dolls and they both loved U. S. Presidents. Nearly ten years after this complicated doll friendship she managed to convince Eleanor to share her collection with the rest of the doll community. Susan said that she felt honored to research this doll company and to pay tribute to some of the dolls Kimport proudly placed its name on. She only wishes that she could turn back the clock and be a fan like the ladies before her that received the monthly newsletters and mail order dolls.
holderbaum Fishermen and Women, Souvenirs of the Boulonnaise by Linda Holderbaum Linda has served the Executive Director of the Art Center of Battle Creek in Battle Creek, Michigan, for the past ten years and was the curator there for 12 years before that. She has been a doll collector since the 1960s along with her sister Rosemary Deal. Her greatest passion has always been ethnic dolls—especially Russian dolls and matryoshkas, though she collects all kindsof dolls—with over 7,000 antique to modern. She was the chairperson of the 1988 "Sojourn to Battle Creek" Region 12 conference and is a longtime member of the Battle Creek Area Doll Club of Michigan. She is a founding member of the Battle Creek Regional History Museum and consults with other museums in the area. Linda has published more than 75 articles in Antique Doll Collector, Doll Reader, Doll Castle News, Doll News and regional convention journals. She has been a judge for the Fort Wayne Doll Club annual competition for over eight years and a former judge for the Timbertown Dollology Club annual competition. During the past year Linda has returned to research and writing articles as a diversion while helping her husband battle cancer. It has been great to be able to share and enjoy her collection anew.
hottensen-mills The Saga of Mary Hoyer's Dolls An interview with Mary Lynne Saunders, Mary Hoyer's Granddaughter By Margie Hottensen and Barbara Mills Margie Hottensen and Barbara Mills are co-editors of the "Mary Hoyer Moments Newsletter" for the Mary Hoyer Doll Company. Margie is also President of the Madame Alexander Doll Club and a retired environmental lawyer. Barbara is a retired high school English teacher. Both are longtime Mary Hoyer collectors.
hunter Little Shavers: from Elsie to Beatrice by Marsha Hunter Dr. Marsha Hunter of Sugar Hill, Georgia, is a retired Library Media Specialist and Archivist; a longtime collector of Madame Alexander cloth dolls, and author of Alexander's Rag Line. She has been a member of UFDC since 1974 and the Madame Alexander Doll Club since 1972; and a member of the Greenville Doll and Toy Collectors Club. She has two grown sons, Robbie & Chris, a beautiful daughter-in-law, Allison, and a 7-year old grandson, Levi.
kaufman Steiff's Cloth Dolls: Fifty Years of Extraordinary Quality, Design and Craftsmanship Rebekah Kaufman Rebekah Kaufman is a third generation, lifelong Steiff enthusiast. Her collection of Steiff items numbers beyond 1,000 and focuses on examples from 1905 onward, including uncataloged rarities and Studio (life-sized) items. Professionally, she is the archivist for Steiff North America, where she leads collector's events, assists with product development initiatives, participates in special projects, and identifies and values vintage Steiff treasures on behalf of the company. She also works for Morphy Auctions of Denver, Pennsylvania, as the Steiff specialist in the Doll and Toy Division and as the company's public relations specialist. Rebekah is a regular contributor to many publications, including Doll News, Antique Doll Collector, Teddy Bear and Friends, and the Steiff Club Magazine, which has a circulation of over 30,000 and is translated into five languages. Her blog, My SteiffLife, ( receives thousands of visits per month and focuses on interesting vintage Steiff items, Steiff antiquing adventures, and the history behind older Steiff treasures. Her Steiff book for children, Sassafrass Jones and Her Forever Friends ABCs is available through <>. Rebekah is the admin on the vintage Steiff Facebook fan page, where she has grown the fan base from 400 to almost 10,000. She is frequently tapped by auction houses and the media for her Steiff expertise; recent engagements include Christie's of London, Teddy Dorado, Theriault's, James D. Julia, FAO Schwarz, The Boston Globe, Bloomberg, The Huffington Post, Town and Country, Harry Rinker's "Whatcha Got," Antique Auction Forum, Gemr, The Collectors Show, MfG-Film (Germany) and the television programs: Inside Edition, Pawn Stars, and Clean House.
kitto Dennison's Crepe Fashions by Glenda Kitto Glenda Kitto is an author, lecturer and convention coordinator and co-editor for the "Daisy Chain Newsletter" for the Terri Lee doll collectors. She is currently Vice-President of the Sierra Madre Doll Club, 2-S Region, and Past President of Dolls of All Ages, Orange County, California. Glenda has presented two audio-visual programs to UFDC: "Terri's of Color" and "Dennison Paper Dolls" plus she has given seminars about various topics. Along with Pat Rather, she has co-authored an article for Dolls News in Winter 2000 entitled "Terri Lee 1951." Glenda was previously employed in a senior position at the Avery Dennison Company for 40 years, and she was the activist who preserved the archives of the Dennison Manufacturing Company that are now are housed at the Framingham Historical Society, Framingham, Massachusetts.
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