Winter 2012 Letters to the Editor

Dear Denise, If you could see us at this moment, you would know that we are giving you a standing ovation. To say that we are impressed by your debut issue of Doll News would be a gross understatement, and we would like to offer our heartfelt congratulations for a job very well done. The members of UFDC are extremely fortunate to have such a talented and well-rounded collector such as yourself acting as the volunteer editor of their magazine, and we are sure that our voices will soon be joined by theirs, as they receive their Winter 2012 issues in the days ahead. We understand all too well the time and devotion involved in putting together a magazine such as Doll News, and it is obvious to us that you now do as well. We want you and our fellow UFDC members to know that you were an excellent pupil during our training sessions, and honestly, we expected no less from you than a stellar job. You have made us very proud, and we continue to have complete confidence in your abilities. We also want you to know that you are always welcome to call upon us with questions or advice if you feel the need, but by the looks of your beautiful first issue, we are not expecting our phone to ring any time soon. With admiration and respect, Michael Canadas and David Robinson Carmel Doll Shop ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Denise, I want to tell you how wonderful I thought your first issue was. The 'look' and the 'content' was just great. I loved Lori and Juliette's article on Ernestine Jumeau and her contribution to the success of the Jumeau doll. Weren't the pictures great?! What luscious dolls! I remember when Liz Quaday was anxious about a doll she had bought on ebay. She was so worried, and then when the doll arrived, she was over the moon. We couldn't get over the fabulous dress. She had expected it to be awful. It's wonderful when fairy tales come true. I loved the photos of the NADDA show in Belleview and the report of the Special Exhibit of Christmas Revisited from Convention. I loved that Exhibit. It was my favorite. I had had a fall the week before, and throughout , I was in pain. I could not stand there and look nearly long enough, so I was real happy to see all those pictures. Everybody who loves dolls, will love your magazine. We are so lucky you are the Editor. Thank you again for all your effort. Sincerely, Bitsy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Denise, I just received my Dolls News today and WOW ! The magazine is just fantastic. Sincerely Alessandra ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Denise, This issue of Doll News is beautiful! I got it at home last week and was able to find the time to read the entire issue. Great job! Take care, Teresa ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Denise, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the new issue. I love the promos for the Razzy Snazzy Jamboree (pg 40) and the AV contest (pg192). They look great! Kate Reed ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Congratulations, Denise! What a beautiful issue you have given us. Barbara Hilliker -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Dear Denise, Wow, what a wonderful first issue of Doll News that you produced. Well done! I got started reading some of the articles and couldn't put it down. Good luck with your challenging new position. You have certainly continued that quality that David and Michael began. Cheers, Peg Farwell ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello Denise, My Doll News magazine arrived last week and I am thoroughly enjoying every page. Thank you for all you and your staff do to create such a wonderful magazine. It's wonderful. Sincerely, Kimberly Schwieren, MAL -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Dear Denise, Winter 2012's Doll News is exceptionally beautiful. I have been pouring over every single page with delight. You did a FABULOUS job on your first issue. I do have one little thing on my wish list, if I'm allowed. Michael and David had an antique French Fashion paper doll section in their first few issues and I'd love to see this section come back. Thank you for taking on this huge responsibility and task. I know you have a terrific staff behind you, but I also suspect this commitment will be enormous. Love and gratitude, Melissa -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Hey Denise, You did a wonderful job on your first edition as editor of Doll News. Happy New Year, Ann Winn -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Dear Denise, Thank you ever so much for a fabulous issue of Doll News. I was overwhelmed with the beautiful article on my dolls... thank you for taking the time to do this! Best wishes as the new editor of Doll News. Darlene Lane -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Dear Denise, WOW! Bravo! Beautiful! We are so proud of you. The tradition and innovation that Michael and David envisioned for Doll News are certainly being carried into the future with you at the helm. Thank you. With love, David and Pam Kandel -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Dear Editor, I just received the Winter 2012 issue of Doll News. As usual, it is splendid. Although I am not an antique doll collector, I do appreciate the pictures, and especially the costumes. The paper doll is lovely. Cheers for the artist who is new to me. I also liked the articles on Barbie and Vogue Dolls, but most of all, I love the article on Susan Beatrice Pearse. The art style looked so familiar, although the name was unfamiliar. Please continue the excellent work on Doll News, I know it is a labor of love. Shirley Edgerley -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Denise Great issue of DOLL NEWS!!! And right in time for the holidays. Am still reading and looking at the issue as it has so much. You must be very proud. Janet ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am a member of UFDC living in Australia. Unfortunately I cannot get to most of the conventions, but I wanted to let you know that I think the new Doll News is just wonderful and I haven't been able to put it down since receiving it. The magazine keeps me in touch with what is happening in UFDC and naturally makes me wish I could be there for all the conventions. Thank you for a wonderful magazine and I can't wait to receive the next issue. Yours, Lenore Kubler
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