Winter 2015 From the Editor

Laurie Editor When I was a little girl, a tree grew in our back yard.   I considered it to be my tree as my parents planted it the year I was born.   As I grew taller, the tree grew taller.   I learned to climb because of that tree.   I learned to jump into a little swimming pool from its branches.   Many books were read in the shade of its leaves.   The tree lived to be over forty years old and when it was cut down, I sentimentally saved two small logs from it.   One day, years later, a friend suggested that I should have a Hitty doll carved from the logs.   And so, I did.   There is something special - something sturdy and stalwart - about a wooden doll. Our cover story for this winter issue of Doll News is about a wonderful wooden doll named Marianna.   Cherished in the same family for over two centuries, Susan Dossetter charmingly relays this magnificent doll's tale.   Artist Gael Shults has created a beautiful paper doll to complement Marianna's heart-rending narrative.   Itske and Anthony Stern introduce us to the colorful wooden Kokeshi dolls of Japan.   Robyn Katz gives us insight into the world of alien head dolls - peg wooden dolls with heads of a material other than wood. A trilogy of in-depth articles about the nineteenth century literary giants of New England come to us from Betty Nett -- the dolls of the Ralph Waldo Emerson family; from Pat Burns -- Louisa May Alcott and Madame Alexander's Little Women dolls; and from Val Copley (Lorna Lieberman and Laurie McGill) -- the humble Dutch milkmaids (peg wooden dolls) found in the House of the Seven Gables shop. Faye Wetherhold takes us back to Colonial times in America to tell us about a beloved Queen Anne doll and  a child whose portrait was painted by a famous artist.   Linda Edward treats us to the vast array of artistically printed cloth dolls made possible by turn-of-the-twentieth-century modern technology, and Ann Leis introduces us to our very talented UFDC 2015 convention souvenir doll artist, Susan Fosnot.   We revisit two of the outstanding Special Exhibits, along with Part I of our blue-ribbon winners in the Antique and Modern Competitive Exhibits from our 2014 convention held in San Antonio, Texas.   Continued coverage will appear in the spring issue of Doll News. Our talented pattern-designer, AnneLise Wilhelmsen invites us to dress well and attend a Masquerade Ball and our junior editor, Nicki Burley gives us permission to Go Ahead, Make a Scene! I look forward to seeing you in Kansas City, Missouri for our 66th Annual UFDC Convention this July.   Please come celebrate our organization's past, present and future during A Dream Come True! Laurie
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