Winter 2021 From The Editor

Linda Holderbaum

With all the ups and downs we are enduring right now we still have our dolls to entertain and distract us and be our friends through these challenging times. They are the bridge that allows us to join with the many doll friends we have made through the various aspects available through UFDC.

In this issue our knowledgeable authors contributed articles that include how they research the information they present as well as useful summaries of their research for future reference. We will take a trip around the world to places that we cannot visit right now. To emphasize the wide range of doll topics and collectors that are included in our organization we showcase in this issue topics that range from the New Guinea Payback Dolls to the Deluxe Reading dolls offered in supermarkets to the wax doll Miss Lula and many other topics. The diverse articles mirror the varied collecting interest of our members and open all kinds of possibilities for new collecting and research.

Thank you authors for your passion for doll collecting and your willingness to share this passion. The loose "theme" we will explore in the Spring issue of DOLL NEWS is "Dolls as a mirror of mankind." If you or your doll club are interested in submitting an article or a Focus page, check the submission guidelines on UFDC's website. The summer 2021 issue will be focused on "Back to Nature." The deadline for spring is February 1 and for summer is April 1. If you have any questions or just want to bounce an idea off someone-send me an email. We are open to all ideas!

Now it is time to take this issue, sit down with a couple of dolls and enjoy the variety of areas that are part of this issue. We are all doing the same thing-sharing our passion for dolls!

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