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Needs You!Calling All Doll Lovers! The +1 Challenge is UFDC's call to action, challenging all members and clubs to bring in new doll collectors, spreading our love of dolls and doll collecting to younger generations and new regions across the globe.

What is the +1 Challenge?

The +1 Challenge was first introduced in the 2020 Spring issue of DOLL NEWS. We asked members and clubs to recruit new doll enthusiasts, intending to bring in younger generations and to expand our footprint globally. For doing so, an honorary +1 charm is awarded to show their dedication to the mission, helping preserve and pave the way for the UFDC into the future.

The challenge is simple. Every year:

  • Each individual member (club or MAL) is challenged to recruit at least one new member
  • Each club is challenged to recruit at least one new Library or Museum Member
  • Each RD is challenged to form as many new clubs as possible as new members are recruited and organize at least one Junior Collector group in their region

For adding a member, a unique charm is awarded to the individual or club for their efforts. But the fun doesn't stop there!

Whenever more than one new member signs up under your recommendation, additional charms are awarded for those truly committed to growing UFDC's doll loving community. The +2, +3, +4, and +5 charms are rewarded, respectively, to those who go above and beyond!

All you have to do is make sure new members mention your name when signing up to qualify for your specially commissioned +1 or beyond charm!

Why the +1 Challenge?

In an effort to preserve our doll loving community and pass on the history of the UFDC, the +1 Challenge acts as our membership drive. As the UFDC has been around for many years, so have many of our members. We're looking to bring in new and interested doll collectors from younger generations and expand our borders on a global scale.

The preservation of doll history, the UFDC museum, and our organization as a whole depend on you, the member. And to continue our mission in being the foremost in research, education, and conservation of dolls, membership dues not only help keep the lights on but fund the unique events and resources offered by the UFDC. Our annual convention, the Doll News magazine, and the UFDC museum and library are among some of the unique resources available to our members and the world.

Most importantly, to ensure our doll-loving community's longevity and continued growth, bringing in members from younger generations and new regions spreads the joy of doll history and collecting into the future. As many once had a doll passed on to us, it is our turn to pass on our passion to younger generations. New generations are the future of UFDC and will be the ones to continue the mission after us. But we're not only looking to preserve our community; we want to expand our community and bring in doll enthusiasts from around the world. To further educate ourselves and unify doll lovers everywhere, members from countries outside our own offer firsthand knowledge in foreign doll history, collecting, and new dolls altogether!

By challenging existing members to bring in new members of all ages, nationalities, and walks of life, we increase our diversity, knowledge, and appreciation of dolls.

Catch up on the latest +1 Challenge happenings in each edition of DOLL NEWS - including a list of the latest award winners!


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