Online Clubs

Becoming a Member of an Established Online Club

The first step to becoming a member of an existing Online Club is to contact:

Fred Patton
Secretary-Treasurer, Director New Membership,

When you express an interest in becoming a member of an established online club, your name is forwarded to the Online Club Coordinator, and copied to the Membership Chair. The Coordinator contacts the current president or membership chair of the online club/s to see if there is space for new members. The prospective member is then contacted by the online club, and invited to attend a meeting. Once contact has been initiated, the online club appraises the prospective member of individual club requirements, fees, meeting places and times and other pertinent facts. Preliminary meetings between interested parties may take place as determined by the club director.

Forming a New Online Club

The first step to forming an Online Club is to contact the Region 16 Director (contact information above).

Museum CollectionForming an online club follows the same general procedures as those pertaining to a traditional club. The Director of Region 16 responds to queries with UFDC information, an application for membership, and a copy of the Standard Online Club By-laws.

If an individual expresses interest in forming an Online Club but is not a member of a group, the Online Club Coordinator will refer individuals to each other so that they may begin to form a group. The group will use an online chat room for meetings. The Online Club Coordinator works closely with the individuals during this period, helping determine bylaws, meeting times, place, schedule, goals, etc. The Online Club Coordinator works closely with the Director of Region 16 to inform the group of the requirements of membership in UFDC and provides guidance to the club if requested.

When the group reaches the 10 member requirement and has been organized for a trial period, the club may submit its application for membership, required roster and fees, and Standard Online Club By-laws to the Director of Region 16 who then sends it to the Director of Membership for presentation to the Board for approval.



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