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UNITY FUND – This fund is UFDC’s general management fund. It supports expenses for the management of the organization such as office supplies and equipment, salaries for staff, insurance, travel expenses for officers or staff to attend Executive Committee meetings, legal expenses, and information technology support.

MUSEUM FUND – Donations received help defray the costs of caring for the collection. It helps to pay for display items such as risers and accessories, conservation items to clean and repair dolls,  storage items such as acid free tissue and collection insurance. 

ReAL SERVICES FUND – Donations to the ReAL Services Fund make it possible for us to continue to offer educational products to clubs and individual members as well as supporting the management needs of the UFDC Museum, Archival Collections and Library.

LIBRARY FUND – Library donations help with supplies for the archives such as acid free file folders, labels for the books and scanning of the archives and Doll News for availability on the website for research by members. 

BUILDING FUND – This fund supports the maintenance and repair needs of our headquarters and museum such as cost of utilities, janitorial services, lawn care, repairing storm damage and roof and parking lot repairs.

ENDOWMENT FUND – This fund exists to allow UFDC to build funds for a healthy future for the organization. Earnings generated from the investments of the endowment fund can be used to support UFDC’s programming.

DOLL NEWS FUND – Donations to DOLL NEWS support expenses incurred in covering events such as the UFDC National Convention and Regional Conferences, and help defray other production costs.

JUNIOR COLLECTORS FUND – This fund helps support the Junior Collectors’ Program.

CONVENTION FUND – Donations to the Convention Fund go directly toward convention expenses. These donations could be used to support such things as printing convention booklets, purchasing ribbons and badges, renting audio-visual equipment for programs and renting lockable display cases for a special exhibit.

REGIONAL DIRECTORS FUND – This fund makes it possible for all the UFDC Regional Directors to do their jobs. It covers their expenses when visiting clubs and allows them to send out regional newsletters and other important information.

SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS – In keeping with the educational purpose stated in UFDC’s Articles of Incorporation, UFDC’s Department of ReAL Services has established Scholarship Funds.  These Funds promote original research leading to better knowledge, understanding and appreciation of dolls. At present there are four scholarships available which are endowed by ongoing and directed donations.  They are the:

  • Dorothy and Evelyn Jane Coleman Scholarship for the Research of Antique Dolls
  • Nancy Carlson Scholarship for the Research of Composition Dolls
  • Becky Wallace Scholarship for Research of Modern and Collectible Dolls
  • Virginia Gordon and Atha Kahler Scholarship for Costuming Dolls.

Information on applying for these scholarships can be found at Scholarship-Objectives-and-Application-2018.pdf

Additionally, the UFDC Fundraising Committee runs special projects to support specific needs.
Current Projects include:

THE PAY-A-DAY PROJECT – The Lake County Doll Collectors of Illinois is challenging all UFDC clubs and MALs to pay one day of the running expenses of the UFDC headquarters. It takes $74.61 a day to pay the utilities and internet expenses for the headquarters. Choose your favorite day of the year to sponsor, each date and donor will be published in Doll News. If you would like to donate on-line, choose the BUILDING FUND in the drop-down menu and then put “Pay-A-Day” in the comments box, along with your choice of favorite day of the year.

THE ADOPT-A-DOLL PROJECT – Adopt a doll or dolls from the UFDC Collection.  Choose one or more from a category of your choice such as Cloth, Wooden, Vinyl etc.  You will receive a photo of a doll in the category of your choice along with information about the doll’s history, size and more.  You or your club’s donation of $100 a year will help ensure that she will be well taken care of for today and for the future. If you would like to donate online, choose the MUSEUM FUND in the drop-down menu and then put “Adopt-A-Doll” in the comments box, along with your choice of doll category.

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