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One of UFDC’s goals is to develop a world class doll museum where visitors can learn about the long history of doll play and manufacture, as well as discovering more about a particular family doll or those in one’s collection. UFDC’s Collections Oversight Committee has identified dolls, listed below, which help accomplish that goal. Instructions and guidelines for making donations are contained in the UFDC Museum Donation Procedures document or by emailing Director, ReAL Services at Barbara@UFDC.org. Gifts are tax deductible as allowed by law.

UPDATED: Jan 2020

Play Dolls

  • German Renaissance molded figure
  • 17th century English wooden
  • 18th century wax
  • 18th– 19th century French carton
  • Early 19th century peg wooden
  • Pre 1860 Continental chinas of French, German and Bohemian origin
  • 1854 “Fanny Gray” paper doll
  • 19th century paper dolls
  • Rubber dolls both 19th and 20th century (I. R. Comb, “Amosandra” Sun Rubber, etc)
  • American mid-19th century Izannah Walker
  • Cloth doll “Maggie Bessie” by Pfohl Sisters of North Carolina
  • Solomon Hoffmann composition (First American Doll Factory), 1890s
  • Springfield Wooden dolls
  • Beecher Baby
  • Wellington doll
  • Late 19th –early 20th century American cloth
  • Mignonette, so called French all-bisque doll
  • “Daisy” all original
  • Lady doll, 1900-1910 (Simon & Halbig, Kestner)
  • Character Dolls early to mid-20th century
  • Art Dolls for children (SFBJ)
  • Munich Art Dolls
  • “Wilma” black Käthe Kruse
  • Lenci
  • Celluloid, early 20th century
  • WPA dolls
  • Studio Sasha
  • Plush body Billiken (hopefully a 16-inch one)
  • Composition copies of German character dolls
  • Copy of German dolly faces, ball-jointed bodies
  • 1910 Campbell Kids and other Drayton characters
  • Uneeda Biscuit Kid – other compo advertising dolls
  • Entertainers – Charlie Chaplin, John Bunny, Jackie Cogan, Baby Peggy, etc.
  • Raleigh dolls
  • Early mama dolls
  • Mibs
  • Compo Bye Lo – Bye Lo look-a-likes
  • Grace Corry dolls
  • Wood segmented dolls – Joseph Kallus (incl. Betty Boop, Band Major etc.)
  • Walt Disney compo characters such as Pinocchio, various sizes, etc.
  • “Betsy-Wetsy”
  • Ideal Toni doll in box
  • Mariquita Perez doll in carton Piedra and her striped trunk
  • Marilu Doll
  • Ideal “Sara Lee”
  • Mme Alexander vinyl “Cynthia”
  • Maggie Face Alexander in street clothing, non-character
  • American Character Toodles
  • Ideal Tammy doll
  • Pedigree Sindy doll
  • American Character Tressy doll
  • Tiffany Taylor doll by Ideal
  • Scooba Doo by Mattel
  • “Cabbage Patch” original studio doll

Mechanical dolls

  • Phonograph doll (Edison, Lioret, etc.)
  • Steiner Walker
  • Swimmer


  • Japanese Friendship
  • Local charity such as schools, hospitals, churches
  • World’s Fairs and related expositions

Archival Material

Archival manufacturing materials related to well-known doll makers

Collector Dolls

Artist Dolls

  • NIADA – especially early members
  • Dorothy Heizer
  • Wee Paulson
  • ODACA – especially early members
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