UFDC Museum Wish List - October 2023

The members of UFDC can be proud of Our Museum. We have continued to grow and refine our collection and continue to share the story of dolls with the world. But we do still have gaps in the collection that you may be able to help fill.

We are always looking to add excellent condition dolls to the collection to fill in these areas. We will always consider dolls that fit our mission statement and requirements.

Gifts of artifacts are tax deductible as allowed by law. For those wishing to make a gift(s) please contact the Collection Committee through the UFDC central office: Photographs and descriptions are of great help in assessing always generous offers.



  • German Renaissance molded figure
  • 17thc English wooden
  • 18th c wax
  • 18th-19th c French carton
  • Early 19th century peg wooden
  • Pre 1860 Continental chinas of French, German and Bohemian origin,
    especially pink- tint and fancy hair-do examples
  • 1854 "Fanny Gray" paper doll
  • 19th century china or parian dolls with elaborate hairstyles
  • 19th and early 20th century dolls with molded bonnets
  • 19th century paper dolls
  • French Fashion dolls of gutta-percha or celluloid
  • Rubber dolls both 19th & 20th c (I. R. Comb, "Amosandra" Sun Rubber, etc)
  • American mid-19th century Izannah Walker
  • Cloth doll "Maggie Bessie by Pfohl Sister's of North Carolina
  • Solomon Hoffmann composition doll (First American Doll Factory), 1890s
  • Springfield Wooden dolls
  • Beecher Baby
  • Wellington doll
  • Mignonette, so-called French-type All bisque dolls
  • A T bébé
  • Antique All-bisque dolls, especially those with special molds or features such as Bonnie Babe,
    Mildred the Prize Baby, Orsini, etc.
  • Lady doll, 1900-1910 (Simon & Halbig, Kestner)
  • Character Dolls early to mid 20th c.
  • Art Dolls for children (SFBJ)
  • Munich Art dolls
  • Cloth Kathe Kruse models 2 thru 8
  • Lenci
  • WPA dolls
  • Studio Sasha
  • French leather baby
  • Early 20th century Cloth Madame Alexander dolls
  • Composition Madame Alexander dolls
  • "Betsy-Wetsy"
  • Mariquita Perez doll in carton piedra and her striped trunk
  • Ideal "Sara Lee"
  • Patti Jo by Terri Lee
  • #2 Barbie
  • Mme Alexander hard plastic "Cynthia"
  • All-original Madame Alexander from between 1948-1955
  • Composition Mary Hoyer doll
  • Effanbee Honey
  • Dy-Dee Baby
  • Pedigree Sindy doll
  • American Character Tressy doll
  • Tiffany Taylor doll by Ideal
  • Scooba Doo by Mattel
  • Deluxe Reading Susie Cute



  • Phonograph doll (Edison, Lioret, etc.)
  • Steiner Walker
  • Swimmer



  • Japanese Friendship
  • Local charity such as schools, hospitals, churches
  • World’s Fairs and related expositions



Archival manufacturing materials related to well-known doll makers



Artist dolls

  • NIADA - especially early members
  • Dorothy Heizer
  • Wee Paulson
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