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Ideas for a one time junior event:

  • Hold at an available free site if you can (e.g. church, library, museum, social group hall, etc.). The site size may determine the number of participants.
  • Plan a simple menu allowing for special dietary needs (especially diabetic).
  • Plan a short program on doll care, collecting, or a special type of doll. An “American Girl” event might draw more than a “Mme. Alexander” or “no name” event. It would be great to mention the UFDC junior collector program and possibly have the application forms there if your club is willing to cooperate.
  • Plan a craft for the children to make and take.
  • Have door prizes and/or favors for all children.
  • Plan for the number of attendees. (Usually the juniors will bring an adult parent or sponsor which will double the number of people for food but not favors.)
  • Some clubs have a souvenir doll, doll bed, or doll accessory for all junior attendees.
  • Set the price very reasonably…. It may need to be higher if a souvenir is purchased to be included.
  • Plan advertising according to the space and program (see above). .  Some local teas are not highly advertised…. just word of mouth to relatives of club members, etc…… and have perhaps 12 attendees. Other clubs have advertised in local newspapers and had about 30.


If the event will be part of a UFDC Regional Conference additional decisions will need to be made:

  • After the junior tea, will you allow attendees to go into your sales room for public day as long as they have an adult to supervise them? (Usually additional insurance is acquired for this conference and will cover such a visit)

If you are planning to allow juniors to fully attend your regional, then you need to think about their participation:

  • can they attend regular seminars, luncheons, doll talks, etc.
  • will they be allowed in the competition and special exhibit areas (check with the insurance carrier)
  • will they be allowed in the salesroom
  • are there any workshops that they might attend (offer special ones just for them?)
  • will you charge full registration costs…. or will they be allowed limited registrations?

Most regionals have not allowed junior attendees, and UFDC limits the number of conference attendees.  There might not yet be an opportunity for this to happen.

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