Miss Ethel Newcome

Miss Ethel Newcome Joins the UFDC Family

On October 28th, 2017 Ethel Newcome” was welcomed to her new home at the UFDC Museum. A Lunch and Learn event was held where attendees were treated to an up-close and personal look into Ethel’s fabulous wardrobe and accessories.

Ethel Newcome is a poured wax head doll with piercing blue glass eyes, beautifully painted and molded dark brows, dark brown hair, and red lips. She is on a lady-style leather body and stands an imposing 26 inches tall. “Ethel” and her extensive wardrobe and accessories are all original. Her accessories include the original list of her items and the auction bidding books from 1864. All these items are original and have remained with her for over 150 years.

“Ethel” began her charitable work at “The Great Central Fair” or also known as The Civil War Sanitary Fair held in Philadelphia in June of 1864. The aim of this event was to raise funds for the wounded Union soldiers. “Ethel Newcome” was one of the top fundraisers there and $1000 was pledged when she was auctioned. In today’s economy this would be in the $14,000 range!

“Ethel Newcome” now resides in her permanent home and awaits visitors who will be enthralled by her beauty and story. A Ethel Newcome paper doll is available from our Gift Shop.


Ethel Newcome Exhibit Article

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