UFDC Scholarships

In keeping with the educational purpose stated in UFDC’s Articles of Incorporation, UFDC’s Department of ReAL Services has established a Scholarship Fund. This Fund has been established to promote original research leading to better knowledge, understanding and appreciation of dolls.

There are four scholarships, each one supporting research. Applicants choose the one that lines up with their goals whether in antique dolls, doll composition, modern/collectible dolls, or costuming dolls. A winner may receive only one such award in a three-year period. Scholarship awards are announced at the UFDC National Convention.

  • UFDC Nancy Carlson Scholarship
    Research of Composition Dolls
  • UFDC Dorothy and Evelyn Jane Coleman Scholarship
    Research of Antique Dolls
  • Becky Wallace Scholarship Fund
    Research of Modern and Collectible Dolls
  • Virginia Gordon and Atha Kahler Scholarship Fund
    Research of Costuming Dolls

Submission Deadline: Tuesday, April 1, 2025

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