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Paula Guthrie-Scott

Paula Guthrie-Scott

Regional Director


Hi Region 1 Club members. My name is Paula Guthrie-Scott. I have lived in Eugene, Oregon for over 50 years and have been a member of UFDC for ten years. I was born in Portland, Oregon and lived my life up and down the West Coast. I have 2 adult children and 4 adult grandchildren. My spouse is Mary who I have been with for 31 years.

My path in life has led me to this honorable position of Region Director. I received a degree in Computer Science and worked for local government over 36 years. During this time, I researched family and area history at the Oregon Genealogical Society and I was a Springfield Historic Commissioner for over seven years. I also volunteered at the Springfield Museum by helping them purchase museum software and entering the collection in the database. All of this education gave me the skills of research, organization, computers and multi-tasking. My personal attribute was being a leader and guiding people. I love working as a team. Being a project manager for many years, it is easy for me to create and follow plans for a successful outcome.

My passions are my pets, collecting dolls, researching dolls, traveling, and antiques. I didn't have many dolls in my childhood. I do have one that I have kept. I have my mom and her twin sister Armand Marseilles dolls that they got in 1924. I also have my mom's wicker doll stroller. My adult collection started with Marie Osmond dolls. I went to several of her events and got to spend time with her. I have continued on to have an eclectic collection. My top favorite dolls are Bleuettes, mignonettes, French fashion, little darlings, Simpich and penny/frozen Charlottes.

From 2013-2017, I was a member of Bleuette-N-Eugene. The focus as the club name indicates is for Bleuette and her friends. Every year a three-day event is held in Eugene, Oregon where there are gifts, workshops, evening activities, a Saturday luncheon, a special program, sales tables, displays and helpers. In 2018, when Bleuette-N-Eugene became an official UFDC Club, I became its President. Currently, I am a member of three different doll clubs and a Bleuette sewing group.

I am happy to make new dolly friends, share my knowledge of dolls, and to learn from you and your experience and your love of dolls. Please feel free to ask me any questions or bring up any concerns you may have. If I don't have the answer, I will surely find it out. I am looking forward to the next three-years. I believe it is going to be quite an adventure and I am excited to join the journey with you.

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